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Nick turpin (street)


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Published in: Automotive
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Nick turpin (street)

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work (P1, M1, D1) Photographer: Nick turpin
  2. 2. Theme or focus of images The overall theme of these images is random people in the street. In image 1 you see a women walking through what looks like a town centre. In image 2 you see a man lying down outside WHSmith, in image 3 you see 2 women who appears to be in an art gallery looking a painting of a man who has hand out and in the photo it look like one of the women are trying to grabs his hand, in image 4 you see part of the road which looks like a grid which has been put back on the wrong way, in image 5 you see a lady in a red coat stood next to a big red sig, in image 6 you see a man in a suite laying down on some grass. With Nick turpin being from London I presume his phots are taken from around this area. Composition The overall composition of Nicks photos are very different as all of his phots are taken in different places with him being a street photographer it would be un wise for him to have every photo taken at the same angel it would make his phots very boring if he did that, the overall messages behind if photos to make you think because when someone looks at one of his photos they will have a very different opinion as to what is being portrayed. Techniques used The shutter speeds in Nicks photo would be similar as they are taken in the day time apart from photo 1 which would be a lot faster as the person is moving, the rule of it most probably used in all of nicks photos, the depth of feels is mainly central as the subjects in nicks photos are fully in focus. Strengths & Weaknesses Overall I like all of Nicks photos because I like how they make you think I especially like photo number 4 because for people who are looking at this photo is very annoying because the grid is facing the wrong way and this would make this photos good because people will remember it because of the grid being the wrong way, there isn’t anything in particularly that I don’t like about any of Nicks photos.