Emakina Academy 5 - Know your Audience: Web Analytics & Search Engine Marketing


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How many surfers visit your website every day? What are their favorite sections? How can you turn a visitor into a lead, then in a client? Where are the hurdles to this conversion?

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Emakina Academy 5 - Know your Audience: Web Analytics & Search Engine Marketing

  1. 1. Optimize your website for search engine traffic Emakina Academy
  2. 2. How to build a website with an important natural traffic from Search engine ?
  3. 3. SEF & SEO Search engine friendliness (SEF) Natural quality of a website to provide a maximal visibility and accessibility of its content to search engine Depends of the way website has been constructed Quantitative approach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ability to push specific pages / website on specific keywords and go further than the natural quality of a website Qualitative approach
  4. 4. SEF & SEO SEF & SEO are complementary « SEO job starts where SEF job ends »
  5. 5. Why is it so important?
  6. 6. Why ? User behaviors Users are always using more and more search engine Users are using it in a more sophisticated way Search engine are answer provider (« i Google » and Google can answer about anything) Each research is an opportunity to drive user to your website, your services and your brand
  7. 7. Why ? Google bar
  8. 8. Why ? Lot of user are not knowing your domain name, they search you through search engine
  9. 9. Why ? Findability Your content exists on the web between billions of other pages Your site is part of the web ecosystem, of a global internet user experience
  10. 10. Why ? Findability Your content must be findable inside and outside of your website Your content is worth to exist only if it’s findable How can your customer buy your products if they can’t find it?
  11. 11. Why ? Conversion strategy Traffic is one of the 3 major indicators in any conversion process (buy, lead generation, etc..) Increase the traffic increase sales SEF provides low cost traffic
  12. 12. Why ?
  13. 13. Why ? Low cost traffic SEF increase natural traffic Increase is persistent Content is traffic generator
  14. 14. SEF standards & rules
  15. 15. SEF standards Server and DNS configuration User a DNS related to your country (DNS.be if you want to perform on google.be) Take care about DNS redirection Avoid website mirroring : – a same content will be indexed under 2 url and will have less indexation quality – Could be evaluated as cheating technique
  16. 16. SEF standards Ensure all pages are indexed by search engine All your website must be accessible through <a href> Avoid Search engine blindness with Javascript or flash Help search engine with sitemap or google sitemap 1 page 1 unique URL Avoid any state parameters in session variable (language) A good test : can any of your page be bookmarked ?
  17. 17. SEF standards Help search engine to qualify your content HTML best practice : use semantic coding with CSS and <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <Strong> Importance of <title> tags Fancy URL or Human friendly URL (in the right language) Copy : factual, redundant, keyword density Alt atribute on image Use correct label on internal links : keyword vs click here Less important : meta tags and meta description
  18. 18. SEF standards
  19. 19. SEF standards Content title is in <h1> tag
  20. 20. SEF standards <title> is linked to the article
  21. 21. SEF standards URL is not human
  22. 22. SEF standards Alt attribute is present
  23. 23. SEF standards Product name is present in the URL !!
  24. 24. SEF standards Help search engine to quantify your content Internal links Increase link density (hyperlink nature of the web) – Use content inline tags – Create very dense cross linking between pages – Use short sitemap views – Flatten structure of website for search engine (increase PR of all children pages)
  25. 25. SEF standards
  26. 26. SEF standards Help search engine to quantify your content Increase indexed perimeter (n Keywords matching your content) – Review of the content architecture – 1 page 1 topic – Keyword based information architecture
  27. 27. SEF standards
  28. 28. SEF standards Help search engine to quantify your content External links Increase link from other website – SEO – Integrate your website well with social medias, blogosphère, agregators, etc… – Push your consumers to talk about you – RSS/ ATOM feeds
  29. 29. SEF standards
  30. 30. SEF standards Poor linking density between website network
  31. 31. SEF standards Strongly interconnected network of site (blogospshere)
  32. 32. SEF standards Increase time to indexation Study the indexation rythm of your website Build editorial plan integrating required time for indexation (up to 48 h) New content published on homepage RSS/Atom xml feed
  33. 33. Benefits & figures
  34. 34. Benefits 6300 unique visitor / day 1500 unique visitor day
  35. 35. Benefits Implementation Fancy Link density #1 Link density # 2 URL
  36. 36. Benefits Estimated benefits Usually, benefits are always immediately importants Depends of typology of websites (content vs applications) Depends of actual level – + 20 to 50 % increase of traffic – + 100 to 200 % increase of traffic on low standard website Just be findable
  37. 37. Additional impact
  38. 38. Additional impact Other benefits of SEF Information architecture & navigation – Increase of deep linking – Bottom up navigation process SEF has good impact on – accessibility for disabled person – Usability Website internal search engine CMS solution selection
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Conclusion Implementation of SEF standards are as much important than Providing a usable website Providing a nice graphic design Using proper HTML Using performing server Just be findable
  41. 41. Conclusion We’re serious about Web Analytics We’re serious about Search Engine Marketing We’re serious about your ROI Thank you for your time and you interest !
  42. 42. Visit our blog http://www.emakina.com/blog Every day, get the latest news about our agency
  43. 43. Thank you