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Eco Carbon Offsets: Press ReleaseInformation Supplied By ECO Carbon OffsetsBy Noel McArdle                           “We M...
Carbon Farming”. Eco’s website also includes sections on Frequently Asked Questions and aGlossary of Carbon Terms to help ...
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Eco Carbon Offsets: Press Release


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Eco Carbon Offsets: Press Release

  1. 1. Eco Carbon Offsets: Press ReleaseInformation Supplied By ECO Carbon OffsetsBy Noel McArdle “We Measure Your Carbon Footprint” – Eco Carbon Offsets RollsOut New Carbon Management Consulting Services To Assist Companies Become CarbonNeutral At A Neutral Cost.A new website on the Internet, specifically for businesses and land owners, has beenlaunched by a specialist Carbon Management Consulting company ECO Carbon Offset.ECO’s website, covers every aspect of becomingCarbon Neutral, including Carbon Footprint Measurement, Carbon Credits and CarbonFarming, as well as the CEO’s own extensive personal experience and independentviews.Adelaide, South Australia, June, 2012 — From 1st July 2012, many businesses will need tounderstand the size of their Carbon Footprint. A new Carbon Management Consulting servicehas been formed for companies faced with the complex questions of “How to Measure OurCarbon Footprint?” and “What Options are Available to Reduce Our Carbon Emissions?”. contains very informative articles about every aspect of thecomplex Carbon Market.The company is called Eco Carbon Offsets, and when announcing the launch of the newservices, the CEO also highlighted the importance of establishing exactly what was useful andwhat was not when you research online. “The Internet is an amazing tool that has changed ourlives, but when I’ve been researching Carbon Management services online, I’ve oftenstruggled to find any relevant and useful information on the nuts and bolts and relevantprinciples to enable a business to measure its carbon footprint accurately. All of the CarbonFootprint Calculators produce different results” said Noel McArdle, CEO of Eco Carbon Offsets.There are, of course, many companies online which cover various aspects of the CarbonMarket. However, Eco Carbon Offsets has been specifically created so that businesses lookingto reduce their carbon footprint, and therefore their costs, can easily find out what they need toknow in one place, with just a few clicks of their mouse, including Carbon FootprintMeasurement, Carbon Credits and Eco’s established plantation sites. “It is a One Stop Shop”said Mr McArdle.Land owners are also encouraged to visit the site to discover how they can “Earn Income from 1/3
  2. 2. Carbon Farming”. Eco’s website also includes sections on Frequently Asked Questions and aGlossary of Carbon Terms to help clarify any questions the visitor may have.Whilst the Internet continues to grow at an amazing speed, businesses and land owners arefaced with conflict and confusion as more and more information becomes widely available – andit’s harder than ever to truly get to the bottom of such a complex and rapidly changing subject –purely because of the volume of outdated text, audio, and video available online.Eco’s website is extremely comprehensive and user friendly which also provides a veryinformative and downloadable “ECO Report”, but unlike some of its direct competitors in thesame area – the information provided is completely free of charge. The CEO feels thatbusinesses need to be provided with sound information in a situation where political pointscoring makes it difficult for managers to make objective decisions regarding their carbon policy.On average, visitors to the website stay for over 11 minutes, which far exceeds most otherwebsites, where visitors just briefly visit a single page then click away. Many visitors alsocommented on how practical and time-efficient it was to have all the necessary resources in oneplace without having to search around the Internet to discover what they are looking for.To find out more, go to – one of Australia’s mostcomprehensive and informative Carbon Management Consulting websites. “Becoming Carbon Neutral Can Be Cost Neutral!”About Eco Carbon Offsets: ECO has been established by a group of concerned people who bring commercial principles to bear on environmental problems.Author: Noel McArdle, CEOCompany: Eco Carbon Offsets (A Division of Criton Pty Ltd)Telphone: 0412 256 255Email: Report: Fan Page: 2/3
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