Photography assignemnt jade hale


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Photography assignemnt jade hale

  1. 1. {Assignment TwoPhotographyJade Hale
  2. 2. Hard and Soft LightHard light helps the photo look moredramatic. The light is coming from onedirection which gives the imageshadows, this gives the photo more of a3D effect.Soft light doesnt’t create shadows in thephoto. The source of light in this imageis coming from natural light. Thequantity of the light gives off a fairlybright yet soft and gentle look due tothe light being diffused.
  3. 3. Rules Of ThirdThe rules of third is a guideline whichallows you take a dramatic picture using afew lines. It divides the image into ninedifferent squares. If you place theinteresting points of your shot at thepoints where the lines cross or along thelines themselves, your photo becomesmore balanced.
  4. 4. Triangles And LinesLines in photographs givethe image great perspective.Especially if the lines joinup at a point at the end ofthe photograph.Including lines with spaceand perspective gives a niceeffect and creates abalanced photograph.Photos arranged into triangleshelp keep the photo balancedand interesting. Triangles aresolid looking and give thebest composition.The rule of triangles worksbest in portraits giving thephotograph the best balance.
  5. 5. Portrait PhotographyI like portraits becausethey capture the truenature of someone. Whenthey don’t know thephotograph is beingtaken it gives a nicenatural effect to thephotograph.
  6. 6. Even And OddsRule of even and oddsstates that having an oddnumber of objects in animage will be moreinteresting. Organizingobjects into pairs thereforemakes the picture moreinteresting.
  7. 7. Rule Of SpaceThe use of negative space can be dramatic.Filling less of the frame with the subject givesmore space. Sometimes the subject can belooking into the space like this photograph.Filling a photo with too much detail andfilling the frame with a small about of spacecan make the photograph become confusingand lack detail.Looking into space is an effective way tocreate negative space.
  8. 8. SymmetrySymmetry uses thesame alignment ofobjects rather thanvarying the levels.Symmetry is theopposite of rule oftriangles. Thesephotography show thesame objects e.g 2people , 2feet.
  9. 9.  Depth of field is the amount of focus in a image. large depth of field is where everything is in focus andnothing is blurred out. Shallow depth of field is used to only focus on one part ofa image. It makes the image more interesting to look atand more sharp.Depth Of FieldDepth of field is controlled byphotographers with the lens theytypically use to control whether theywant the whole image to be in focusor part of the image in focus. I.Eshallow and large depth of field.Lens F22 is where the wholephotograph is in focus.Lens F1.8 is used when thephotograph has a shallow depth offield with one part of the image infocus.
  10. 10. Image ManipulationThis image was manipulated onphotoshop, I used the black andwhite tool to create this effect. Ichose the strong white effect tobring out the lighter details in thephoto.This image to the right was alsoedited on photoshop. For this oneI messed around with the contrastand brightness to make this overexposed photo.