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Embassy 365 may 2017


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The May issue of Embassy 365 Newsletter. Get to know all about the happenings at Embassy Services

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Embassy 365 may 2017

  1. 1. AN EMBASSY SERVICES NEWSLETTER Vol 15 MAY 2017For Private Circulation Only 360SERVICES. 365 DAYS. Leveraging technology to optimize operations 4Spotlight - Technology Accolades come our way 6WOW Services Highlights 2 Embassy Sports Zone Spotlight - Award 3 IGBC Certification
  2. 2. CEO’s Message 2 PRADEEP LALA - CEO Embassy Services HIGHLIGHTS Embassy Services started working on the concept of Urban Green in August last year, with the objective of providing new relaxing experiences to the employees working out of Embassy Manyata. What started as a pilot, has transformed into something to ‘drive away workplace blues’, where employees “embark on a fruitful endeavour” which could be “a solution to urban pollution, at the individual level”. These phrases are not ours, but from the media coverage we received for this initiative. Please visit the Embassy Services website at the link mentioned here and incorporate the links mentioned in the article there. Such has been the success of the actifvity, that we have decided to set up similar facilities at Embassy TechVillage as well. We take play very seriously. Over the last few months, we have made a lot of efforts to ensure that the Embassy Sports Zone at Embassy Manyata is utilized to the fullest by the Park employees by upgrading the infrastructure in various ways. We are happy to announce that a new badminton court is now added to the Sports Facilites as well. During one of our surveys done in order to understand the key sports the employees would like to play, Badminton came as the top sport by a far distance. This state of the art single court arena is located at L5 block and has a promitonal offer of Rs. 350 per hour - valid till June 2017. We are confident of a great response from the employ- ees of the park and are also planning to introduce Badminton related fitness and training programs in the coming months. Urban Green in the news Embassy Sports Zone - new Badminton Court Embassy Services has been at the forefront of innovation and customer delight. The last two years were devoted towards strengthening our internal processes, ensuring that each and every individual of the organisation has the tools to deliver customer value, at every stage. The testimonial to our focus is our IMS certification - ISO 9001 & 14001 along with OHSAS 18001. 2017 has begun well, as we have just been awarded the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Platinum Certification As we reap the benefits of being a process-oriented company, we have also taken several steps in improving the technology quotient of the company. While the Embassy 360 helpdesk app and Embassy Plus platform have been around for a while, we have begun the process of integrating technology in other areas and customer service, as well. This includes energy management systems, digital log books and the Community App for residential, with many other projects in the pipeline. We strongly believe that technology should be adapted, not just as a tool, but an obvious way of doing business as well. We are fully committed to ensuring that the value derived from the use of technology, is passed on to our customers. Read more about our tech initiatives, along with some other important updates, in this issue. Please feel free to reach out with any comments and feedback.
  3. 3. SPOTLIGHT - AWARD The guidelines detailed under each mandatory requirement and credit, enable the design and construction of campuses of all sizes and types. Different levels of green campus certification are awarded based on the total credits earned. However, every green campus should meet certain mandatory requirements, which are non-negotiable. IGBC Green Campus rating system addresses green features, under the following categories: We @ ESPL, continuously strive to keep up our properties and services to world-class standards. As a result, ESPL has got certified for world class international standards of QMS, EMS & OHSAS for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety, respectively. In addition to this, ESPL has taken one more step ahead to scale further heights, by adopting green property management practices, postulated by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). The adopted green procedures, processes and best practices have been evaluated by IGBC an accreditation body recognized by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), for the fulfilment of compliance requirements towards achieving “Green Campus Certification”. As a result of the successful implementation of green processes and practices at two of our biggest and prestigious tech parks in Bengaluru, namely, Manyata Embassy Business Park and Embassy TechVillage, these two business parks have been awarded 3 IGBC Certification in the “Green campuses under Platinum Certificate Category”. These two are also the first two business parks of Bengaluru, to receive this prestigious award, setting a benchmark for other developers and business parks in the Garden city. Green Campuses can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible. The most tangible benefits are the reduction in water and energy consumption, right from day one of occupancy. The energy savings could range from 20% -30% and water savings around 30% - 50%. Intangible benefits of green campus includes health and well-being of the occupants, enhancing air quality and promoting biodiversity, safety benefits and conservation of scarce national resources. SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION WATER CONSERVATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY SITE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT HEALTH & WELL-BEING GREEN EDUCATION INNOVATION IN DESIGN MATERIAL AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. SPOTLIGHT - TECHNOLOGY Embassy Services uses a number of technologies to improve efficiency and provide increased customer satisfaction. This includes an automated Energy Management System (EMS), Digital Logbooks, Embassy 360, Embassy Plus, and Community App for the residential community. The Energy Management System provides real time energy consumption data, facilitating on the go analytics and thereby enabling us to evaluate the cost and efficiency of our operations. From the resource-efficiency perspective, Embassy steadily progressing into a paperless data capturing company. Implementation of Digital Logbooks has made it extremely easy to capture, analyze, and share data across the team. A Digital Logbook not only eases collation of information, it also has the capability to aid in forecasting future performance and provide the management the information it needs to make more critical decisions. On the residential front, a Community App dedicated to all the residents of Embassy Group allows them to stay up to date on the latest news, events, and community happenings. Through this app a resident of Embassy feels connected to his or her immediate surroundings by sharing ideas, interests, profiles, and more. It brings people together for ad-hoc conversations and enables users to communicate seamlessly. This app is exclusive to Embassy properties which ensures that they get a seamless Embassy experience right from the time of purchase and even after they have moved in. Embassy 360 and Embassy Plus have been around for some time now. Embassy 360 is a helpdesk tool, a ticketing system for all Facility Management (FM) and admin managers. While the system is being used extensively, on the back of certain innovative additions, we have now added a robust analytical layer to the tool which will enable faster resolution in the near term and prevention in the long term. On the other hand, based on user feedback and analysis, Embassy Plus is now pivoting to a more information-centric portal for our commercial property users. This unique tool has now evolved to become a one-stop-destination for all park employees to get any information required with respect to the Park or the city around us. 4 Leveraging technology to optimize operations ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS enabling real time energy consumption data facilitating strong analytics EMBASSY 360 – A HELPDESK TOOL ticketing system for all FM / Admin managers DIGITAL LOGBOOKS moving towards paperless data capturing COMMUNITY APP FOR THE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY one platform for all residents, facilitating seamless communication EMBASSY PLUS an information-centric portal for the commercial property users, to get all information with respect to the Park, in addition to attractive deals and online contests.
  5. 5. We have started one new ambulance each, at Embassy TechVillage and Embassy Manyata with Manipal Hospitals and Columbia Asia Hospitals as partners, at the respective Parks. Both these are ALS1 (Advanced Life Support Level 1) and will be operational 24/7/365 for providing emergency health services, to the clients of the park. The second Embassy Plus Mela was held on 16th & 17th March 2017, at the Amphitheatre, Embassy Manyata. Embassy Plus ( is the go-to destination for Park users for any information with respect to the Park. This two-day event saw nearly 12,000 park employees visit the Mela, where more than 40 merchants were present. The objective of this Mela was to showcase to the Park employees, the various features of Embassy Plus. The merchants list included the likes of KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Columbia Asia, sRide Carpooling, Voonik and many more, who gave away prizes worth more than Rs. 200,000. In partnership with Prasanna Purple, Embassy Services brings the Park employees transport service, for the employees working out of Embassy TechZone. There will be 32 buses operating 20+ routes with 3 log-ins and log-outs each. Some of the features of this bus services are: UPDATES 5 New Ambulance at Embassy TechVillage and Embassy Manyata Transport Operations started at Embassy TechZone wework Visit Embassy Plus Mela – Season 2 In the month of April, a small team from Embassy Services visited the New York and London offices of wework – the global leader in shared workspaces. The objective of this visit was to understand the operations and way of working, so as to be able to replicate the same experience level, for the customers here. • E-tickets which can be purchased from the service App • Premium pass with multiple benefits clubbed in Gym memberships and food coupons • GPRS tracking • SMS and app update on bus location status • No standing policy • Helpdesk
  6. 6. Hello Gowri Thank you very much for your extended support for our VVIP visit.. it is highly appreciated. Regards, Achyutha Nanda Facility Manager Colt Dear Ashwin and team, I would like to extend my note of thanks and appreciation to the Embassy team for extending their support for our very high profile client visit on 16th &17th March, in ensuring the sprucing up of the site and making this visit a successful one. It indeed was a great support in times of need, with our business teams appreciating the efforts. Special reference to Pankaj/Ravindra for their support in shaping of the Peripheral lawn area/front Porch and parking area deep cleaning/façade glass cleaning/lift lobby & lift car faulty light replacement/8th floor passenger lift No 6 marble & lift car, broken tiles were replaced/Emergency Exit staircase painting job. All this done at short notice. Above all, must mention Ashwin’s timely and emergency help during the weekend and Vipin for all excellent security arrangements. Thank you once again and look forward to similar support in future too. With warm regards, Maj Khem B. Thapa (retd) Atos ACCOLADES COME OUR WAY 6 WOW SERVICES Hi Team, It was a great initiative to go green. Highly appreciate the thoughts and effort behind this. Only suggestion from our side is to find an easy way to pick up the cycles. Today we have to wait for our turn and manually enter the details in a register. If we could improve that, it would be a great success. Once again, appreciate this great initiative. Best regards, Vipin Antony Sr. Project Engineer Hi Kiran, I would like to thank you & your team for all the effort and support extended to close this task before Monday morning. Alex, The Embassy team worked tirelessly with Pragathi and my team throughout the night and closed the issue, avoiding business impact to Cerner. Regards, Jaisimha Krishnamurthy Senior Facility Manager Cerner Hi Team, We love the urban green program and we use it here daily. Just a Quick note to say thank you so much for the beautiful project played by Embassy Plus. Its a good ergonomics at work.The Veggies which we grow are purely pesticide free and delicious too Ashwin CB IBM India I would like to say thanks to you and your team for your great support in Nokia internal cricket tournament organization. Overall experience is awesome. You guys are very co-operative and help us in all area – like field booking, field maintenance & other areas Vikram Kushwaha Nokia