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Mobile Data mining Applications

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Ess Data Mining

  1. 1. Mobile Business Solutions Customized to Changing Business Needs 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  2. 2. The Enterprise Software Solutions Web Base Portal Service with Mobile application base real time data collection… Rapid Application design and development Project Management & Data Management Customize Design & Production to business process Training & on going support through life cycle Documentation and User Training Base on Data collection we can design and develop a PALM Os or windows Mobile Application for Electronic data collection and Communicate with The portal to update real time data for Project management With ability to update PDA, Smart phone with real time data from the Server so the Field Staff is real time updated with data Transportation Technology Deployment Experience… Large-Scale data mining Project Examples XTRA Lease- 32120 installs in 13 months. Wal*Mart II- 23,350 installs in 5 months. Verizon Service- 12,600 installs in 3 months. Knight Transportation- 8,700 installs in 9 months. US Foods- 5,200 installs in 8 months. First Student- 6500 installs in 8 months. TSC 704 stores IT Inventory and Staging MGT. 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  3. 3. Electronic Data Collection Mobile CE Electronic Data Collection Palm Os 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  4. 4. l Phone Applications will be addition to Smart phone Applications “Data Mining” Web-Based Project Management (Design 1) Your logo 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  5. 5. “Data Mining” Web-Based Project Management (Design 11) Your logo 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  6. 6. Benefits to Technology Providers in a data mining solutions with an “ESS” Partnership Achieve a paradigm shift by evolving from a neutral position of “allowing customers to perform their business process efficiently”, or a reactive position of “Rapid development achieve time line” to a proactive position of “implementing the value of professional Data management services at the highest performing and latest technology at customers budget”… – Improve the customer experience through rapid deployment and elimination of Field related errors and paper work. – Provide positive margin via customization of services, or introducing customers to New and latest technology. – Prepare for exponential growth of products by having a large, well Experienced group of developers ready for deployment at customers will. – Improve timeline of recurring revenue recognition by getting information availability through web base connectivity so the productivity can be more efficiently. – Control cost for all parties “You and Your Customers” Benefits to Technology Users in an ESS Partnership Achieve a faster and better ROI by getting data mining application build rapidly and correctly within your Budget. An alternative to managing data with a paper trail and fixed internal resources. Allow internal resources to remain focused on core responsibilities and been mobile as needed with ability to access data from any where. Improve employee acceptance of technology as a result of rapid implementation Better access to data allowing better performance and increase productivity 100%. 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-
  7. 7. Macintosh Development Apple quot;Registeredquot; Partner  All Apple OS versions and development tools available  System-level/Device driver to User-interface/Applications expertise  Mac-OS skills cover a range of technologies and industry-standard tools and class libraries. Bellow is the list of few we commonly use with, on the Mac environment base development Apple xCode, Cocoa, Objective-C Mac-OS X, OS X Server CodeWarrior C++, MacApp, PowerPlant Mac OS 8, 8.6, 9 Apple Project Builder Carbon, Cocoa, Aqua MPW Mac Toolbox API Interface Builder, Constructor AppleTalk, TCP/IP, URL Access Java on Mac (MRJ) QuickTime RealBasic USB/driver development AppleScript, ScriptEditor IPHONE Application Development IPHONE SDK Summary Project management is often an underestimated, yet critical component of Technology ROI. Select a partner with proven expertise managing technology deployments to ensure you achieve or exceed target ROI. ESS has proven expertise in helping our customers achieve their target ROI faster. ESS is committed to helping the customer succeed. We are rapid development company that can achieve your time lines and without hurting your budget 1-816-377-2910 Tel 1-913-273-0660 Fax http://enterprise-