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  1. 1. Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower was designed by Alexander Eiffel. It is located in Paris. Itwas built as an archway. The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and it is now 123 years old. It took 2 years 2 months and 5 days to build it. The Eiffel Tower is 324 metreshigh and it has 1,665 steps in it. The cost of building the Eiffel Tower was €1.5 million. Since it opened 200 million people have visited it. If you were on thetop of it you could see for 42 miles, which is from Ennis to the far side of Galway.
  2. 2. The Tour de France is an annual bike race held in France.The first race was in 1903. Riders from all over the worldparticipate in the race. The race is 2000 miles long. Thereis a different route every year and it always finishes atChamps-Élysées (near the Eiffel Tower, Paris). It takes 21days to complete the race. The 2012 race was won, forthe first time, by a British cyclist. Next year it will be the100th race.
  3. 3. Bastille DayFrance celebrates Bastille Day on 14th July every year toremember the storming of the Fortress-Prison in Paris. Itis a national holiday in France and is basically like St.Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Where I was on my holiday inFrance they had loads of fireworks near the local castle.
  4. 4. The French FlagThe French flag is blue, white and red
  5. 5. FactsThe capital of France is Paris. The population of France is60 million people. France is the biggest country in Europe in area. It’s famous for it’s perfume, fashion and clothes. France is known for it’s quality of fine wine and cheese.
  6. 6. French Cars Some of the French cars are Renault, Citroen andPeugeot. If you were to rent a car in France you might get one of these types of cars.
  7. 7. Weather In FranceThe weather in France is warm and cold. In the North it is a bit cold in winter and warm in summer. The South is warm nearly all the time. In the West it is warm in winterand cold summer. In the East it is cold in winter and warm in summer.
  8. 8. Food French people like to eat snails, frogs legs and blue cheese. Blue cheese began a long time ago when theyput cheese into caves to freeze it so it wouldn’t go mouldy.But one day they didn’t put it far down enough in the cave, so it rotted. They had a choice to eat it or die and they decided to eat it and it was quite nice. That’s how blue cheese was made.