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Pediatric seminar in Copenhagen.

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Denmark eac cpd_seminar

  1. 1. EAC CPD Seminar Saturday 17 September 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark 09:00-18:30 Bella Sky Comwell Hotel Copenhagen Center Blvd 5, DK-2300 Kobenhavn S. Tel: +4532528811, Manual Therapy for the Paediatric Patient: Treating Safely and According to the Evidence. by Joyce Miller BSc, DC, DABCO, FACO, FCC (paeds)The previously advertised seminar programme has changed view new course outline below, Joyce Miller willnow be assisted by:- rauma)INTRODUCTIONThe infant and child can present significant challenges to the practitioner as they can be more difficult to assessfor and detect pain or disability. Yet pediatric practice appears to be a growth industry in the allied health careworld. Why are parents choosing conservative and chiropractic care for their child? Can we be certain we areoffering them the safest and most effective care for the most common conditions for which they present? Are westaying current on evidence informed practice guidelines? Are we able to provide the right therapy at the righttime for the correct condition?LEARNING OBJECTIVESAttending this seminar may assist you to: -on) experience in the management of the most common paediatric conditions thatpresent to chiropractic officesSEMINAR OUTLINE09:00-09:30 Registration Introduction Who, what, when, where and why to treat? Examining the background and evidence for09:30-10:15 treatment of the paediatric population Joyce Miller I - Lecture & Practical10: 15-11:00 How to assess and treat for birth trauma Jason Leighton11:00-11:30 Coffee Break II - Lecture & Practical11:30-12:15 How to assess and treat for feeding disorders Joyce Miller III - Lecture & Practical12:15-13:00 How to asses and treat for plagiocephaly
  2. 2. Grethe Thostesen13:00-14:00 Lunch Break IV - Lecture & Practical14:00-14:45 How to assess and treat for pain syndromes of infancy (colic) Joyce Miller V - Lecture & Practical14:45-15:30 How to assess and treat for headache Susanne Lynge Rosing15:30-16:00 Coffee Break VI - Lecture & Practical16:00-16:45 How to assess and treat for MSK conditions in infants and toddlers Sue Weber Hellstenius Lecture and Practical16:45-17:30 Staying safe in practice: detecting the ill child and going through cases Joyce Miller Conclusion and Discussion17:30-18:30 All participantsJoyce Miller BSc, DC, DABCO, FACO, FCC (paeds).Joyce is an associate professor at Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and Lead Tutor for BournemouthUniversity validated MSc in Advanced Professional Practice Musculoskeletal Health in the Infant, toddler, school-age and adolescent child. She is a certified Brazelton practitioner and member of the Royal College ofPaediatrics and Child Health. She is active in research and has published 20 papers in peer-reviewed journals.She will be joined in presentation of this seminar with several clinicians pursuing their MSc in Paediatrics.Vassilis Maltezopoulos DC, MD (PRM), FFEACConvention Director (EAC)