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How many hubs do you have in your network?

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802.11ac & byod linkdin

  1. 1. Wi-Fi Challenges...Are you prepared for density, identity management and 802.11 AC Meru Networks July 2012 Everything IsChanging Fast
  2. 2. HOT ISSUE: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Everything Is Changing Fast
  3. 3. WiFi Meltdown – even smart people had the WiFi fail-Multil billion $$ Ipad Launch 3
  4. 4. Traditional EnterpriseWLAN Architecture CannotPrepare YouClient-in-control wireless networksgive control to the devices only:• Each device chooses how and where to connect without regard for other devices• Devices decide when to break a connection and make a new one as they move through the networkThe results: CHAOS• Inability to scale• Inconsistent reliability• Compromised QoS• Labor-intensive management and operation• Inefficient resource management
  5. 5. Next BIG step for WiFi – 802.11ac• Some early products already released• Ratification expected next year• Chip manufactures already released 802.11ac chips• Clients soon to ship• 80MHz and 160MHz channel width• 802.11ac is coming….
  6. 6. And if we are a microcell vendor we still have to have a minimum of 3 channels to play the “Let’s not overlap each other dance”. 1st Channel 1st Channel 3rd Channel 3rd Channel ????????? ????????? 2nd Channel 2nd Channel 1st Channel 1st Channel 3rd Channel 3rd Channel ????????? ????????? 2nd Channel 2nd ChannelSo? Where are the microcell vendors going to get the 3rd channel without utilizing 4 of thechannels affected by DFS regulations? The answer is simple. They can’t!
  7. 7. So? Where are the microcell vendors going to get the 3rd channel80MHz wide bonded channel that they need without utilizing 4 ofthe channels affected by DFS regulations?The answer is simple. They can’t! So if you use a Multi Channel Architecture/Microcell you have only two choices: a.) Utilize the DFS channels and tell your customers that “Yes a false positive detection of a radar signal by your Wi-Fi radio chipset will cause your Wi-Fi network to complete break because you will lose one of the three (minimum) necessary channels for a microcell environment to work! b.) adopt a Single Channel Architecture.Meru has been right on target from the beginning!
  8. 8. What are IT ‘s challenges • Limited IT Staff – Same person for wired/wireless/security• Wi-Fi is pervasive and primary access network – New biz workflows require minimum Wi-Fi downtime • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – How to manage flood of devices? 8
  9. 9. THE CHALLENGES OF DEPLOYING A GUEST NETWORK• How do you:> Easily create user accounts?> Provide the details to your guests?> Give different levels of access?> Audit and Record everything that happens?> Meet your security requirements?
  11. 11. PROVISIONING• Who should create user accounts? – Receptionist/Lobby Ambassador – IT Security – Managers – Help Desk – Anyone• Identity Manager lets you choose based upon your security policy• Allowing anyone to create accounts provides increased usage and will be just as secure  Reduced Cost  Speed of access  Full Audit Trail  Ease of use
  12. 12. PROVISIONING USING THE SPONSOR PORTAL> Policy Based Sponsor Web Portal for internal users> Authenticate with corporate credentials • Local Database • Active Directory • LDAP • RADIUS • Kerberos • Client Certificates 12 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. CREATING GUEST ACCOUNTS 1. Enter user details 2. Specify the account length 3. Add user13 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. NOTIFYING GUESTS Send account information viaprint-out, email, orSMS text message14 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. IDM SUITE SOLVES THE KEY PROBLEMS • Guest Management – Delivers secure, scalable wireless access for parents, students, faculty/staff, visitors, and their mobile devices – Less reliance on IT while enforcing the policies set forth by IT • Smart Connect – Solves the greatest barrier to secure connectivity adoption: reliance on the end-user or help desk to configure security settings – Automatically provisions client devices for secure 802.1x based on pre-determined IT policy – Process only happens one time. Auto connected every 15
  16. 16. Thank You.Eric JorgensenTerritory Sales Manager, Central & Western Canadaejorgensen@merunetworks.com BYOD a Challenge?Meru Identity Manager Simplifies Guest Access and BYODLearn More | Free 30-day Trial