STAR COMPOSITIONS (A Birthday Party) - Check out the adjectives!


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STAR COMPOSITIONS (A Birthday Party) - Check out the adjectives!

  1. 1. Farah’s Birthday Party by Nurul Fatihah Last Sunday was Farah’s birthday. A week before Sunday, she had planned for a party. Madam Jun, Farah’s mother, helped her to send out invitation cards to her friends. Before the party started, she decorated her house with pink and purple balloons. Before the party started, Farah felt extremely excited and happy . At 1pm, Farah’s friends and neighbours started to arrive. They brought fantastic presents for her. Some were big and some were small . She liked them all the same! When everybody had arrived, Madam Jun started the party. They sang Farah a birthday song. Then, Farah blew out the candles on the cake. They ate delicious and yummy food like fried chicken wings and icre-cream. After they ate, they played games such as Blindman’s Bluff and musical chairs. They felt happy and enjoyed themselves. There were many prizes. The party ended at 4pm. Everybody was tired but happy . Farah felt glad and happy too because it was the most memorable birthday party ever!
  2. 2. A Birthday Party by Kian Ann Maria’s birthday is coming a week later. She has planned to send out some colourful invitation cards. Her mother helped her to decorate the house. Maria was exhilarated on the day of the party. Her friends, relatives and neighbours came to the party. They gave her lots and lots of colourful presents. Everyone sang the birthday song and Maria blew out the candles on the cake first to start the party. After that, she made a wonderful wish. They ate yummy and delicious food like bee hoon, muffins, chicken wings and drumsticks. After they ate their dinner, the guests played fun games such as Blindman’s Bluff and chess. The felt tired and happy because the party was fun! The party ended at 11pm. Maria felt glad because it was a memorable party!
  3. 3. Kelly’s Special Birthday Party by Yen Ling Kelly’s birthday was coming soon. It was next Saturday. She had planned to have a party so she sent out invitation cards to all her friends. On the day of her party, Kelly decorated her house with lots of ribbons and balloons. Her mother cooked many tasty food items such as mee siam, fishballs, curry chicken and others. She received many presents from her friends. Kelly was very happy and excited. Kelly’s mother bought her a special vanilla cake. It was decorated with a beautiful ‘Barbie’ in the middle of the cake. Kelly stood in front of the cake and we sang the birthday song to her. She made a wish and blew out the candles. Then she cut the cake and served it to all of her guests. The cake was yummy ! I loved it very much! Next, we played Blindman’s Bluff and we all really enjoyed it. Kelly had a good time with all the friends!
  4. 4. Danish’s Birthday Party by Shaquille Danish celebrated his birthday yesterday. All the invitation cards had been sent out two weeks ago. Friends and relatives had been invited to the party. Danish felt extremely excited hours before the party started. His family decorated the living room with colourfu l banners and balloons. Mom made a lot of sandwiches, hotdogs, fishballs, chicken wings and noodles. Dad bought a birthday cake with the cartoon character, Sponge Bob, on it. Soon all the guests arrived with presents. Danish was very happy to receive the presents. They started the party by playing musical chairs and Blindman’s Bluff. Winners were given a small token each. Then, it was time to cut the birthday cake. Everyone clapped and sang the birthday song for Danish. After Danish cut the cake, everyone started to feast on the food Mon had prepared. It was a fun and enjoyable day for everyone. They took a group photograph before the guests left.
  5. 5. An Unforgettable Birthday Party by Haidah Last Sunday was a hot and windy day. The sun was shining brightly . Farah decided to celebrate her birthday on that day. She invited her friends, neighbours and some other guests. Her mother helped her to decorate the living room. Her father hung some colourfu l balloons and curly streamers on the ceiling. There was a variety of tasty local dishes. Her mother prepared chicken rice, laksa, fried noodles and other delicious food. Farah’s aunt bought her a big strawberry birthday cake. It had a picture of her favourite cartoon character, Hello Kitty! When it was almost lunch, all her guests arrived. They gave her lots of special presents. Farah was extremely happy. Her friends wished her a happy birthday. All her friends gathered when it was time to cut her cake. Farah made a wish before she blew out the candles and cut her cake. Farah’s elder sister organsied the games for the children. They played Blindman’s Bluff and musical chairs. Winners were given prizes. Soon, it was time for Farah’s guests to leave. Farah felt tired but happy . It was an unforgettabl e birthday party for her!
  6. 6. Roge’s Birthday Party by Ryan It was a sunny Sunday and it was Roge’s birthday. She was very excited and happy at the thought of her birthday party later at 6pm. Her mother helped her by putting up decorations and preparing tasty and delicious food. At 6pm, her friends and relatives arrived for her big party. They came with lots of presents in beautiful wrappers. Roge was overjoyed to see them. The party started with everybody singing a birthday song for Roge. Next, Roge made a wish and blew out the candles in one big puff. Then they ate the delicious cake. After that, they played a game called Blindman’s Bluff whereby one person was blindfolded and was supposed to catch anybody in the crowd. They had a lot of fun playing that game. The party ended at 8pm. Roge felt happy and grateful to her parents for the party and the guests for attending it.
  7. 7. Chloe’s Birthday Party by Wenxuan Last Saturday, it was Chloe’s birthday party. She felt so excited. She asked her mother to help her decorate the house. She had sent invitation cards to her friends, neighbours and many others. When her guests came, they gave her lots and lots of colourful presents and said “Happy Birthday” to her. Then her mother took the cake from the refrigerator and put it on the table. The birthday cake looked like a big sun . Then we gathered together and sang the birthday song. After her guests sang the birthday song, Chloe made a wish and blew out the candles. Then Chloe’s mother cut a piece of cake for everyone. Everyone agreed that it was the tastiest and most delicious cake they had ever eaten! Next they played some fun and interesting games like Blindman’s Bluff and Hide and Seek. Soon they felt hungry. They rushed to the table and started to gobble up the tasty food. There were bee hoon, chicken wings, fishballs and many other delicious food. After eating, it was very late at night. Chloe’s friends said goodbye and went home. It was indeed an unforgettable and enjoyable day!
  8. 8. A Birthday Party by Rachel Samantha’s birthday was coming soon. It was on next Saturday. She had planned to invite her friends and to decorate her house for her birthday party. Soon the long-awaited birthday finally arrived. Samantha woke up very early to help her mother prepare for the party. The guests started to turn up. They came with beautifully-wrapped presents which came in different shapes and sizes. When all the guests had arrived, the party began. First, they sang the birthday song. Samantha closed her eyes to make a wish. Then she blew out the candles. Samantha personally served cake to her guests. The guests tucked in to great variety of buffet food. Next, it was time for some fun! The children played games such as Blindman’s Bluff, Charade and Musical Chairs. Time passed quickly. The party was coming to an end. Samantha sent off the guests. Although it was tiring, Samantha enjoyed herself very much. It was the most memorable day for her!
  9. 9. A Birthday Party by Elrond Last Sunday was Sally’s birthday. She decided to organise a party. She asked her mother to help her. Sally made the invitation cards while her mother baked the creamy birthday cake. When her mother had finished baking the cake, they went out to buy some beautiful decorations to decorate the house. Sally invited her classmates, relatives and friends to her birthday party. Soon all the guests started to arrive. Sally was so excited that she ran to the door to open it. When Sally opened the door, all the guests were holding colourful presents and said, “Happy Birtday, Sally!” Sally was overjoyed . Sally brought out all the delicious food for the guests to eat, like potato chips, ice cream and the birthday cake. Sally cut the cake and blew out the candles. She closed her eyes and made a wish. After that, they played some board games and Blindman’s Bluff. All too soon, the party ended. Sally had an enjoyable and memorable birthday party!