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September's Connect @ Lunch centered on Text & Email Marketing.

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  • Short message (or messaging) service, a system that enables cellular phone users to send and receive text messages.
  • Text & Email Marketing

    1. 1. 1971 The First Email Was Sent
    2. 2. There are 3.146 Billion Email AccountsWorld Wide.
    3. 3. The Average User Sends and Receives 112 Emails Per DAY
    4. 4. 19% Of Spam Emails Are Delivered Despite Spam Filters As Of November 2011-71% Of Emails Were Reported To Be Spam
    5. 5. 27% Of Emails AreOpened On Some Form Of Mobile Device
    6. 6. According To The MarketingFirm Silverpop The U.S Has An Average Open Rate Of 19.9%
    7. 7. BUISNESS TYPE OPEN RATE BOUNCE RATE CLICKS(CLICK THROUGH RATES)Communications 16.5% 9.5% 14.6%Education 19.0% 9.4% 13.5%Marketing 14.5% 11.1% 11.8%Non-Profit 21.7% 10.2% 11.5%Products & Services 15.8% 10.2% 12.6%Publishing 18.6% 8.6% 23.7%Restaurant 18.5% 10.1% 6.0%Retail 17.6% 7.1% 14.7%Technology 14.8% 11.1% 10.2%
    8. 8. $44.25 Is TheEstimated Return On a $1Investment In EmailMarketing
    9. 9. www.IdeasIntoDesign.com Facebook.com/ @IdeasIntoDesign IdeasIntoDesign LinkedIn.com/in/ YouTube.com/ IdeasIntoDesign IdeasIntoDesign
    10. 10. What I can Do For YOU….I help you market your business to people that have $$$Social Media MarketingWebsite Design & Services FullGraphic & Logo Design ServiceEmail Marketing & More! Business
    11. 11. Email Marketing
    12. 12. Why use Email Marketing?• It’s less expensive than other types of traditional marketing. (saves you $$)• You can create a relationship with your target market. (not just a business)• You set yourself up as an “Authority” in your type of business – you become their ____ person. (when they think of your product/service they think of you)• Use it to send traffic to your website & boost the effectiveness of your traditional marketing.
    13. 13. Who Do I Send Them To?• Put a sign up form on your website.• Ask your customers for their email addresses and sign them up (remember to ask for their permission)• Tell customers to forward your emails to their friends and family so they can sign up for your newsletters.
    14. 14. What do I put in the emails?• Do not make it just business. People deal with People, not a business.• It shouldn’t be a novel• What’s in it for THEM? (Don’t be me, me, me)• Always give a call to action• Give links to your social media and website
    15. 15. Companies You Can UseAweber.com Great if you have a website and do not want someone to add a sign up form for you.They require that your contacts verify by replying to an emailThey do not offer as many templates for emailsThe web form templates are great but you still need a little technical know-howto put them on your website.
    16. 16. Offers tracking of opens & links
    17. 17. Companies You Can UseConstantContact.com Trusted Fairly User Friendly Social Media Plugins Offers Templates Gives Tracking Info
    18. 18. Companies You Can UseiContact.com Very User Friendly Offers Lots of Templates Great Customer Service Offers Social Media Plugins
    19. 19. There Are More Than 101.3 Million Smart Phone Users
    20. 20. 44% Of Mobile SubscribersOwn A Smart Phone In the U.S.
    21. 21. 50% Male and Users are 50% FemaleMost Users are 18-34 Old Years
    22. 22. 5.3% Of The Time SpentOn Phones Is Viewing Emails Or Text Messages
    23. 23. In The U.S., 5.8 Billion TextMessages Are Sent Every Day
    24. 24. 83% Of Text Messages Are Opened In The First 15 Minutes
    25. 25. Open Rate Is97%(Compared To The 5- 20% For Email)
    26. 26. 29% Of Females Trust SMSAds.22% Of Males Trust SMS Ads