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Final letter to_european_council_secured


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Final letter to_european_council_secured

  1. 1. June 22, 2012 Open letter to the European CouncilEU leaders must focus on sustainable, equitable Europe that fosters, and is sustainedby, a healthy population.Dear President,Dear Prime Minister,We are writing to you ahead of the European Summit at the end of this month, where togetherwith your European counterparts you will discuss the EU response to the economic crisis.In these difficult times, we urge you to set out a sustainable vision for Europe anddemonstrate decisive leadership. As representatives of those most affected by the crisis aswell as those who work with and serve the people living in Europe, we look to you for confidentaction that prioritises the needs of citizens.We are concerned that after two years of austerity and fiscal consolidation, the EU has so faronly narrowly escaped an economic recession and growth prospects remain dismal. Marketforces are increasingly unpredictable as seen by the response to the injection of finance intoSpain and this is threatening confidence in democracy, and ultimately the values thatunderpin European society. We are concerned that the toll on ordinary people living inEurope is intolerable, affecting their physical and mental health while health systems areat crisis point. Those who can afford it the least, are affected the most.We urge you to show the courage to think beyond the short-term and to support measures thatstrengthen solidarity-based systems of social protection including health care. We ask you todraw lessons from economies which are showing resilience amid crisis and reforms.Austerity measures put in place to appease financial markets are proving to be a threatto legitimate, democratic government and ultimately to democracy itself.As you discuss the Country Specific Recommendations (CSR), we recall the June 2011Council Conclusions towards modern, responsive and sustainable health systems whichstated: “Investments in health should be acknowledged as a contributor to economic
  2. 2. growth. While health is a value in itself, it is also a pre-condition to achieve economicgrowth” and called for the health sector to play a key role in the implementation of the EU2020strategy. Thus when discussing austerity measures and reforms to public finances, it isimportant to understand that cutting spending in social protection and health (primary,secondary and tertiary care) is ultimately a false economy.We recognise the need to find efficiencies and sustainable healthcare reforms, and urge you toact strategically. Indiscriminate reductions in health and social services today will bothlead to late detection of illness and higher long-term costs and take away the muchneeded support that people in Europe need to be resilient and emerge quickly from theeconomic crisis.The evidence is already emerging of a rise in mortality, morbidity and communicablediseases. Short term savings from cutting health and social spending as proposed in someMember States will both mean worse health and social outcomes and higher expenditurebecause patients will need more intensive and expensive interventions in the longer term.Indiscriminate cuts are making a worrying situation even more dangerous and our fear isthat this will threaten the economic recovery prospects for Europe as a whole, denyuniversal and equitable access to quality health care, force a transfer of care andpayment onto households and destabilise the social values undermining Europe. Asuccessful EU 2020 strategy promotes the European values of equity and equality, includinggender equality, social justice and wellbeing and we encourage you to put this high on youragenda.In order to achieve Europe’s full potential for prosperity, solidarity and security we need you toact decisively, boldly implementing reforms that are not regressive, but tackle some of theunderlying problems within our health systems. The priorities for public spending should notbe left to economists and the whims of the financial market, but must reflect the needs andchallenges facing society, while tackling directly fear and fragmentation within our societies.Inequity has been one of the drivers of the crisis: greater equity and equality must be oneof the solutions.Bold decisions can lead Europe through todays big challenges and offer the next generation thehope of a better future. By taking the real needs of people into consideration with the CSRs, EUleaders can create a more sustainable, equitable Europe that fosters, and is sustainedby, a healthy population. At this decisive time the public health community and people livingin Europe look for courageous leadership from Heads of States and Government to takeaction on prioritising and championing the health, safety and well-being of your people,not sacrificing this for short term dubious financial gains. We offer our full support andcollaboration during the drafting of national reform programmes and CSRs and in theimplementation and monitoring of the Europe 2020 Strategy.Yours sincerely,
  3. 3. SignatoriesMembers of the European ParliamentCristian Busoi, MEPALDE, Romania Alojz Peterle, MEP EPP Group SloveniaAlejandro Cercas MEPS&D, Spain Dr. Pavel Poc, MEP S&D, Czech RepublicNessa ChildersS&D, IrelandMarisa Matias, MEPGUE/NGL Portugal Bart Staes, MEP Greens, Belgium Glenis Willmott, MEP S&D, United KingdomAntoniya Parvanova MEPALDE, Bulgaria
  4. 4. International and European OrganisationsArchie TurnbullPresidentThe European Public Health Alliance Anne-Sophie Parent Secretary General Age PlatformMaria Teresa PetrangoliniDirectorActive Citizenship Network Mr Jean-Philippe Huchet President Association Internationale de la Mutualite (AIM)Kristina SperkovaSecretary GeneralActive
  5. 5. Professor Helmut BrandPresidentASPHER Dr Konstanty Radziwill President Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME)Eberhard SchatzCoordinatorCivil Society Forum on Drugs Dr Thierry BRIGAUD President Médecins du Monde France Dr Alvaro GONZALEZ President Medicos del Mundo SpainAgnes Uhereczky On behalf of - Doctors of the WorldDirector International NetworkConfederation of Family Organisations in theEuropean Union
  6. 6. Francis Grogna Secretary General European Network for Smoking and TobaccoKoen Block PreventionExecutive DirectorEuropean AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) EU HIV/AIDS EU HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum Anna Zakowicz Lella Cosmaro Co-chair, Civil Society Co-chair, Civil Society Forum ForumDr Roberto FrontiniPresidentEuropean Association of Hospital Pharmacists Eberhard SchatzDr João de Deus CoordinatorPresident Correlation - European network Social InclusionEuropean Association of Senior Hospital and HealthPhyisicans (AEMH)
  7. 7. Anders OlausonØystein Ogre PresidentEuropeanPresident Patients ForumEuropean Chiropractors Union Cécile GrébovalClive Needle Secretary GeneralDirector European Women s LobbyEurohealthnetProf. Walter RicciardiPresident Nace KovacEuropean Public Health Association President Mental Health Europe
  8. 8. Mariann Skar Secretary General European Alcohol Policy AllianceMichele LeVoyDirectorPlatform for International Cooperation onUndocumented Migrant Catherine Hartmann Secretary GeneralConny Reuter European COPD CoalitionSecretary GeneralSOLIDARFrank GoodwinSecretary Eurocarers Fintan Farrell Director European Anti-poverty Network
  9. 9. Mr Prof Jan De Maeseneer Chairman of the Executive BoardJoanne Vincenten European Forum for Primary CareDirectorEuropean Child Safety AllianceEmma Woodford Robert Pederson ManagerPolicy and Project Coordinator European Public Health in Agriculture andAssociation of European Cancer Leagues Consortium Mervi JokinenPaul De Raeve PresidentGeneral Secretary European Midwives AssociationEuropean Federation of NursesChris McCalister Dr. Hans SteinChairman European Public Health CentreEuropean Federation for Complementary andAlternative Medicine
  10. 10. Ivan Ivanov Freek SpinnewijnExecutive Director DirectorEuropean Roma Information Unit European Federation of National Organisations Working with the HomelessCarola Fischbach-PyttelGeneral SecretaryEuropean Public Service Union Dr Claude Wetzel President European Federation of Salaried Doctors - FEMSProfessor Rabu KlausPresidentEuropean Respiratory Society Prof. Torsten Zuberbie Secretary General Global Allergy & Asthma European Network (GA²LEN)Seamus ConnollyPolitical OfficerEuropean Shiatsu Federation
  11. 11. Katrina PerehudoffEuropean Projects ManagerHealth Action International (HAI) Europe Nicolai Paulsen President of the European Region International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW)John BowisPresidentHealth First Europe Florence Berteletti-Kemp Smoke-Free PartnershipBodil ErikssonSecretary GeneralThe International Council on Social Welfare Panos Englezos President Thalassaemia International FederationSophie PeressonRegional DirectorInternational Diabetes Federation EuropeanRegion
  12. 12. Dr Romuald KrajewskiPresident David GorriaDr Edwin BormanSecretary General General SecretaryEuropean Union of Medical Specialists European Region of the World Confederation for Physical TherapistsTrade AssociationsNicole DenjoySecretary General Richard BergströmEuropean Coordination Committee of the Director GeneralRadiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT European Federation of Pharmaceutical IndustryIndustry AssociationsDr. Jürgen Schulze Luciano Cattani,PresidentEuropean Diagnostic Manufacturers Association CEO European Association of Medical Technology Industry in Europe, (EUCOMED)
  13. 13. National or regional Organisations Inna Krulko Director All-Ukrainian Association of Patients Rights Defense "Health of NationMiguel Ángel Royo BordonadaCoordinatorSpanish Interdisciplinary Committee onCardiovascular PreventionCarlos Artundo PurroyCEO Panos EnglezosAndalusian School of Public Health President Cyprus Alliance for Rare Disorders Alessandra CerioliZeljko Jakovic ChairPresident Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro lAidsSlatki Zivot
  14. 14. Mihaela Lovse President Slovenian Coalition for Tobacco Control and Public Health Miguel Ángel Royo Bordonada, MD, PhDSir Richard Thompson Academic DirectorPresident Spanish National School of Public HealthRoyal College of Physicians Fernando García Benavides President Spanish Association of Epidemiology Institute of Health Carlos the ThirdIndividuals Professor John R Ashton C.B.E Joint Director of Public Health for NHS Cumbria and Cumbria CountyProfessor David Stuckler, MPH PhDUniversity of CambridgeProfessor Martin McKee, CBE MD Tamsin RoseLondon School of Hygeine and Tropical Independent Health AdvocateMedicine