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Cover Letter


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Published in: Education
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Cover Letter

  1. 1. Eleanor GehmanAddressCity State ZipMarch 19, 2012Dr. Jane DoeChair, Librarian Search CommitteePerfect Library1 Library WayAnywhere PA 11111Dear Dr. Jane Doe,“Can you help me find some sources on the War of Castilian Succession?” This student,hesitant to approach the Reference desk and simultaneously frustrated with her efforts toresearch her topic, brought to me my most challenging reference question yet. After anexhaustive search, I finally found some materials to help her (an article about the treatyending the war and a book on one of the royals involved). This interaction reinforced mydesire to instruct and assist students with their research process, from the spark of an ideato the final formation of a bibliography.Through my internships in academic libraries and my coursework at the School ofInformation Sciences, I have developed a keen interest in the reference world of checkingcitations and interviews with students. Students, like the one in the anecdote above, oftenview librarians with a sense of distance and hesitance. Am I bothering her? Can shereally help me? These thoughts, though misguided, are common. That’s why socialmedia is so critical to librarians today. We can utilize popular social media tools to reachout to students, create a participatory environment where patrons can have a say in whattheir library offers, and embrace communication between librarians and patrons. I believethe use of social media is key to ushering in the new Library 2.0 principles in everylibrary, which is why I volunteered to create and maintain the internal blog atWashington & Jefferson College’s library. While this blog is closed to all except staff,the experience of shared communication amongst librarians is invaluable.I hope that you will contact me to discuss my vision for the use of social media inacademic libraries. You can access my electronic portfolio at any time online. The link tomy portfolio is Thank you for your time.Eleanor Gehman