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Age defying eye cream ingredients


Published on Age-Defying eye cream is fused from the best natural ingredients that work wonders to your eyes. It is created using the most innovative anti-aging technologies for skincare.

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Age defying eye cream ingredients

  1. 1. Age-Defying Eye
  2. 2. Age-Defying eye cream is fusedfrom the best natural ingredientsthat work wonders to your eyes. Itis created using the mostinnovative anti-aging technologiesfor skincare.
  3. 3. It is packed with all eye enhancingfeatures you need in just onebottle. It is an all-in-one eye creamdesigned to eliminate fine lineetching, wrinkles, reduce puffiness,brighten dark circles, and improvecollagen.
  4. 4. Unlike other anti-aging eyetreatments that come as a wholepackage of different products,Isagenix Age-Defying Eye Creamworks as a sole powerful creamthat has all the ingredientsnecessary to make your eyes lookyounger and rejuvenated.
  5. 5. Key Ingredients of Age-DefyingEye Cream Functions:
  6. 6. Sodium hyaluronate aids inmoisturizing the skin.Eye-brightening peptides play thevital role of eliminating dark under-eyecircles and lessen puffiness.10 rich blend of antioxidants workaltogether to protect cells against freeradical damage.
  7. 7. 5 age defying peptides aids inrelaxing and softening theappearance of fine lines.Vitamins and botanical extractshelp boost skin renewal for arejuvenated and fresher look.
  8. 8. Contains IsaSome InfusionComplex™ which is an advancedliposome delivery system thatworks to hasten anti-agingbenefits. This is naturally free fromparaben and phthalate.
  9. 9. The recommended usage ofIsagenix Age-Defying Eye Creamis morning and night. It is suitablefor all skin types so there is reallyno issue about whether or not it willbe effective for you.
  10. 10. It works well to all skin types andyou can apply it in the morning andnight after toning or after applyingthe Antioxidant C Serum withCoQ10.
  11. 11. The skin that surrounds the eyes isso vulnerable that it can becomehypersensitive to some productslike day creams and night creams.
  12. 12. With this in mind, the Age-Defyingeye cream is formulated with aunique synergy of ingredients thatwill compliment the needs of thesurrounding eye area anderadicate problems like dark eyecircles and puffiness. The productis unscented so it is irritant-free.
  13. 13. Age-Defying Eye Cream is aVersatile Product
  14. 14. While Age-Defying Eye Cream isspecially formulated for the skinareas around the eye, it can alsobe used to the fine lines around thelips. This is how versatile thisproduct is.
  15. 15. Because the skin around the lips isalso delicate, the eye cream isperfect to keep moisture, improvecollagen, and stop thedevelopment of fine line etchingand wrinkles.
  16. 16.