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Helping Educational Content Reach Intended Audiences | Education Metadata Meetup


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From the Education Metadata Meetup on 7/30/14 in Washington, DC - Brian Ausland from Navigation North explains how the tools they are building around Learning Registry technology will help users publish/manage to the registry and access/customize data as it's pulled out.

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Helping Educational Content Reach Intended Audiences | Education Metadata Meetup

  1. 1. Goal: Help Educational Content Reach Intended Educator/Learner Audiences
  2. 2. EZ Publish
  3. 3. EZ Publish Individual Record input interface in EZ Publish •  Title •  URL •  Description •  Subject •  Grade •  Standards •  Accessibility •  Author •  Etc…
  4. 4. EZ Publish Use CSV template to upload multiple records in a single batch to the Learning Registry Once published, agency then has edit, delete and update features in place via EZ Publish for ongoing management
  5. 5. LR Search Widget A consuming agency taps all Learning Registry data by default OR elects to set up its own filters for specific constituents or user communities when developing its Learning Registry widget(s). This allows State Ed. Agencies, Professional Associations, Local Education Agencies, National Projects, etc…to customize their access to the almost 500,000 records on LR to date.
  6. 6. LR Search Widget Discourage- ●  Partially-relevant materials Exclude- ●  Non-relevant materials ●  Keywords/Topic Areas inconsistent with your user- base Custom filters are created to: Include- ●  Publishing Agency Domain ●  Keyword / Topic Areas
  7. 7. LR Search Widget A consuming agency then designs its widget for consistency with its own site and can also apply their own filters. The tool provides an active demo of the widget being developed and the record data being returned.
  8. 8. LR Widget Once the widget is complete and saved, a simple embed code is provided for an agency to copy and paste into their site for instant publishing to their constituents.
  9. 9. Learning Registry – Early Stage Success Stories Upon acquiring and publishing collection data through ISLE, Illinois immediately becomes the number 2 consumer nationally. CA devotes $375,000 a year to organizing teams for online CTE/ STEM lesson development. They are then published in CA and to the Learning Registry *as tracked by Google Analytics for California Department of Education
  10. 10. Learning Registry – Early Stage Success Stories Instead of trying to get educators and learners to adopt your environment and tools to access your content… …LR can help your content move to where educators and learners are interacting in natural ways using native environments and tools.
  11. 11. Brian Ausland Joe Hobson Dan Krieger EZ Publish: LR Widget: Nav North: LR Documentation: Navigation North Contributors: References & Team CA CTE Online: ISLE OER: OET Contributors: Bernadette Adams Steve Midgley Richard Culatta Joseph South