YEAR-END PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM FOR TEACHERS(PAST)Name: __________________________________                          ...
Sub-Rating(Total Score/2) x 10%PLUS FACTOR       5% each item but not to exceed 2 points for the totalFor Teachers   1. Re...
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Past for teachers


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Past for teachers

  1. 1. YEAR-END PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM FOR TEACHERS(PAST)Name: __________________________________ School: _______________________________________Division/District: __________________________________________ Region: ______________________________________Rating Period: First Semester: _____ Second Semester: ______ School Year : _________________________________ ry acto tory ing ry f alent isfac Satis acto tand t Equiv f Unsa Satis Poor Outs Very PERFORMANCE INDICATOR 10 8 6 4 2 RATINGI. INSTRUCTIONAL COMPETENCE(70%) A. Lesson Planning and Delivery(45% for Teachers,40% for Master Teachers 1. Formulates/Adopts objectives of lesson plan 2. Selects contents and prepares appropriate instructional materials/teaching aids 3. Selects teaching methods/strategies 4. Relates new lesson with previous knowledge/skills 5. Provides appropriate motivation 6. Presents and develops lessons 7. Conveys ideas clearly 8. Utilizes the art of questioning to develop higher level of thinking 9. Ensures pupils/students participation 10. Addresses individual differences 11. Shows mastery of the subject matterAssessment 12. Diagnoses learners need 13. Evaluates learning outcomes 14. Assesses lesson to determine desired outcomes within the alloted timeManagement of time and learning environment 15. Maintaining clean and orderly classroom 16. Maintaining classroom condusive to learning Total Score Sub-Rating(Total Score/16) x 45% or 40% B. Technical Assistance( for Master Teachers Only -15%) 1. Provides assistance to teachers in improving their teaching competence 2. Prepares prototype instructional materials for use 3. Assists in the conduct of In-service trainings/conferences 4. Serves as demonstration teacher on innovative teaching techniques,classroom management, materials development Total Score Sub-Rating(Total Score/4)x15% C. Learners Achievement(20% for Teachers, 10% for Master Teachers) 1. Improve learners achievement level over pretest Total Score Sub-Rating(Total Score x 20% or 15%) D.School, Home and Community Involvement(5%) 1. Organizes and maintains functional homeroom PTA 2. Conducts Homeroom PTA meetings to report learners progress 3. Disseminate school policies/plans/programs/accomplishments to the school clientele 4. Participates in community projects and its civic organizations 5. Encourages involvements of parents in school program and activities Total Score Sub-Rating(Total Score/5) x 5% Total RatingII. PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS (20%) Following are the scaled choices for rating the frequency by which the teacherdemonstrated/manifested the specified personal/professional characteristics 1. Decisiveness 2. Honesty/Integrity 3. Dedication/Resourcefulness 4. Initiative/Resourcefulness 5. Courtesy 6. Human Relations 7. Leadership 8. Stress Tolerance 9. Fairness/Justice 10. Proper Attire/Good Grooming Total Score Sub-Rating(Total Score/10) x 20%III.PUNCTUALITY AND ATTENDANCE910%) including meetings and required activities 1. Punctuality-number of times tardy during the rating period 2. Attendance- number of days absent during the rating period Total Score
  2. 2. Sub-Rating(Total Score/2) x 10%PLUS FACTOR 5% each item but not to exceed 2 points for the totalFor Teachers 1. Rendered the following technical assistance: _______________________ 1.1 provided assistance to co-teachers in improving their teaching competence 1.2 assisted school administrators in planning and managing in-service trainings 1.3 serve as consultant in preparation of supplementary instructional materials 1.4 serve as demonstration teacher on innovative teaching techniques,classroom management 2. Conducted action research whose findings and recommendations have been adopted _______________________ by the school/district 3. Subject area coordinator/chairman in district/division _______________________ 4. Served as demonstration teacher on innovative teaching techniques, classroom management _______________________For Master Teachers 1. Publish at least one (1) article in professional magazines/periodicals related to _______________________ field of specialization 2. Served as resource person/consultant in seminar workshop/training related to _______________________ field of specialization 3. Conducted action research(es), the findings/results of which are utilized within the _______________________ rating period 4. Designed evaluation and monitoring program for the district/division _______________________ SUMMARY OF RATINGSI. Instructional Competence(70%) A. Lesson Planning and Delivery(45% for Teachers, 40% for Master Teachers) ___________________ B. School, Home and Community Involvement(10% for Teachers,15% for MTs) ___________________ C. Technical Assistance (for Master Teachers only 15%) _______________________ D. Learners Achievement (20% for Teachers, 5% for MTs) ___________________II. Professional and Personal Characteristics (20%) ___________________III. Punctuality and Attendance (10%) ___________________ Total ___________________ Plus Factor(2) _______________________ Over-all Rating ___________________ Discriptive Rating ______________________Remarks:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________RATEE: CONFERRED WITH:_____________________________ ______________________________ OIC, Elementary School Principal CONFORME:_____________________________ Signature of RateeRECOMMENDING APPROVAL APPROVED BY_________________________________Assistant Schools Division Superintendent ________________________________ Schools Division SuperintendentKEY TO DISCRIPTIVE RATING:8.6 - 10.00 - Outstanding6.6 - 8.59 - Very Satisfactory4.6 - 6.59 - Satisfactory2.6 - 4.59 - Unsatisfactory2.59 - below - Poor