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Inviting Ourselves to the Table (TASH 2012)


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Inviting Ourselves to the Table (TASH 2012)

  1. 1. Inviting Ourselves to the Table: How Self-Advocates and Families are Changing Policy in WisconsinBeth Swedeen, WI Board for People with Developmental DisabilitiesCindy Bentley, People First WisconsinLisa Pugh, Disability Policy PartnershipTASH, November 2012
  2. 2. Inviting Ourselves to the TableWisconsin Disability Policy PartnershipThree AIDD partnersWork on policy issues at all levels: • How research affects policy asks • Working with legislators and department policy makers • Mobilizing and supporting grassroots action to create a stronger self-advocate voice at all levels
  3. 3. Inviting Ourselves to the TableStart with topics most important toself-advocates/families• End the R word• Long-term care enrollment caps• Employment
  4. 4. Inviting Ourselves to the TableWhat Self-Advocates and Families can dothat the “Professionals” never can…• Explain impact of policy on their daily lives• Talk about what it is like to experience specific situations (institutional life, sheltered employment)• Propose their own ideas for what makes sense• Make personal connections to their legislators
  5. 5. Inviting Ourselves to the TableMake it easy to participate and feelsupported• Conference calls• Simple message points• Sitting down to write testimony together• Attending hearings and legislative visits together• Help identify unique role/connection• Stories: Travis, Terri, Cindy
  6. 6. Inviting Ourselves to the TableCollaboration: Take Your Legislator to Work
  7. 7. Inviting Ourselves to the Table
  8. 8. Inviting Ourselves to the TableIdentifying local self-advocate/family groupsand empowering them to take action• People First chapters• Parent groups• Special Olympics/Best Buddy chapters
  9. 9. Inviting Ourselves to the TableJoint High Priority Issues of Concern•Long-Term Care Quality•Family Support•Youth Transition•Integrated Employment•Education•Medicaid•Transportation
  10. 10. Inviting Ourselves to the TableNot all effective advocates have to come to the Capitol:Using Surveys to Tell a Broader Story• Some issues need larger numbers of participants to be compelling• Statewide representation can steer policy more effectively
  11. 11. Inviting Ourselves to the TableSelf-Advocate State Budget
  12. 12. Inviting Ourselves to the TableEducation Budget Cuts Report
  13. 13. Inviting Ourselves to the TableWisconsin Families Forward
  14. 14. Inviting Ourselves to the TableStrategies for dissemination• Facebook (“Like” Wisconsin Board…)• Twitter (@WisDisPolicy)• Conference calls with established groups• Call for interest on specific issues
  15. 15. Inviting Ourselves to the TableStatewide Events: Self-Advocate Stories
  16. 16. Inviting Ourselves to the TableBeth Swedeen, WI-BPDDbeth.swedeen@wisconsin.govCindy Bentley, People First Wisconsincbentley@execpc.comLisa Pugh, ADD Public Policy