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Cardiology EHR


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For your cardiology practice's overall suitability, we have packed meaningful content, friendly interface, and custom design all in our Cardiology EHR solution. Visit eData Platform today to know more features! Visit here:

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Cardiology EHR

  1. 1. eData SaaS Enterprise Integration, Healthcare Platfo
  2. 2. Telemedicine Solutions To meet the quality requirements of patient care, it is important to increase patient engagement with health-care. Our Telemedicine solution helps patients to have follow-up care or counseling and gets the doctors paid.
  3. 3. SaaS LIMS Your laboratory must support R & D, latest tools and devices and modern technologies. Our SaaS LIMS solution is a perfect support system for an overall efficiency of your lab.
  4. 4. Laboratory Instrumentation Integration • Have your lab operations become degraded due to lack of compliance? Get our support for Laboratory Instrumentation Integration! With latest tools including middleware and custom interfaces, we integrate lab systems, lab instruments and enterprise business applications.
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