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  1. 1. KI DDI ES ALERT!!! SAFE CHILDREN ….A Healthier & S tronger N ation CON MR A F I COM I ON SU E F ARS MSSI Designed for children between the ages 8 - 12 years
  2. 2. Is Yo u r Fo o d S a fe ? Where do you buy • Have a cov- return it with your receipt your snacks and ered garbage bin for a full refund. treats? Do you know for rubbish. if the vendor has a • Ask your parents about Food Handlers Per- You should: food ingredients. Some mit? This makes it foods are not healthy or legal for them to sell • Check out safe to eat. and serve you food. the package. Make sure it has Remember, when your parents The person handling not been opened. are not around, you control your food should: Remember, when your parents the food you eat, so protect are not around, you control the Read • your yourself. • wash their hands food you eat, so protect your- self. food labels. and cover their Look out for ex- hair. piry dates. This shows • serve from a clean, well how long the food can last covered container. without spoiling. • Keep their surroundings free of dust, flies and • If the date has passed, Ea t Right ….Sta y Stro ng ! other germs. don’t buy it; but if you Protect your Right to Safe have already bought it , Food. Me d i c a t i o n & S a fe t y Medication is given when you else or is meant for an ill- take it without permission. are sick. There are different ness other than the one Ask your parents if it is kinds of medication for dif- you have; it may cause you safe to eat it. ferent forms of illnesses. serious harm. They come mainly in the form • Don’t take medi- of tablets or liquid. cation that has ex- Some taste really good and pired . some not so good. But they • Take all medication under are all to help you get better. adult supervision. Follow their instructions. Chew, Here are some tips Sta y He a lthy...K e p Sa fe ! e swallow, insert or inhale as to keep you safe: Don’t put anything in your told. • Don't take medication mouth without being given it • Some tablets look and that belongs to someone by an adult you trust. taste like candy. Don’t Page 1 KIDDIES ALERT!!!
  3. 3. W h a t a b o u t d e m to ys ? Toys are pretty cool. When swallowed. The paint used will also you get one on a special occa- not lead to poisoning. Don’t place wrap- sion, like a birthday or Christ- • mas, it really brings a lot of pers around your joy. If you buy gifts for neck or over your yourself & your Buy a safe toy and face or head. You But it can bring you pain too, friends: play, without fear of could be stifled. harm if you buy or receive a toy that’s not safe. • Always read the label. • Make sure the toy fits the Here’s why: age group. Most toys are made for chil- • Avoid toys with sharp dren of a certain age, for edges which may hurt you, their own protection. causing scratches or cuts. EXAMPLE: toys for babies • Don’t play with the silica and small children, ages 0 to 8 crystals which sometimes Be Re s po ns ib le … years, are usually large & come in the packaging; Pla y it Sa fe solid, without sharp parts they may poison you if which could choke the child. Ge n e r a l T i p s • Wear safety gears when you play • Don’t play with matches, the stove or electrical outlets • Use your seat belts • If you love surfing on the internet, watch out for those viruses • In the home, stay away from poisons and pesticides • Keep all emergency numbers where you can find them easily when needed. ……..BE AS SAFE AS YOU CAN BE!!! Volume 1, Issue 3 Page 1
  4. 4. Consu er A m ffairs Com ission m Head Office Sa fe ty Puz z le 1b Holborn Road, Kingston 10 Telephone: 926 - 1650-2 Find the highlighted words from the passages in the puzzle: Fax: 968 - 8729 M K N O W C O N S U M E R R I G H T S Toll Free: 1-888-991-4470 Email: E E M E R G E N Y N U M B E R S F O P D B R D E L X E U O X W L Q S F W K A Branch Office 30 Market Street, Montego Bay I A O P F O P E G I S I D E S T C A C Telephone: 940 - 6154 C S K R U K I D S S I T Y G H G R K Fax: 979 - 1036 A I Q I N G R E D I E N T S E A P U A Toll Free: 1-888-991-9529 Email: T H F V D A Y B C V R F U R X H L S G I E G A S O D A D R D O R D F D J N E O A A A M N A S Z E E R E E S R H O L N L G F S W T I Q P R M H L C A K S O O T R S Y E E C I U T I E D G E R I G ick us at: the W eb! Cl N H A B L E S B O S U B P I S H I O Z W e are on meraffairs jamaica. www .consu T R E S P O N S I T A E O X O Y T P D O F O O D H A N D L E R S P E R M I T X P E S T I C I D U C H O O S E O D H I S A F E T Y D I D D A E R A W A E B C H I L D R E S T A N T E D U C A T E S tory Time - Po o r Sa lly Sally was a bright little girl. She buy what she wanted. She couldn’t beg strangers... lived with her parents and older When would she learn? that wouldn’t be safe and brother Phillip. 9 year old Sally loved Phillip was nowhere around. One day, Sally‘s friends at to spend money. She didn’t like to She was afraid to ask the school decided to go to get fast save very much, because she always conductor...and she couldn't food after school. Sally had al- saw something she wanted to buy walk. It was too far. ready bought lunch for that day, right away. On the other hand, Phillip Sally burst into tears. And and had enough for bus fare and loved to save. He always saved up lit- started to wail loudly. She lunch money for the next day.. tle by little, so he could buy gifts for felt herself being grabbed but oh, how much she liked fried his friends on their birthdays. and she yelled in fear. It was chicken, fries and soda. She Sally couldn’t wait that long, she even couldn't resist. So off she went. Mommy. “Hush Sally, you had borrowed money from Phillip! But he a bad dream", she cooed. Afterwards, they all went to the didn't encourage her much; he always Sally clung tightly to bus stop to wait for their had goals he couldn't afford for her Sally loved to go shopping with her mother, grateful buses. Sally’s friends got her mother. She loved to spend to mess up. “That’s money towards my that it was only a their bus, and she was and hated saving. When would new bicycle” , he would say. “I’ll give it dream. “No”, she left alone to await hers. she learn? back” Sally would retort, but never thought, “it wasn't a She waved them goodbye did. “You need to manage your money bad was a as she went into her pocket for her better, Sally”, he would say, con- good one, I’ve finally learnt my lesson. bus fare...nothing! She searched and cerned about his little sister. “One I am going to save from now on. No searched, but there was nothing day”, she would quip, running off to more careless spending for me!” there...she had spent it all.