ContactOffice, a virtual office for your company (Emakina Academy #8 : Enterprise 2.0)


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Presentation of the ContactOffice application ( by Patrick De Schutter, co-founder.

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ContactOffice, a virtual office for your company (Emakina Academy #8 : Enterprise 2.0)

  1. 1. ContactOffice Virtual Office Emakina Academy 8 : Enterprise 2.0 14 June 2007
  2. 2. ContactOffice ?  Office 2.0 suite of applications  Collaborative & Messaging solution  Founded in 2000 by 4 Belgian serial internet entrepreneurs  Presently more than 350.000 users
  3. 3. Functionalities State-of-the-art Office 2.0 application Group Organiser Messaging Documents Repository Web upload or WebDAV RSS & Vod/Podcasts, Public sharing Shared Calendar (RSS) Mail (+ RSS) Mobility Solution Shared Contacts IMAP4 & POP3(s) To Do SMTP, Webmail Shared Notes Antivirus & AntiSpam Synchronisation with Shared Bookmark (RSS) SMS, Fax, Alerts & Chat organisers, pda's, phones Forum, Wiki Mobile access Bulletin Board Rss Reader .
  4. 4. Functionalities
  5. 5. Functionalities
  6. 6. Functionalities All of the tools are Integrated in one User-friendly web 2.0 Interface and allow for Sophisticated Sharing
  7. 7. Integration “There is a strong desire to purchase Web 2.0 technologies — blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social networking, and content tagging — as a suite” March 20, 2007 “CIOs Want Suites For Web 2.0” by G. Oliver Young Forrester
  8. 8. Current Interface
  9. 9. Ajax based Interface Help and extra information Indication of new + total number of items in lists Dashboard giving quick access to main features Navigation repeated on left
  10. 10. Ajax based Interface Click to sort Marquee selection • Drag & drop • Multiselect, select range, (un) Select all • Special keys handling • Data grid, • Sortable columns •logical scrolling • Contextual menus
  11. 11. Ajax based Interface •Right-click contextual menu MenuBar in PopupPanel
  12. 12. Everything can be shared with users and groups! Sophisticated Access Right Model at user level Applications : Individual user, Families, Associations, Companies, Departments, All kind of teams, ...
  13. 13. Commercial Model  Hosted, Security, SLA  Personalised, Private Label versions  SSO : LDAP, CAS, RSA ClearTrust, ...  API : XML-RPC
  14. 14. How big ?  1 million registrations  350.000 active accounts  250.000 paying accounts  Global, 6 languages  Profitable since 2003!
  15. 15. Technologies OO Architecture :  Object Oriented Database  Pure Java Backend (POJOs only)  Build for scalability  Clients abstraction layer:  Web (HTML & CSS)  Pocket Explorer + Symbian  Wap (WML)  Voice XML (prototype)
  16. 16. Some happy customers
  17. 17. Why did they choose Contactoffice?  Accessible at anytime from anywhere  Reduced costs of acquisition and maintenance  No investment and maintenance of material  Uptime of more than 99,99%  Great flexibility of deployment  Update automatically included  Allows for collaboration outside intranet  Available in ASP and License mode  Security of the data
  18. 18. Case Mobistar: objectives • Objective: Offer Mobility Solution for mail and organiser to SME and Soho customers in order to facilitate the sale of GPRS. • Mark-up on CO price in order to increase the « Arpu » • Create traffic revenus with SMS and GPRS
  19. 19. Case Mobistar: Approach • Management of the application on CO servers • Offer for 3 subscription formulas in combination with GPRS subscription • Direct and indirect sales of combined package (presented in a box) • Offers access to web, wap, PDA and smartphone version • Integration with Mobistar backoffice, hotline. • SMS traffic is unlimited and billed on monthly invoice
  20. 20. Case Trade Federation: Fnaim • Association of real estate experts (France) • 800 Members spread over country • Official Professional Association that defends the interest of the trade and gives services to its members
  21. 21. Case Trade Federation: Objectives • Objective: Share and dessiminate information with its members • Offer efficient work tools to its members • Have a collaborative tool for secretariat • Members are spread all over France • Need for user-friendly tool • Accessible from any computer (mobility) • Easy administration
  22. 22. Case Trade Federation: Approach • Management of the application on CO servers • Offer 1 basic subscription to all members of association, they can upgrade to paying packages if they want with online-payment • Tools: Calendar, Docs, Mail, SMS, Contacts, Forum • Creation of personalised version with batch creation of account for members. • Simple manual administration via Web-based administration tool.
  23. 23. Case University: Lyon 2 • University of human sciences of Lyon • 24000 students, 3000 staff and professors • At the forefront in France in e- learning and implementation of Information Technology
  24. 24. Case University: Objective • Offer a professional communication and working tool to students, staff and faculty • Tool should be rapidly installed in existing infrastructure (own servers: linux and Max OSX, LDAP) • Application should be managed and monitored by internal technical staff • Recuperation of existing information in mail and virtual disk drives • Data flows in order to import interesting contacts out of LDAP into addressbooks and inject student course schedule into calendar
  25. 25. Case University: Approach • Application was installed from distance on Linux infrastructure • Integration with Ldap developped in order to use logins and paswords present in Ldap • Different subscription formula dependent on profile (student, staff, faculty) • IMAP was used in order to allow users to recuperate mails and folders from old mail accounts • XML data inflow procedure was developped in order to import data in addressbook and calendar • XML-RPC for showing data of accounts in student portal page (# new mails, # new appointments,…)
  26. 26. Other cases: Electrabel:  First energy operator in Belgium  Some categories of Electrabel staff use a secured Intranet (automatic SSL encryption) to access documents quickly and easily. TNT Airways:  Express Courier company  TNT Airways Belgium staff are provided with a communication software (email and SMS) to allow for an efficient transmission of information. In addition they get acces to document sharing tool
  27. 27. Life Demo or Free test account @ your disposal. Don't hesitate to contact me. Patrick De Schutter +32-(0)2-647 92 35