dr nagabhushan cm biodiversity animal physiology nagabhushan vskub zoology molecular biology vsk university pg msc zoology dialysis renal system kidneys excretory system human physiology biological importance of lipid hydrogenation saponification biomolecules biopolymer lipids lipids molecular cell biology dna repair mechanism dna damage nomenclature chromosome real time scale thermal regulation synthetic biology publication ethics research methodology introduction to basic research research at ug level nep 2020 biology of chordates biology of pisces ichthyology vertical migration oceanodromous potamodromous catadromous anadromous fish migration migration endemic species endemism local biodiversity national biodiversity global diversity benefits of biodiversity values condensation of chromosome eukaryotic chromosome cell and molecular biology basic concepts and definitions sensory organs information senses pg zoology biochemistry km v max cofactors inhibitors holoenzymes apoenzymes nomenclature of enzymes catalysis enzyme kinetics university dr. nagabhushan cm adh micturition process of urine formation molluscan kidney malpighian tubule nephridia contractile vacuole kidney vertebrates invertebrates nitrogen excretion excretion animal physi water and osmoregulation osmoconformers osmoregulation nagabhushan cm insect head external morphology insect morphology cephalic appendages head of insects antennae of insects appendages insects head entomology hot spots vikasana strategies statistics global issues environmental issues conservation questions
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