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LRMI Tagger and Search Tools, Mark Luetzelschwab


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Mark Luetzelschwab, Senior Vice President at Agilix Labs, presented on the development of Tagger and Search tools being developed to aid in the implementation of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) metadata specification. This presentation took place June 4, 2012, at the Content in Context Metadata Lab presented by the Association of Educational Publishers.

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LRMI Tagger and Search Tools, Mark Luetzelschwab

  1. 1. WHO AM I?• Mark Luetzelschwab – SVP Agilix Labs – TWG for Learning Registry – Advisor to LRMI• Agilix Labs – Maker of BrainHoney Learning Infrastructure • Print to Digital (content, assessment, standards, etc) • Product Framework – Building Search and Tagger Applications for SLI • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Goal: Solicit your input on the Search and Tagger applications.
  2. 2. PROBLEM: SEARCH OVERLOAD “Adding Fractions” millions of results Lesson plans, activities, wikis K-12, higher ed, research) Mixed quality Doesn’t meet the need!Lesson Plan for 3rd graders Targeted results, can include “for-fee”that I can use to teach materials.“Adding Fractions” thatalign to Common Core Meets the needstandards from people Itrust.
  3. 3. DISCOVERY LRMI makes your content discoverable PUBLISH Metadata is pushed to the Learning Registry and/or your own TAG databases SEARCHTag content with LRMI. Search and filter with LRMI Many pathways from discovery to revenue
  4. 4. PROGRESS Gates Foundation-Funded Tools for Tagging and SearchingTAGGER Proof of Early Release Final Release ConceptSEARCH Proof of Early Release Final Release Concept TODAY FALL 2012 We need your input!
  5. 5. TAGGER• Tag content to LRMI – General • Publisher, etc – Learning • Standards, etc• Push metadata data to: – Learning Registry – Internal Systems• Adaptable / Open Source – Change storageNEED INPUT FROM YOU!!
  6. 6. SEARCH • Search – Filter by LRMI • Adaptable / Open Source – Change search engine • SLI • Internal • Third-Party – Change search displayNEED INPUT FROM YOU!!
  7. 7. HOW TO GET INVOLVED• We need your input into the functionality of both Tagger and Search applications• Start tagging your content now to get ahead of the curve – Project Lead – Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab – Project Manger – Eric Weiss – Lead Developer – Suraiya Suliman• Email to get more information and set up follow-up meetings to learn more and get started