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Aviance unilever compensation plan


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Aviance unilever compensation_plan

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Aviance unilever compensation plan

  1. 1. nf o r e i m o m / . co 2u ce i an av Expand Organization Globally and Enjoy Powerr off Globall Powe o Globa Build Organization, Earn Income y Seamless Compensation from Infinity Unlimited .m Income www Develop Leaders, Earn Income from 12 Generations Monthly Income Guaranteed
  2. 2. n f o r e i m o m/ .co 2u ce i a n a v y w .mww
  3. 3. Business Opportunity Roadmap to Success n f o t na l Naeicoutive i 89 Ex siness Bu ociate ioniale Ass e7 g Reecut v Ex siness Business o r up Grocutive Area utive Execness si Busociate As Busociate As /m e ess Ex sin Associate Busociate As utivse Execnes si 6 Busociate This membership is designed specifically for those who are looking for strong entrepreneur business opportunity. The enrollment fee is 80 RM. o m Team ess Busonciate As si As 5 c Unstiness i 4 Benefits • Get 10%-25% discount on product retail price • Own a big opportunity to build your independent business across the world with your worldwide organization. u . Keyiness s Busociate As Busociate As 3 2 • Earn a lucrative income in forms of commission, bonus, or Seniiness incentive trips, and other attractive rewards. s iate 2 e Busoc • Eligible for personal & leadership development via As c si es s 1 business workshops, product trainings, special seminars by aviance Academy. Busonciate As i a n avDefinition yBusiness Associate (BA)incentive, and reward. w .mAn independent distributor who signs up as a Business Associateto expand their business and is eligible to earn any commission, Consumer Volume (CV) Qualification points from your purchases Business Group Volume (BV) Your consumer points plus the consumer points of your Business Active Leg The leg that one of any Business Associates and above who qualifies 50 consumer volume (CV). Active SBA Leg Exchange Rate Factor The exchange rate that will be announced from time to time. The current exchange rate will be 1 bonus point = 4 RM for aviance Malaysia. wQualifying Points (QP) Associates The leg that one of any Senior Business Associates qualifies to Commission PeriodThese are assigned to every product to determine status, title Personal Group Volume (PGV) get paid as a Senior Business Associate and above titles. The commission will be calculated and paid once aand qualification to receive bonus awards. month by adding up all the bonus points from product w Your business group volume excluding business group volume Active TBA Leg purchased during a month and paid to the qualifiedBonus Points (BP) of downlines Senior Business Associate and above. The leg that one of any team business associates qualifies to business associates on the following month.These are assigned to every product to determine the amount get paid as a Team Business Associate and above titles.of money you can earn from bonus awards in a period. Qualification Period All qualifications will be calculated on a monthly basis.
  4. 4. Power of Global Income diagram from Personal Cash Back 50 CV 100 CV 300 CV o Unlimited Income Personal Cash Back Get cash back from personal - 3% 6% f consumption You and Beinner Bonus Beginner Bonus Earn bonus from consumer volume of new Business Associates e i New Business Associates n 10% 15% 20%1 Retail Profit 10-25% Business Associates who purchase products receive a discount between 10%-25%. 4 Network Development o r m Retail selling price Member Price Retail Profit 50 CV 100 CV 300 CV of product X (25% discount) Bonus / 2-3 4-5 Active Active Active 6 2-3 4-5 Active Active Active 6 2-3 4-5 Active Active Active 6 100 RM 75 RM 25 RM Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs Legs up to 10% Level 1 2% 2% 2% 3% 3% 3% 6% 6% 6%2 Personal Business Associates will get cash back for their personal consumption or product sales to customers. o m infinity The network development bonus is Level 2 2% 4% 6% 4% 6% 8% 6% 8% 10% .c Cash Back Consumer Volume Consumer Volume a bonus payable to the consumer Level 2% 4% 6% 4% 6% 8% 6% 8% 10% up to 6% volume of a Business Associate’s Active Leg is any leg that has one business associate who qualifies 50 cv and above in the month u Qualification 100 CV 300 CV entire organization. Network bonus will be paid for 2%, 3% and 6% for level 1 respectively Cash Back on Consumer Volume 3% 6% e 2 depending on Business Associates’ own Consumer Volume (CV) and 2%-10% for level 2 downward till the levels that one of downline meet the same qualification. In case you qualify to earn3 Beginner Bonus Business Associates will earn beginners bonus from first 300 consumer volume of new Business Associates on first level who qualify 50 consumer volume (CV) and above for their first 2 commission period. Business Associates’ consumer n c the higher % of network development bonus than your downline, you will be paid the differential % of network development bonus. up to 20% of new Business Associates. Qualification of vi a volume will determine the percentage paid on consumer volume from first level Network Development Bonus a Business Associates’ 50 CV 100 CV 300 CV consumer volume Example You will earn 26 bonus points y 100 100 CV % paid on consumer volume from first level of CV You 1 bonus points = 4 RM new Business Associates 10% 15% 20% You You will earn 26x4 = 104 RM 4 .m Active Legs 1. Beginner Bonus (First 300 CV for 2 commission period of new Business Associates) 100 CV 100 CV 100 CV 100 CV 100 100 x 4 x 3% = 12 Bonus Points CV - Expand your new Business Asscociates L1 3% A1 B1 C1 D1 B1 w w January 2011 You BA 50 CV February 2011 You BA 50 CV L2 B21 100 CV B22 100 CV 6% 2 Active Legs 3% 100 x 2 x 6% = 12 Bonus Points w Level 1 A New BA in Jan 50 CV You will get 10% x 50 = 5 Bonus Value 5 Bonus Value x 4 RM = 20 RM Level 1 A New BA in Jan 350 CV You will get 10% x 300 = 30 Bonus Value 30 Bonus Value x 4 RM = 120 RM L3 B31 100 CV 4% 100 x 1 x (6% - 4%) = 2 Bonus Points
  5. 5. Earn More with 6 Leadership Once Business Associates expand their business in a breakaway leadership level, they will qualify to earn a Bonus o nal leadership bonus. There are 9 levels to achieve to be Natioutive “Senior Business Execness f Busi ate a millionaire. al ssoci egionive A Qualification R ecut Associate” Title At least Ex siness 9 n Consumer Volume (CV) 100 50 Points Busociate Bonus Points As 1. Senior Business Associate (SBA) i Area utive Execness 8 (400 RM estimated) Business Volume (BV) You can earn more income by building your own business since the month you qualified 1,000 Points si Busociate 2. Key Business Associate (KBA) As e group volume and build more leaders in your own group. up Grocutive 3. Unit Business Associate (UBA) 1 month program Exe iness s Busociate 7 r The first level of leader is Senior Business Associate. As 4. Team Business Associate (TBA) When you commit to expand your aviance business, in QSBA SBA utive BA Execness 6 5. Executive Business Associate (EBA) usi ciate o the month that you qualify 50 consumer volume and 1,000 B so As 6. Group Executive Business Associate (GEBA) Team ess 5 business group volume, you will be promoted to senior business associate title. Rising from to BA SBA to receive income for many levels more Busonciate As si 7. Area Executive Business Associate (AEBA) Unstiness 4 m i 8. Regional Executive Business Associate (REBA) (Senior Business Associate) Busociate / Maintaining qualification to receive bonus As 9. National Executive Business Associate (NEBA) Remark: In case of simultaneous promotion and gaining at Senior Business Associate level each month only 300 points or below from the team, income guarantee will not cover Beginners Bonus, which will be Keyiness As s Busociate 3 or Seniiness All leaders will be eligible to earn a leadership bonus Consumer Volume (CV) Business Group Volume (BV) 2 m paid besides income guarantee. s Busociate 50 Points 1,000 Points As according to the below table. The leadership bonus % will si es s Busonciate 1 multiply with the volume of each breakaway generation. o As It means that more and more bonus can be earned from .c building leaders in the organization.5 Personal Group The Senior Business Associate (SBA) and above are eligible to earn Personal 2 u e SBA KBA UBA TBA EBA GEBA AEBA REBA NEBA Volume Bonus Group Volume Bonus 4%-10%. The personal group volume will determine the c percentage paid but the bonus will be paid on Business Group Volume. CV / BV Consumer Volume 50 CV / Business Group Volume 1,000 BV 4%-10% Active n SBA Leg 1 2 3 a Active 1 2 3 4 6 TBA Leg Personal Group Volume % earn on Business Group Volume vi LTV MTV 2,000 2,000 6,000 12,000 24,000 48,000 96,000 2,000 6,000 12,000 24,000 48,000 8,000 and above 6,000-7,999.99 10% 9% y a STV G1 G2 G3 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 1,000 4% 4% 4% 2,000 2,000 6,000 12,000 24,000 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% .m G4 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% 4% G5 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 4,000-5,999.99 8% G6 3% 3% 3% 3% w G7 2% 2% 2% G8 2% 2% 2% 2,000-3,999.99 7% G9 1% 1% w G10 1% 1% 1,000-1,999.99 6% G11 G12 1% 1% 500-999.99 w Less than 500 5% 4% LTV = Large Team Volume is coming from the leg with the highest total volume in 12 generations of breakaway title MTV= Medium Team Volume which is second highest total volume, coming from the leg with the second highest total volume is 12 generations of breakaway title. STV= Small Team Volume in coming from the rest of legs add together.
  6. 6. 7 Guaranteed Income 8 Country Pool Bonus 9 World Pool Bonus o To support the new beginner to build aviance business, aviance will top up the commission to the guarantee level according to the below table. aviance will guarantee income for one year since the promotion month. Paid as Title Income Guarantee (Bonus Point) 1% To build your aviance business growing consistently, r e 1 %f in In addition, aviance also offers you a huge opportunity Team Business Associate (TBA) 700 aviance also gives you an opportunity to enjoy growth of the company together by offering you 1% of county o to grow business in higher level. The more you grow business globally, the more income you earn. aviance /m commissionable volume to share among Regional offers you 1% of world commissionable volume to share Unit Business Associate (UBA) 400 Executive Business Associate and above. The country among National Executive Business Associate who pool bonus will be shared to Qualified Regional Execu- get paid as National Executive Business Associate at Key Business Associate (KBA) 300 tive Business Associates and above who get paid as least 6 months in a year. The world pool bonus will Senior Business Associate (SBA) 200 o m during January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. The country pool bonus will be calculated every quarter and paid to all qualifiers in be shared to Qualified National Executive Business Associates. The world pool bonus will be calculated once a year and paid to all qualifiers in the next 4 .c Qualifying Senior Business Associate (QSBA) 100 the next 4 months ie Q1 country pool bonus will be months ie world pool bonus will be calculated on paid in July. performance from January-December of current year u and paid in April of next year. Note : Guaranteed income will be topped up after personal cash back, network development bonus, personal group volume bonus and leadership bonus calculation. e 2 n c a As an aviance Business Associate, you will i av also get other rewards and recognitions programs including a pin andacertificate, overseas trip, intensive and y in depth training m course. We empower people w to fulfill their dreams. w w