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北科 互動程式Processing案例分享 黃詣絜,張翰崴


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課程: 北科互動程式設計
指導老師: 寶博士

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Published in: Education
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北科 互動程式Processing案例分享 黃詣絜,張翰崴

  1. 1. 裝置由柏林的設計工作室 The Product 所開發,關注於物件、聲音、空間與參與者的即時互動,背後運作 機制就是由 Processing 來做驅動。是由 Volkswagen 公司委託製作於 2011 車展的一套互動音樂展示。 Soundmachines [Arduino, Processing, Objects] visual turntable trio six weeks, Three discs, three tracks of different sounds each. 案例分享一 translate concentric visual patterns
  2. 2. •Original idea: camera tracking system analyzing motion in the audience. But IAA Volkswagen area weren’t suitable. •The visual patterns were created by ‘reverse-engineering’ a set of music he had composed exclusively for the event. earlier versions of Soundmachines
  3. 3. 案例分享二 Studio: onformative, a studio for digital art and design. Actelion Imagery [Processing] •Actelion is a biopharmaceutical company 生物藥劑公司molecular mechanisms of this disease 疾病分子結構 •science and medicine of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), •The Processing-based software was developed especially for Actelion.
  4. 4. The visual information contained in the tool is translated into graphic elements such as points, lines and curves using special algorithms.