An Introduction to Editage


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Presentation for the introduction of Editage as a service of Cactus Communications. Editage is a fully integrated global scholarly communications company helping you to get published.

Editage is a brand of Cactus Communications, was founded in April 02. Its a leading provider of specialist English-language and communication solutions to authors, journals, publishers, and corporations worldwide.

With one of the largest in-house editing teams in the world and offices in the United States, India, Japan, China, and South Korea, Editage is a leading provider of specialist English-language editing and publication support services to researchers, journals, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, and corporations worldwide. More than 47,000+ clients across 112 countries trust us with their communication and publication needs.

Editage Insights is a one-stop, cross-discipline learning and knowledge-sharing portal for academics, researchers, journals, and research publication professionals.

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  • Hey everyone! How are you? I’m Laher. I consistently strive to delight clients at Editage! In the last year alone, I have supported over 900 authors associated with Editage by enabling them to submit their research manuscripts to us only once all their queries and concerns are addressed. Today, I’m going to help you select the right editing plan to match your requirement. I will talk to you about the different plans we offer and how one is different from the other. My aim is to help you choose the right plan to increase your chances of acceptance. Before I do that, I’d like to request you not to view this presentation in full screen mode. Please view it within the Bright Talk screen only. Also, if you need to ask me a question, use the Ask a Question tab to do so. You can send me your questions as I take you through this session. However, I will answer your questions only during the Q&A session at the end.
  • I would like to conclude my presentation with this thought: always ask yourself the following questionsWhich aspects of writing did you find difficult? While preparing your manuscript, what kind of help did you look for - Internet, asking someone else (friends/colleagues) for advice? What would you like the editor to focus (sentence-level language or organization of ideas)?Based on the answers to the above points, you will be in a reasonable position to decide which service best fits your needs.I wish you luck with your manuscript preparation! Now, we have reached the 10 minute question and answer slot of this lecture. You are free to write to me using Ask a Question tab! Okay. Thank you for attending. If there are still any questions, you’d like to ask me, you can post your questions on our Facebook page or e-mail me. The details are up on the slide. You will also find a link to our website here. I also request you to use the survey link there to give us feedback on this session. It will help us improve and make future webinars more impactful! 
  • An Introduction to Editage

    1. 1. An Introduction to Editage A service of Cactus Communications
    2. 2. Editage
    3. 3. Presentation Overview Section 1: Company Overview Section 2: Scientific Communication Capabilities Section 3: Editage Services Section 4: Editage Insights
    4. 4. CACTUS – Company Overview Editorial team 800+ native English-language experts, including BELS and CMPP certified professionals and PhDs History Founded in May 2002 as a global English-language services company Editorial activities Offices Scientific editing, pre- and postpublication support, and training on research communication South Korea China India USA Brazil Offices Joint Ventures Japan Taiwan Editage clients Individual authors, scholarly journals and publishers, academic institutions
    5. 5. Editage – Capabilities
    6. 6. Editage Services Standard Proofreading Service Advanced Editing Service Premium Editing Service Publication Support
    7. 7. Proofreading Service
    8. 8. Advanced Editing
    9. 9. Premium Editing
    10. 10. End-to-End Publication Support
    11. 11. Editage Online System Protected client account Manage payments Submit new jobs Share job feedback Download completed jobs Ask Job related questions
    12. 12. Editage Insights provides author resources to promote good publication practices Multimedia, interactive, and downloadable learning resources on research writing & publishing Q&A with Dr. Eddy Detailed guidelines on the publication process Space for journal editors and other decision- makers to share knowledge and opinions Information on cutting-edge research Guest blogging opportunities for experts Industry hot topics and trends The opportunity to be intereviewed and share your views with the research community
    13. 13. Contact Information Email: T: +1-877-334-8243 URL: Dr. EddyTM personifies our efforts to support authors with good publication practices. Partnering with Publishers, Journals, and Authors for Professional Scientific Editing Services, Worldwide