Consensus statements from the north atlantic research day


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Consensus statements from the north atlantic research day

  1. 1. CONSENSUS STATEMENTS FROM THE NORTH ATLANTIC RESEARCH DAYAn international meeting of chiropractic leaders and researchers from Europe and Canadatook place in Oslo, Norway on 19 October 2011 to discuss future collaboration in matters ofresearch and clinical guidelines. Following presentations by Jakob Lothe (President,Norwegian Chiropractic Association), Rick Ruegg (Canadian Chiropractic Association), PeterKryger-Baggesen (President, Danish Chiropractic Association) and Oystein Ogre (President,European Chiropractors’ Union) a wide-ranging discussion followed and the followingconsensus statements were agreed: 1. An international collaboration of European and Canadian researchers will enhance awareness and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of research in chiropractic. A mutually beneficial North Atlantic research alliance has been identified as a desirable starting point. 2. Research is a fundamental component in securing the credibility of the chiropractic profession. It must therefore be universally supported by its political leaders, its educational institutions and external stakeholders. 3. The early identification of talented chiropractic undergraduates should facilitate career pathways leading to academic prestige, professional recognition and progression towards a sustainable research culture. 4. Token funding of chiropractic research will not achieve meaningful results. For the profession to acquire cultural authority it must commit to serious funding streams to facilitate meaningful research activity. 5. Multinational collaborative research partnerships will permit better quality research and an evidence-informed growth in the status of the profession. 6. The chiropractic profession must recognise that research it conducts should not be exclusively owned by chiropractors and should seek answers to questions that will benefit society and the wider healthcare community. 7. There should be an acceptance that research outcomes may lead to the development of new evidence-informed approaches to patient care in chiropractic. 8. Ownership of a research culture by the chiropractic profession at large must of necessity engage the wider profession. Using clinicians and clinic-based research provides an opportunity for all to contribute. 9. Chiropractors should accept the value of interprofessional work andthe sharing of research ideas.
  2. 2. 10. Relationships with university-based research initiatives are desirable and will aid credibility. Chiropractors must identify objectives and be willing to commit financial and human resources to attract the interest of university partners. 11. Funding strategies should communicate objectives, value and investment. International collaborations may attract seed funding. 12. International collaboration around defined projects such as clinical guidelines will aid the development and identity of the profession. They will also inform research strategies for ongoing projects. Guidelines should best be developed in conjunction with educational institutions.SignatoriesRick Ruegg Canadian Chiropractic AssociationKeith Thomson Canadian Chiropractic Federation of Regulatory BoardsPeter Kryger-Baggesen President, Danish Chiropractic AssociationJakobBjerre Executive Director, Danish Chiropractic AssociationTobias Lauritsen President, Swedish Chiropractic AssociationStefan Malmqvist PhD candidate, University of StavangerJakob Lothe President, Norwegian Chiropractic AssociationEspenJohanssen Vice-President, Norwegian Chiropractic Association and WFC European representative)Knut Andersen NCA appointed board member, University of StavangerTim Raven President, ECCELise Lothe Registrar, European Academy of Chiropractic President, Norwegian Spine Research AssociationOystein Ogre President, European Chiropractors’ UnionRichard Brown President, British Chiropractic Association Secretary, European Chiropractors’ UnionTom Michielsen Research Director, European Chiropractors’ UnionJan Hartvigsen Professor, University of Southern DenmarkHenrikWulff Christensen Director, Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics.