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Blog march 13


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Blog march 13

  1. 1. What isA Blog?
  2. 2. A Diary A Soapbox A Collection of ThoughtsAn outlet A website
  3. 3. Blogs allow users to updatecontent frequently and keeps viewers coming back. For business, blogs aid in creating a brand, an image.
  4. 4. 42,000,000 BLOGS 500,000new posts a day
  5. 5. 329 Million Views a Day
  6. 6. 60% 40%Men Women
  7. 7. Photos are essential
  8. 8. Cure Thrift Shop
  9. 9. -Creative content sharing New arrivalsInspiration for customers Sale alerts Informative
  10. 10. Sweetgreen
  11. 11. Sweetgreen“You can’t have a successfulbusiness in an unsuccessful community.”Share company & community activities.
  12. 12. Humanize it
  13. 13. Casual Behind the Scenes How toGet to know the Business Create the Brand
  14. 14. Get Personal- more approachable
  15. 15. Create a Brand(Healthy living) Build Community & Educate
  16. 16. Research whatworks for you and your industry. Develop aschedule. If you don’t have time, make a plan. Think it through. Gathercontent and information. Create a visual forviewers and consumers. Make them take notice. Relate to yourcustomers. Respond to inquiry and suggestion. Share to othersocial media outlets. Re-use stories after a time.
  17. 17. Don’t Oversell (avoid selling in general) Don’t ramble Do share knowledge & experienceWho can tell your story better than you?
  18. 18. Platforms And more….Over 31 Million Bloggers in the U.S.