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Planting Trees Can Earn You Money (Carbon Farming)


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Planting Trees Can Earn You Money (Carbon Farming)

  1. 1. Planting Trees Can Earn You Money (Carbon Farming)Information Supplied By ECO Carbon Offsets On the Farm you grow ‘Trees’– in the City we sell ‘RegisteredCarbon Offsets’Scientifically, there are only two ways of reducing carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere,EITHER: Dramatically cutting back on emitting CO2 into the air, or We must begin to sequester or capture those emissions that have already been emitted.It is this second role of sequestration of carbon, which presents an opportunity to landowners. Growing trees and vegetation, sequesters carbon dioxide gases (CO2) and Green House Gases (CO2e) from the atmosphere. This is called bio-sequestration. Trees also produce oxygen as a bi-product of this process. Oxygen is what enables mammalian life, including human life, to survive on the Planet. CO2 absorption by trees is one of the most effective and proven ways of cleaning the atmosphere. Trees have a proven Track Record of sequestering carbon dioxide from our atmosphere since they first appeared 380 million years ago during the late Devonian period. Over time, trees have produced coal as they died and the layers of vegetation piled up over the millennia. Whilst it was indisturbed, aside from some methane emissions, the coal basically continued to lock up the carbon absorbed by the ancient trees from the atmosphere. Burning coal releases carbon back into the atmosphere. Another great absorber of CO2 has been the algae in the ancient shallow seas. As these seas have dried up, they have produced the oil beds of today. It is a similar story to coal – as we have burnt the oil we have released the carbon back into the atmosphere. ECO works with landowner farmers to plant trees and plantation forests that meet the Kyoto compliant standards of article 3.3 of the Kyoto Protocol for reafforestation carried out absorb carbon (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG). These plantations form a carbon sink. Under the Forest Property Act, this carbon sink can be permanently registered, and 1/3
  2. 2. legally secured, on the property’s certificate of title, at the Lands Title Office, in each State of Australia. As such, it forms a distinct property right, separate to the proprietary right itself in the land, which enables the carbon rights to be sold to clients as a Registered Carbon Offset, without affecting the actual ownership title to the land. This legislative right provides the landowner with an extra revenue stream derived from carbon farming. ECO sell these registered Carbon Offset Certificates to emitters of Green House Gases. Effectively this is anyone operating a business. Over their lifetimes, these new tree plantations offset the carbon emissions produced by our partner client emitters. Many emitters recognise that in purchasing carbon offsets derived from Biosequestration, they are purchasing offsets that reflect a real atmospheric reduction of CO2. This contrasts with the issue of Carbon Emission Reduction Permits, issued by Governments, which are simply paper based dispensations which have not removed any carbon whatsoever from the atmosphere. This has been criticised by some as simply a ‘Permit to Pollute”. In addition to producing carbon offsets (CO2), ECO’s native revegetation plantings are of a bio-diverse nature. This means that in addition to their primary carbon sequestration purpose to create a carbon sink, they also restore a bio-diverse mix of native forest consisting of upper story (trees); middle story (shrubs and bushes) and lower story (native grasses which are eaten by native wildlife such as parrots). In particular, we link extant belts of native vegetation with the new plantations, so as to form land corridors which allow native animals and birds to use the wild life corridors.Related articles Earning Income from Carbon Farming ( What Does ECO Carbon Offsets Do? ( Measure Your Carbon Footprint & Provide Carbon Offsets Through Carbon Farming 2/3
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