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09012011 photographerproject golden

  1. 1. Alfred Eisenstaedt <ul><li>By: Audrey Golden </li></ul>
  2. 2. Alfred is most famous for... This picture was taken in Times Square in New York City on V-J Day. The sailor in the picture was running around grabbing every girl he saw. Eisenstaedt was running in front of him and in four shots he captured this sailor kissing a nurse. 1945.
  3. 3. LLLLIIIIFFFEEEEEE Born on December 6,1898 Died on August 24,1995 German-American photographer and photojournalist Most known for his candid photos Fought in World War I, was wounded in 1918. Decided to take photographs as a freelancer Became a full time photographer in 1929.Came to the United States in 1935. Eisenstaedt worked for Life Magazine from 1936 to 1972. Alfred’s pictures appeared on 90 covers of Life Magazine
  4. 4. Hitler & Mussolini meeting on June 13,1934, before Hitler took full power. Faculty children following a drum major at the University of Michigan. This is unstaged and spontaneous. Eisenstaedt said he wants to be remembered by this picture.
  5. 5. Marilyn Monroe,1953.This picture hung in Eisenstaedt’s office. Dancers taking a break at the Balanchine School of the American Ballet Theatre New York City, 1936.  
  6. 6. Alfred Eisenstaedt, Jaqueline and Caroline Kennedy, 1960 Dusk in Menemsha,1962 Kathy Eisenstaedt at Zack's Cliffs, 1960
  7. 7. “The Father of Photojournalism” Alfred Eisenstaedt is said to be the preeminent master of candid photography in the 20th century if there was one. He is otherwise known as “The father of photojournalism” His talent for capturing spontaneous photographs is incredible. Premiere at La Scala, 1934
  8. 8. <ul><li>Eisenstaedt had his first exhibition containing only his pictures in 1954 at the International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. </li></ul>Accpmplishments Alfred received the National Medal of the Arts which he received from President George Bush in 1989.The ceremony took place on the White House lawn.
  9. 9. Humility and Humanity Alfred’s style is very simple. It hasn’t changed much in the 60 years that he has been photographing. He uses natural light most of the time and doesn’t stage pictures. Most people don’t take him seriously because he barely carries any equipment . Thomas Hart Benton with a self-portrait, 1970.     The famous Clock in the old Pennsylvania Station, New York City, 1943.
  10. 10. Alfred’s last pictures were of Bill Clinton and his wife and daughter. This took place in a fenced in court yard protected by the secret service. It was fully documented by William E. Marks. Marks photographed Eisenstaedt over the span of 10 years.He also captured Alfred signing his famous V-J Day photograph the morning before he died. Eisentstaedt died at 96.
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