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AIESEC Leeds Go Global


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What are your plans this summer?

AIESEC offers you the opportunity to gain an experience of a lifetime in 6 weeks.Volunteer or Teach abroad this summer, make a difference to a community, gain unforgettable friendships and develop yourself professionally and personally! Grab this opportunity to volunteer abroad in the most cost-effective way with AIESEC!

Visit our website at, email us at or like our Facebook page at

To apply, please do so at

Read our information booklets at:

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AIESEC Leeds Go Global

  1. 1. AIESEC LeedsInsight Half-Hour
  2. 2. Agenda• Meet the Team• What is AIESEC?• The AIESEC Go Global Programme• What are our programmes?• Costs• Next Steps• Questions
  3. 3. Meet the Team
  4. 4. AIESEC• World’s largest student-led organisation• Not-for profit• Set up in 1948 by Scandinavian students • Cultural understanding is the key to preventing a future world war• Present in over 113 countries and territories• Over 60,000 members• Present in 2,100 universities – 20 in the UKWe offer graduates and undergraduates the opportunity togain cultural awareness and excellent employability skills oninternational internships
  5. 5. Some of our partners..
  6. 6. The AIESEC Go Global Programme• More than 20,000 exchanges over the past year• Based around cultural exchange• Provides professional and personal development• Experiences lasting from 6 weeks to 18 months• Unpaid projects (Some paid opportunities available)• Over 60 years of experience• Run by students for students o Student or recent graduate o 18-28 years old
  7. 7. What do we offer?
  8. 8. What are our programmes? GoVolunteer GoTeach
  9. 9. GoVolunteer• Real impact in the developing world• Be immersed in a new and exciting culture• Gain valuable experience• 6 – 8 weeks• 4 types of projects available: • Education • Community Development • Entrepreneurship • Environmental Issues
  10. 10. GoVolunteer Education
  11. 11. GoVolunteer - Education• Educate children or youth on issues such as culture and diversity, leadership• Teach English• Empower them to look beyond their local community into awareness of global issues• Opportunities found across the world
  12. 12. GoVolunteer - EducationExampleLocation: Brazil, São Carlos• Working within 2 NGOs• Organize games and educational activities• Conduct cultural activities typical of your own country• Help to raise funds for the Local Committee for improvement of future projects• Help to expand the existing activities of the NGOs
  13. 13. GoVolunteerCommunity Development
  14. 14. GoVolunteer - Community Development• Contribute to local initiatives. Eg: • HIV/AIDs awareness • Human rights• Opportunities to be found in: • Africa • Asia • South America
  15. 15. GoVolunteer - Community DevelopmentExampleLocation: Tanzania, MzumbeUniversity• Working with NGOs• HIV/AIDS awareness• Presentation about home country• Interacting with local youths
  16. 16. GoVolunteerEntrepreneurship S
  17. 17. GoVolunteer - Entrepreneurship • Volunteer within Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs) or charities • Support charitable sustainability and growth • Opportunities to be found in South America and Asia S
  18. 18. GoVolunteer - EntrepreneurshipExampleLocation: Indonesia, Bandung• Be a consultant for NGO for 1 of the following sectors - Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance• Do analysis and provide feedback to the NGO on the organisation’s sustainability• Be a facilitator for high school students in Social Entrepreneurship High School Roadshow.• Assist students to develop a business plan that will enter into the competition S
  19. 19. GoVolunteerEnvironmental Issues
  20. 20. GoVolunteer - Environmental Issues• Encourage sustainable lifestyles and social responsibility with regards to the environmental sector and working with green initiatives.• Opportunities to be found in Asia, Europe and Egypt
  21. 21. GoVolunteer - Environmental IssuesExampleLocation: Mumbai, India• Training from local NGO about local concerns such as garbage disposal, global warming and human rights• Conduct workshops and sessions in target schools on the issues in 4 different regions of the city.• Plan and implement innovative and creative activities
  22. 22. GoTeachGoChina GoRussia
  23. 23. GoTeach• Teaching English in private language centres• Location throughout China/Russia• Focus on native English speakers• Limited places for Russia/Spain
  24. 24. G o Te a c hBenefits to you:• Develop communication and presentation skills• Develop yourself and others, and make an impact on international education.• Enrich your CV• Understand a different culture• Opportunity to travel• Paid placement
  25. 25. Community Development Emma’s Experience June-July 2012 São Carlos, Brazil
  26. 26. Community Development Maria’s Experience June-July 2012 Trondheim, Norway
  27. 27. What did we do?
  28. 28. EducationRebecca’s Experience June-July 2011 Medellin, Colombia
  29. 29. Cost£350 regardless of programme or length• Does not cover flights, insurance and visa• Global and local administrative costs• Outgoing Preparation Seminar – Compulsory attendance• Reintegration Seminar• Accommodation and food whilst abroad (Applicable to most projects) • Home-stay or shared house
  30. 30. Low in price,High in value!
  31. 31. Price ComparisonCompany Country Length CostCompany R Brazil 6 weeks £1,169Company G India 6 weeks £1,250Company F Tanzania 8 weeks £899Company O Ghana 6 weeks £555Company P China 6 weeks £2,095
  32. 32. Reasons to go away with us:1. Life-changing cultural experience2. Incredible friendships3. Cost-effective4. Personal and professional development5. Direct impact on the local community6. Wide range of destinations and types of internships available7. 24 hour support telephone line from AIESEC UK and additional support from the host country8. Discount opportunities with STA
  33. 33. The process
  34. 34. 1. Apply online at • Application Deadline: 15 April 2013, Monday, 11.59pm2. Attend our assessment centre: 17 April 2013, Wed, 2.30pm-5.30pm at Blenheim Terrace SR (1.16) House No. 11-14, University of Leeds • Attendance is compulsory
  35. 35. GoTeach: GoVolunteer3. Platform video to be 3. On passing the made assessment centre: Pay4. Your internship place will the £350 admin fee be guaranteed upon 4. Database Workshop: payment of details to be confirmed administrative fee 5. Matching to your ideal internship Outgoing preparation seminar: 23 March / 6 April/ 27 April Get ready for your life-changing international experience Go Global!
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. Contact us•• Email:• Jun (VP GoGlobal):• Office hours: Every Wednesday, 2-4pm, Skills@Library, Annexe Room (term times only)
  38. 38. If you.. are a student are open-minded want to travel, but don’t want to be a tourist want a meaningful summer want to make a difference want to step out of your comfort zone
  39. 39. Then Go Global with AIESEC