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Getting involved at au


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Getting involved at au

  1. 1.  Campus Activities Board (CAB) CAB works with campus speakers, concerts, comedians, wee kend programming and other special events.  Bingo night  Coffeehouse breaks  Concerts  Beauty and Relaxation Night  Contact Lesley Villarose
  2. 2.  Christian Student Union Christ-centered, student- led, church related organization that seeks to encourage, enable, and equip students through involvement in mission, faith sharing, discipleship, community building, and worship.  Contact Gary Tucker
  3. 3.  Fellowship of Christian AthletesGroups of Christian athletes can jointogether in prayer and get involvedin the community
  4. 4.  Student Government AssociationElected representatives each yearcome together to help lead theschool and make positive changes  President  Vice President  Secretary
  5. 5.  You can apply to be an RA at the end of each year Get free housing! Go through training at the beginning of the year to handle any situation that may come about Talk to Rowland in the apartments or Kyle in Fugate!
  6. 6.  Apply to be an orientation leader at the end of each year Interview and application process Good for outgoing people who love to meet others Paid position!!! Contact Lesley Villarose
  7. 7.  Apply to be a peer instructor with Mary Vanderlinden Help teach an IDS class once a week Paid position!!!
  8. 8.  Apply to be a tutor or a peer reader of papers in the Student Success center Good for people who love to write and like teaching others! Tutors for all subjects:  Foreign language  Math  History  Science
  9. 9.  Opportunity to do odd jobs around campus as a paid position  Work in the library  Work concessions at sporting events  Help in other offices around campus
  10. 10.  Monthly meetings Fundraisers Take a certain amount of Honors credits Trips across the country (Germany, Italy, etc.) Contact Dr. Trakas
  11. 11.  Sign up for an intramural sports team or start your own Contact Rowland in the apartments for more information!  Basketball  Indoor soccer  Volleyball
  12. 12.  If you cant find any club that suits your interests, start your own Basically, start any club you want if:  You have an advisor  Signatures of people who will join  Contract of the focus of your club