Spelling Bee 4th Grade


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Spelling Bee 4th Grade

  1. 1. Colegio San Patricio Spelling Bee List 4th Grade School Year 2009-2010 1.- admire I admire people who are kind. 2.- magnet A magnet picks up nails. 3.- contest The girls won the contest. 4.- method Do you have a good method for doing homework? 5.- custom It is our custom to stand during the parade. 6.- rally We had a pet rally before the game. 7.- soccer Terry loves to play soccer. 8.- engine The car’s engine wouldn’t start. 9.- sudden The car made a sudden turn. 10.- finger I cut my finger. 11.- accident No one was hurt in the accident. 12.- mitten I always seem to lose one mitten. 13.- intend How do you intend to solve the puzzle? 14.- fabric The wool fabric made me itch. 15.- flatten I used my hand to flatten the clay. 16.- rascal That playful puppy is a rascal. 17.- gutter The leaves clogged the gutter. 18.- mammal A camel is a mammal. 19.- happen I wonder what will happen next. 20.- cannon There is a cannon at the park. 21.- sigh People sigh when they are sad. 22.- right Chad got all the answers right. 23.- weigh The scale shows how much you weigh. 24.- eight One week is less than eight days. 25.- detail Tell every detail of the story. 26.- height The wall’s height is five feet. 27.- spray Will you spray some water on the plants? 28.- braid Ann wears her hair in a braid. 29.- bait Bring your fishing pole and some bait. 30.- grain The cow ate the grain. 31.- slight There is a slight change of plans 32.- thigh The thigh is part of the leg. 33.- highway Take the highway to the last exit. 34.- frighten Did the big dog frighten you? 35.- sweet Honey tastes sweet. 36.- freedom The army fought for freedom. 37.- below A basement is below the house. 38.- throat Do you have a sore throat? 39.- greet Did you greet your mom with a smile? 40.- season What season do you like best? 41.- shallow The water is too shallow for swimming. 42.- rainbow We saw a rainbow after the storm. 43.- seaweed We saw seaweed under the water. 44.- hollow A mouse lives in the hollow log.
  2. 2. 51.- afternoon The sun came out by afternoon. 52.- scooter I wear a helmet when I ride a scooter. 53.- cruise The cruise ship sailed away from the port. 54.- bruise The ball hit me and caused a bruise. 55.- confuse The map may confuse her. 56.- groove My bike’s tire made a groove in the mud. 57.- curfew You must come home before curfew. 58.- smooth That is a smooth stone. 59.- threw I threw the ball very far away. 60.- monkeys I like to watch monkeys at the zoo. 61.- friends Good friends help each other. 62.- supplies Please take out your art supplies. 63.- holidays What are your favorite holidays? 64.- months How many months are in a year? 65.- companies Big companies hire many people. 66.- costumes It’s fun to dress up in costumes. 67.- sandwiches We made sandwiches for lunch. 68.- hobbies What hobbies do you enjoy in your spare time? 69.- daisies Dad planted daisies in the yard. 70.- teammates Jan’s teammates cheered when she scored a goal. 71.- batteries How many batteries does the game need? 72.- donkeys The donkeys enjoy pulling carts. 73.- potatoes Dad ate all the baked potatoes. 74.- themselves They hurt themselves when they fell. 75.- halves Let’s break the cookie into halves and share it. 76.- moose Two moose walked out of the woods 77.- radios Please turn your radios down. 78.- sheep The farmer fed all the sheep. 79.- beliefs Many old beliefs were wrong. 80.- tornadoes Most tornadoes cause damage. 81.- patios Many people like to eat on their patios. 82.- morning Breakfast is a good way to begin the morning. 83.- garbage You’ll have less garbage if you recycle. 84.- argue Even friends sometimes argue. 85.- backyard We swam in their backyard pool. 86.- partner Choose a partner for the game. 87.- Florida Florida has sandy beaches. 88.- apartment We moved to a new apartment. 89.- forward Step forward when I say your name. 90.- Arkansas My friend lives in Arkansas. 91.- storm The power went out during the storm. 92.- force The force of the wind bent the trees. 93.- sharp The can has a sharp edge. 94.- Thanksgiving We ate turkey on Thanksgiving. 95.- wheel The wheel fell off the wagon. 96.- nephew Mom’s nephew lives next door. 97.- belong Do you belong to any club? 98.- whiskers The cat licked his whiskers.
  3. 3. 108.- courtesy Saying thank you shows courtesy. 109.- furniture I moved all my bedroom furniture. 110.- search Tom had to search for his keys. 111.- curtain The kitten climbed up the curtain. 112.- hamburger Do you know how to make a hamburger? 113.- watched We watched the baby bird fly. 114.- dancing I think dancing is good exercise. 115.- stopped The car stopped for the red light. 116.- happening Good things are happening all the time. 117.- piece Fold a piece of paper in half. 118.- break Did you break the dish? 119.- threw Who threw the ball? 120.- throne The king sat on the throne. 121.- allowed We are not allowed to go. 122.- passed We passed the stone on the way home. 123.- their They’ve finished their homework. 124.- however The story, however does not end there. 125.- mountain Mountain climbers are brave. 126.- mound It’s fun to jump in a mound of leaves. 127.- coward I’m a coward when it comes to roller coaster. 128.- flowerpot Fill the flowerpot with soil. 129.- announce It’s time to announce the winner. 130.- eyebrow The actor raised one eyebrow. 131.- watermelon The watermelon tastes sweet. 132.- understand Do you understand the question? 133.- shoelace Your shoelace is untied. 134.- upstairs Go upstairs to the office. 135.- thunderstorm A thunderstorm changed our plans. 136.- doorbell I rang the doorbell three times. 137.- jellyfish Jellyfish live in the ocean. 138.- campfire Please add wood to the campfire. 139.- laptop We send e-mail with our laptop. 140.- family’s My family’s home is over there. 141.- theirs Are these toys theirs? 142.- wouldn’t I wouldn’t do that if I were you. 143.- doesn’t The project doesn’t have a deadline. 144.- I’ve I’ve done some amazing things. 145.- shouldn’t You shouldn’t do that. 146.- couldn’t I couldn’t do that if I tried. 146.- hadn’t If I hadn’t been late ,I would have seen the movie. 147.- chicken That was the best chicken soup I’ve ever had. 148.- national We went to a national park. 149.- several There are several kinds of roses in my garden. 150.- citizen Almost every citizen of the town saw the parade. 151.- needle I need to thread this needle. 152.- threaten You should not threaten people. 153.- diagonal Draw a diagonal line. 154.- paddle I left the paddle in the canoe. 155.- marble The bowl is made of a marble.
  4. 4. 165.- single I followed every single rule. 166.- uncertain I am uncertain about the answer. 167.- incomplete The road work is still incomplete. 168.- discontinue The store will discontinue that item. 169.- unimportant That task is unimportant. 170.- inability His inability to swim kept him away from the pool. 171.- disapprove My mom would disapprove of that game. 172.- intolerant That person is intolerant of others. 173.- reaction I had a reaction to blueberries. 174.- incorrectly You spelled that word incorrectly. 175.- disobedient My new puppy is disobedient. 176.- refreshment I enjoy a cool refreshment on a hot day. 177.- unbreakable The cups are unbreakable. 178.- declaration The king is making a declaration today. 179.- unhappily Unhappily, our team lost the game. 180.- basic I am learning the basic rules of the game. 181.- honor It is an honor to be named student of the week. 182.- novel I like to read a good novel. 183.- olive My mom cooks with olive oil. 184.- spinach The salad was made with spinach. 185.- donate. I will donate to the food drive. 186.- beware You must beware of skating on the river. 187.- emotion Joy is a wonderful emotion. 188.- cabin My family has a cabin by the lake. 189.- tribute The award is a tribute to your skill. 190.- lizard We found a lizard on the path. 191.- telephone I will answer the telephone. 192.- biography They read a biography last week. 193.- telescope I saw the moon through a telescope. 194.- photograph I keep a photograph of my dog on my desk. 195.- microwave You can cook rice in a microwave oven. 196.- microscope You can see very small things through a microscope. 197.- autograph I got an autograph from my favorite star. 198.- phonics I left my phonics workbook at home. 199.- diameter What is the diameter of that circle? 200.- dictionary I will look that word up in the dictionary.