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Secure Wireless for Higher education


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Secure Shiksha Network for Higher Education

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Secure Wireless for Higher education

  1. 1. RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALSmarter Wi-Fifor Higher EdDate: January 25, 2012Time: 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM EST
  2. 2. 2RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALFast and FierceINTRO TO RUCKUS WIRELESS2Began Operations 2004, Sunnyvale, CAStatus Publicly held (NYSE: RKUS)CEO Selina LoInnovation Carrier class Smart Wi-FiR&D Centers Sunnyvale, China, Taiwan, India, Israel2011 Revenue $120 million3Q12 revenue $59 millionCAGR 64% (2009-2011)Customers 18,000+Employees 600+ in 24 countriesPatents 60 granted (82 pending)Markets Carrier/enterprise wireless infrastructure
  3. 3. 3RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALCritically Acclaimed Everywhere2012 best breakthrough technology vendor2011 fastest growing of top 5 WLAN vendors2011 best performing wireless system2011 top Wi-Fi channel company2011 best mobile broadband technology
  4. 4. 4RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALMarket Leadership▪ Ruckus is a good solution forenterprises in hospitality, education andother industries requiring a cost-effectiveWLAN network.▪ It has a broad offering with anaggressive pricing model thatenables users to deploy WLAN inside andoutside … including enterprise, branchand teleworkers.▪ Clients gave Ruckus very high marksfor its service and support experienceacross all its target markets, and solidperformance for small and largeinstallations.“”010203040506070809057.4%43.7%37.7%52.7%82.4%HPArubaCiscoMotorolaSource:Sept. 2011RuckusQ2, 2010 to Q2, 2011WW WLAN GrowthTop 5 WLAN Vendorsby Quarterly Revenue
  6. 6. 6RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALThe World is Changing…Fast14,275MB30 MB 1050MBPotential Data Traffic Growth from Single User▪ New devices/applications redefiningwireless landscape▪ Video estimated to account for66 percent of global mobile datatraffic by 2014▪ Wi-Fi is now front and center butMUST change to be helpful
  7. 7. 7RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL1. Wi-Fi is undependable, signal strength erratic2. Performance is inconsistent3. Signals don’t reach, coverage is spotty4. WLAN systems are costly, cumbersome and complexWhat’s the Problem(s)?CONSISTENT PERFORMANCEAT ANY RANGE
  8. 8. 8RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALHigher Ed▪ Feature-rich▪ Simple to install▪ Affordable▪ Reliable▪ Multiple APs▪ 100s-1000s users▪ Little IT staffLimited Choices for CollegesCONSUMER/SOHO▪ Cheap▪ No features▪ Hard to manage▪ Single AP▪ <10 usersFORTUNE 500▪ Costly▪ Cumbersome▪ Complex▪ Designed for 10,000+ users
  9. 9. 9RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALWhat’s Driving Wireless?▪ Collaboration between students,teachers, and parents▪ Online instruction and testing▪ BYOD is happening every day andhighly encouraged▪ Increasingly reliant on Web-basedapplications▪ Supporting Wi-Fi capable devicesdistrict wide▪ Role-based SSID for administrator,professor, student, and guest access
  10. 10. 10RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALHigher Ed Under Pressure▪ Limited budget and IT staff▪ Wi-Fi coverage needed EVERYWHERE▪ Stable and powerful client connectivity▪ Lot of physical space (indoors and out)▪ Migrating to higher speeds (802.11n)▪ Video/voice support essential (IPTV, CCTV)▪ Flood of new Wi-Fi-enabled devices to school(BYOD = 3 to 4x devices per user)▪ Guest access ranging from all access to restricted
  11. 11. 11RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALEducators’ Wi-Fi Top 10 List1. Higher speeds (802.11n)2. Lower TCO3. No new cabling4. Simplified security5. More reliable client connectivity6. Make high density client environments better7. Complete indoor/outdoor coverage – with fewer AP’s8. Adaptive to changes without human intervention9. Work well in a multi-vendor network10.Flexible deployment options
  12. 12. 12RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALEnter Smart Wi-Fi from RuckusRobust and ultra-simpleto use applicationsSmarterWLANapplications1.Half thedeploymenttime athalf the cost2.100%performanceincrease overany other802.11nWLANsDual-Band 802.11nindoor/outdoorAPs with adaptiveantenna technologyUnmatched performanceat rangeComplete remote controlover remoteAPs and WLANsRemote Wi-FisystemsmanagerScalableSmart WLANcontrollersFlexible, scalable,feature-rich WLANs
  13. 13. 13RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALSmarter Wi-Fi in Higher EdSmartCast QOSenablesunprecedentedsupport formultimediadistributionSmart Meshingextends Wi-Fiservices to portablesand remote buildingwithout EthernetAdaptive antennasand band steeringare ideal forhigh-capacity,dense user enviromentsOutdoor Wi-Fiallows serviceextension to publicareas such asschool quads andsports fieldsOpen/DPSKsimplifies securitywith uniqueencryption keys foreach userCentralizedRemoteManagementeliminates controllersat every site and theneed for all traffic toflow througha single point5GHz Wi-FiBackhauleliminates recurringfixed-line, fiber toextend broadbandconnectivityFlexible DeploymentOptionsprovide the right toolfor the jobZero ITautomatic end user devicesecurity configuration forschool issued and BYOD
  14. 14. RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALTechnologySimple Better Connections
  15. 15. 15RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALMore Than Just Smarter Radios▪ More users and usable capacity▪ More video streams; better voice quality▪ Differentiated policiesSmartCastQoSSmartMeshingFlexMaster▪ Service provider targeted statistics▪ Multi-tenant support for managed services▪ Scalable to 100,000s APs▪ Scalable coverage and capacity▪ Self-organizing; flexible deployment▪ Lowest cost Wi-Fi backhaul for small cell sitesFlexConnectZero-IT ClientActivation▪ Improves user experience▪ Simplifies device management▪ Simple, robust security with Dynamic PSK
  16. 16. 16RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALWhat’s the Big Difference?THEM USFixed 1:1 relationshipbetween Wi-Fi radiosand antennasDynamic 1:manyrelationshipbetween Wi-Firadios and antennas
  17. 17. 17RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALUnmatched Real-World Performance▪ Years of customer experiences attest▪ In the messy real world of day-to-daywireless network operation...▪ Ruckus gear consistently outperformsconventional reference designs▪ 2x better range, capacity, reliability, andself-adapting autonomy▪ 1/2 the capex and operating costsPatented BeamFlex Adaptive Antenna TechnologyOptimized packet-by-packetselection from among 2npossible patternsdigital switch Large number (n) of small, inexpensiveantenna elements with directional andpolarization diversityBeamFlex™optimization engine onhost processorOff-the-shelf802.11 chipset andRF front endThemUs
  18. 18. 18RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALInterferenceWhat’s Smart Wi-Fi?▪ Patented technology that combines▪ Smart antenna arrays▪ Best path selection algorithms▪ Advanced quality of service engine▪ Smart mesh RF routing▪ Centralized Wi-Fi management▪ Adapts to real-time changesin environmental conditions▪ Extends signal range (Wi-Fi coverage) 2to 4 times with fewer APs▪ Delivers predictable performance▪ Radically simplifies deploymentand administration
  19. 19. 19RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALReliable PerformanceAP models: Ruckus 7363, Cisco 3500, Aruba 125,HP 460, Meraki 24, Apple Extreme.RuckusMerakiHPCiscoArubaAppleDownlink Mbps0 20 40 60 801 client, 100’2.4 GHzNo interferenceNon Line of Sight Beating InterferenceRuckusMerakiHPCiscoArubaAppleUplink Mbps0 20 40 60 801 client, 70’5 GHzLine of sightRuckusHPArubaCiscoMerakiAppleAggregate Bi-Directional Mbps060 Clients, Bi-Directional20 40 60 80 100Failed to FinishFailed to Finish5 GHz75% downlink25% uplinkRuckusHPArubaCiscoMerakiAppleAggregate Uplink Mbps060 Clients, Uplink20 40 60 80 1005 GHz
  20. 20. 20RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALDealing With DensityDual-band802.11n• Steers clients to 5GHz bywithholding probe and authresponses on 2.4GHz• Doesn’t steer clients below RSSIthreshold set per WLAN• Client table in each AP tracks• Client probe requests per band• Avg. RSSI per band over last minute• Dual band support• Table checked before respondingto clientAfter Band Steering5GHz – 14 (82%)2.4GHz – 3 (18%)Band Steering for High Capacity EnvironmentsBefore Band Steering5GHz – 3 (18%)2.4GHz – 14 (82%)2.4 Ghz5.0 Ghz
  22. 22. 22RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALIntroducing the Wi-Fi Wall Switch▪ The first 802.11n (2.4GHz) integratedwired/wireless wall switch▪ Ideal for Student Housing▪ Ubiquitous connectivity▪ Best Wi-Fi for converged IP services▪ Lowest TCO▪ CAPEX▪ Ethernet connectivity without more wires▪ Lower cost per room▪ OPEX▪ Simple to install/use▪ Flexible connectivity▪ Centrally managedWired/wireless EVERYWHERE to supportconverged IP services at the highestperformance and lowest cost ever!
  23. 23. 23RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL▪ Flexible wired connectivity▪ Requires only 802.3af to power▪ Low profile and support wall or ceilingmount▪ Patented adaptive antenna technology▪ Automatic interference mitigation▪ Supports standard ZoneFlex software▪ Supports adaptive meshing and mesheswith other ZoneFlex APs▪ Standalone or centrally managed▪ Lifetime warrantyThe ZoneFlex 7300 SeriesAffordable, Mid-range 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access PointsZoneFlex 7363Dual-band, 2X2 802.11nZoneFlex 7343Single-band (2..4GHz), 2X2 802.11n
  24. 24. 24RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALZoneDirector Smart WLAN Controllers▪ Network, RF, securityand location managementall-in-one▪ Internal authentication database,seamless AD and RADIUS integration▪ Super simple guest access▪ Wireless intrusiondetection (WIDS) support▪ Scales from 6 to 500 APs▪ Out of datapath▪ Automatic redundancy▪ Advanced feature set▪ Smart Mesh support▪ Dynamic PSK▪ L2/L3 support▪ Rogue AP detection▪ User policies
  25. 25. 25RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALA Family of Super Smart APsFEATURE ZF2942 ZF7343 ZF7363 ZF7962 ZF2741 ZF7762 ZF7731Mounting optionsWall,ceilingWall,ceilingWall,ceilingWall,ceilingWall,Ceiling, PoleWall, Ceiling,PoleWall,Ceiling, PoleWi-Fi technology 802.11g802.11n(2.4 GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11g802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(5GHz)Radio chains 1x1 2x2:2 2x2:2 3x3:2 1x1 3x3:2 2x2:2Antenna elements 12 8 14 19 12 12 -Antenna combinations 4000+ 256 300+ 4000+ 4000+ 4000+ -Signal gain 9dBi /-17dB 4dBi /-10dB 4dBi /-10dB 7dBi /-15dB 9dBi /-17dB 7dBi / -15dB14dBi/30°beam widthPolarization (vert/horz) Dual Vertical Vertical Dual Dual Dual DualSmart Mesh support -Ethernet ports 2 3 3 2 2 2 1802.3af PoE supportExternal connector USB USBMSRP list price (US$) $399 $499 $599 $999 $1,199 $1,999 $2,398Indoor Outdoor
  26. 26. 26RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALIntroducing FlexMaster™IP NetworkFlexMasterRemote Management of ZoneFlex WLANsAdministration OfficeAdministration OfficeScience HallLibrary
  27. 27. 27RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALFlexible Deployment Options▪ Standalone or centrally-managed smart APs▪ Mesh or hardwire mesh APs▪ Centralized or remote controllers▪ Remote Wi-Fi management over WAN▪ Seamless integration with existing auth servers▪ Controllers out of data pathOne Location,Multiple APsMultiple Locations,One APMultiple Locations,Multiple APs