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Technical Doctor Emr


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Technical Doctor Emr

  1. 1. The Technical Doc’s Cure for An EMR Services Company Implementing your EMR and continuous success!Provides Professional Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Services forPractice Readiness, Project Management, Training & Technical Support to Help Your OrganizationAchieve a Successful EMR ImplementationTechnical Doctor offers healthcare Providers a unique blend of medical practice and IT experience to assistHospitals and Physicians Practices maximize their EMR investment. Our company has over 60 years ofcombined MD and medical IT experience, including managing a Physician Practice, leading medical informationtechnology teams and implementing and supporting a broad array of IT systems and technologies for thehealthcare industry.Implementing an EMR SystemImplementing an EMR system is time consuming, stressful and costly. Additionally, case studies have shownthat realizing the benefits and efficiencies of an EMR system will take dedicated resources and a solidunderstanding of the necessary changes to your current daily processes as well as your computer systems.Together we can provide you with cost effective and experienced resources that will help you reach your goalof a successful EMR implementation.Our ServicesWe help clients avoid the common pitfalls of implementing an EMR system through our provenapproach and a board level of experience with leading IT and EMR implementations including: EMR Readiness Assessments Technology Services We have a readiness assessment program that Our technical services included: can quickly help you understand the impact of 9 Installing and configuring computer the EMR on your organization by: equipment including workstations, servers, 9 Evaluating the impact and changes to your network hubs, PDA and wireless devices, daily processes printers and scanning solutions 9 Evaluating your technology needs, 9 Providing lower cost solutions for hardware including your hardware requirements and 9 Providing ongoing technical support for your costs computer equipment and communications 9 Evaluating the educational and training infrastructure needs of your team. 9 Integrating your medical equipment 9 Developing recommendations for 9 Implementing controls to maintain the preparing for the project security and integrity of your information 9 Expertise with Stark Law Guidelines 9 Up-to-date information on chosen EMR and Compliance version upgrades, updates and news Project Management Other Professional Services 9 We can help you manage and plan your EMR 9 Website development implementation. We have significant 9 Data analysis tools that can help you experience with leading projects, coordinating manage to your information to improve with vendors, tracking progress and training patient care and increase profitability employees. Technical Doctor Incorporated All Rights Reserved 2008