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Trends in marketing


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new trends in marketing technology
try to understand very well from my ideas
plz use it properly

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Trends in marketing

  1. 1. 4 mobile marketing ste evebusi should take By ps ry ness s.aravindharamanan
  2. 2. Why You Need to Start Mark N Mo Everyone knows that there has been a ton of growth in the number of smart phones over the last few years, but these stats may still surprise you: bile eting o
  3. 3. • There are more than 140 million smartphone owners in the US. •US Smartphone penetration growing at 30% a year. is
  4. 4. •Smart phones and tablets represents 52% of total time spent online by US Consumers.
  5. 5. ACTION OR When people search for things using their smartphone, they are action oriented. This means that when people are searching on their smartphone they are often looking for a local business to visit or local services.
  6. 6. STE G Yo Mob Webs int Sha P 1: et ur ile ite o pe
  7. 7. Having a mobile site not only makes it easier for customers to find you on their mobiles, but also...
  8. 8. ...puts you one step ahead of the competition. According David Moth from 45% of
  9. 9. The two most important factors for your mobile webs1. That it’s easy to find 2. That the site loads quickly information the costumer is mobile on the slower
  10. 10. Responsive Vs. Non Responsive In our opinion, and the opinion of other
  11. 11. Responsive Vs. Non Responsive Responsive websites are the ones that automatically adjust to fit on mobile screens. Nonresponsive sites are designed specifically for mobile.
  12. 12. Godaddy offers easily customizable mobile site with their hosting an free deluxe
  13. 13. STEP 2: party sites where customers look for you. Get youR profiles straight third
  14. 14. Make sure your profiles are properly setup, since customers can find you on other mobile applications they use to search for businesses like yours.
  15. 15. •Yelp (Use our Definitive Guide to Yelp to set up your profile) •Facebook
  16. 16. • Google Plus/Google Maps (Use our Guide to Setting Up Your Google Plus Page) • YP
  17. 17. STEP 3: Encourage people to check in from your location.
  18. 18. You can increase your company’s visibility on many of these networks by encouraging people to “check in” from your
  19. 19. An effective way to get people to check in is by offering them something like a discount to do so.
  20. 20. Here is a nice free service from CheckinQRCode.c om that allows you to do this on facebook with a QR Code.
  21. 21. STEP 4: Advertise your business when people
  22. 22. Let’s say that you are a dentist that offers emergency dental services. You can show up as the number 1 result in Google when people search for “emergency dentist” on their mobile phone within 5 miles of your office.
  23. 23. And Finally...
  24. 24. To learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur visit us at....
  25. 25. www.FitsmallBusiness (Thanks for watching)
  26. 26. www.FitsmallBusiness (Thanks for watching)
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