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BiLogica - BI services


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BiLogica - your provider of BI services - consultancy, analysis, development, testing.

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BiLogica - BI services

  2. 2. BI Business Intelligence ABOUT US • Experience: – 9 years in IT – 5 years in Banking sector • Usage of the newest business intelligence tools • Integration, management and support of complex business intelligence solutions • Team kernel - 3 constant specialists • Possibility to engage other specialists and subcontractors 2
  3. 3. BI Business Intelligence BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – TEMPORARY FASHION OR COMPETITIVE NECESSITY? • Most of big commercial companies in Lithuania have either already implemented or still implementing business intelligence instruments. While in the rest of the world business intelligence instruments have become a necessary business management attribute a long time ago. • The necessity for up-to-date data is growing vastly for making every day, long term and strategic decisions. • Excess of information systems and data does not ensure immediate and efficient acquisition of necessary information. We are drowning in data, but we don’t get any information prof. R. Bentkus, VMI prie LR FM • BI is a possibility for business to transform data into timely, precise and reliable information. 3
  4. 4. BI Business Intelligence VALUE OF INNOVATIONS 4
  5. 5. BI Business Intelligence BI VALUE The main advantages of BI are non-material: • Better information management • Faster reporting • Advance spotting of trends • More productive users • More efficient decision making • Optimisation of business processes and etc. Material benifit: Data consolidation "Time related sweet spot” Data clean-up/ organisation Automation of reporting Does not require implementation on site 5
  6. 6. BI Business Intelligence PREREQUISITES FOR BI IMPLEMENTATION A company may decide to implement BI instruments if there is a need for • Constant monitoring of the main performance indicators presented in various slices • Automated preparation of reports (management, analytic, statutory, statistical) and their presentation to a user in a convenient form • Timely presentation of complex reports • Timely detalisation of summarised information up to specific components • Consolidated presentation and analysis of data from different sources • Adaptation of information presentation for each user level (from customer, manager to member of the board) • Preparation of reports corresponding to international standards. 6
  7. 7. BI Business Intelligence SUGGESTED BI IMPLEMENTATION STAGES Considering our gathered experience and potential business intelligence requirements we suggest the following stages for business intelligence instruments implementation 7
  8. 8. BI Business Intelligence ALTERNATIVES FOR THE FIRST BI SOLUTION Selection of the first BI solution If you want to know immediately Required solution • How much profit/loss did every customer bring? ANALYSIS OF • How many products does every customer have? CUSTOMER • What is every customer’s monthly turnover? DATABASE If you want to know immediately Required solution • How many products/services have been provided ANALYSIS OF THE by X branch? ORGANISATIONAL • Which branches are the most profitable? STRUCTURE • Which customer managers are the most efficient? • What is current employee rotation? If you want to know immediately Required solution • How much profit did a product earn per year? PRODUCT ANALYSIS • What are product development expenses? • What is current product rotation? 8 • What is a product’s ROI period?
  9. 9. BI Business Intelligence TECHNOLOGICAL BI IMPLEMENTATION APPROACH BI solution architecture • A separate data warehouse (possibility to complement an existing one) • Separate data management and control • Possibility to create, present and view reports via WEB • Report presentation according to user levels • Access from any point in the world • Conservation at the expense of software on separate machines 9
  10. 10. BI Business Intelligence TECHNOLOGY Having performed an all round analysis we have chosen the Oracle product as a preferred one • Oracle BI is one of the leaders in BI market (Gartner, IDC) • Strategic view on BI market • Acquisition of other market players (Siebel, Hyperion) • Perspective and reliable partner • Oracle BI interacts well with other systems, is convenient for integration (Windows, Linux) • Oracle BI instruments are rich with functionality, therefore have great potential for solution development According to requirements our expertise also allows us to use other manufacturers BI platforms, such as Microsoft BI, Business Objects (SAP) 10
  11. 11. BI Business Intelligence BI Vedors 11
  12. 12. BI Business Intelligence TECHNOLOGY(2) Oracle BI Standart Edition One components: 2. Oracle BI Server 3. Oracle BI Server Administrator 4. Oracle BI Answers 5. Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards 6. Oracle BI Publisher 7. Oracle Database Standard Edition One 8. Oracle Warehouse Builder (core ETL) 12
  13. 13. BI Business Intelligence OUR SERVICES 13
  14. 14. BI Business Intelligence PRICES Software prices: 2. Free – such as PENTAHO 3. Oracle BI – from 2999 EUR + support (5 users, max 2 CPU) Hardware prices: 5. Free – if your infrastructure already suits 6. 1 server – from 999 EUR Prices of our services: 8. Consulting, analysis, development, training: • off-site 450 EUR/day • on-site 650 EUR/day 9. Testing, documentation: • off-site 250 EUR/day • on-site 350 EUR/day Prices of solutions: 14 1. From 9999 EUR
  15. 15. BI Business Intelligence WHY NOW? • Efficient information management and rational decision making • Optimisation of workflow processes and reduction of resource expenses • Integration of improved solutions will increase competitive advantage in a market • By the end of financial instability of markets a base for creation of complex and higher ROI projects would be created 15
  16. 16. BI Business Intelligence QUESTIONS - ANSWERS ? Start Finish +370 6 55 90326 +370 6 59 95342 @ 2009 UAB “BiLogica” All rights reserved