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eStone Brochure - Stone ERP for Granite, Marble, Mining and Stone Industry


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eStone End-to-End Granite and Marble ERP Software solution custom built for Stone Industry dealing with Tile, Quarry, Mining, Granite and Marble.

eStone our flagship product for the stone industry.

eStone is a complete and comprehensive ERP Solution specifically designed for Granite & Marble industry.

eStone Suite of Products for Stone Industry:

✔ eStone Pro - End-to-End ERP Solution
✔ eStone Lite for Cutters
✔ eStone Trading for Retail & Wholesale Traders
✔ eStone Portal for Granite Manufacturers
✔ eStone Mobile App to access inventory, dashboards and reports

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eStone Brochure - Stone ERP for Granite, Marble, Mining and Stone Industry

  1. 1. eStone MobileeStone Portal eStone Pro-Modules eStone - Product of eNoah iSolution (an ISO 27001 Certified Company) Complete & Comprehensive Solutions for Stone Industry eStone Suite of Solutions that BEST MEETS ALL YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS
  2. 2. OVERVIEW eStone has been designed and developed keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by the stone industry. Our suite of solutions ensures right fitment to your unique needs. In today’s complex business environment, eStone ensures you are connected to your business whilst being ahead of the competition. eStone ensures the Right Information is available, at the Right Time, to make the Right Decisions (Decision Support System). eStone lowers cost, improves profitability and guarantees customer experience by streamlining and integrating processes. eStone simplifies your business with better visibility of KPIs, enables growth and scalability. On-the-go reporting ensures information is available and accessible at anytime. 40+ industry specific reports are readily available. Customized report can be generated on request. Information On-Demand eStone Analytics is a management dashboard delivered on mobility, that reflects real-time production and inventory data. eStone Analytics eStone supports multi-currency transactions with the ability to configure base currency. Multiple Currency, Account Receivable & Payable eStone can be seamlessly integrated with any existing financial application, thereby reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors resulting in better business process. Real-Time Costing Surplus stock can be effectively utilized and deficient stock can be ordered in time. This helps in better planning and management of capital investment. Better Working Capital Management eStone provides flexible and strong user access control to ensure Privacy and Security to data. eStone provides easy backup on daily basis. Access Control and Auto Data Back-up 24x7 Multi-Modal Support We delight our customers through our unique multi-modal 24x7 support model, making it easy for customers to avail support quickly. Support tickets can be raised through multiple channels including, Skype, WhatsApp, Email, Dedicated Phone Support, and on our support portal. Priority Issue Tracking: Our professional support team is well trained to handle all technical and functional issues and track issues based on priority. Critical Support Guarantee: Critical production related issues will be resolved on the same day.
  3. 3. eStone Analytics Management Dashboard eStone Suite of Products A scalable solution designed for small to medium size cutter units that undertake Job works and can upgrade to eStone Pro as business grows. Modules: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Customs (Import-Export), Quality, Costing and Analytics. Target Audience: Medium to small Granite Processing Units, Tile Manufacturers, Granite Cutting and Polishing Units. eStone Lite An Independent solution designed for both retail and wholesale trading business. It supports real-time communication between sales, inventory module and customs. Modules: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Customs (Import-Export). Target Audience: Retail and Wholesale traders focusing on domestic and international markets. eStone Trading eStone Pro is our flagship product providing an End-to-End ERP solution, covers all key modules. Modules: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Customs (Import-Export), Quality, Integration Module, Costing and Analytics. Target Audience: Large to Medium Granite Processing Units, Tile Manufacturers, Granite Cutting and Polishing Units. eStone Pro Easy to use mobility solution to access all your key dashboards and reports using your mobile device. A must have app to showcase your product line (stones) with real-time inventory position. eStone Mobile Web portal for real-time inventory of your stocks. It can be accessed across all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Desktops), browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer) and is cloud-ready. eStone Portal
  4. 4. eStone Lite eStone TradingeStone Pro eStone MobileeStone Portal KEY FEATURES Quality Online Inspection of Slabs Buyer Inspection and Reservation Finished Goods Register with Photo Upload Option Inventory Material Requisition Slip Automatic Inventory Allocation on FIFO Basis Stock Journal - Block, Slabs and Consumables Maintenance Planned or Scheduled Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance Purchase Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders Purchase Receipts and Returns Register - Block and Slab Registers Freight Vouchers Reports Sales - Quotations / Order / Sales Status Purchases - PR / PO /GRN Inventory - Blocks, Slabs and Consumable Status Manufacturing - Process Wise Summary and Detailed Reports Quality - Inspection / Recovery / Yield Customs -Monthly & Yearly Dispatch Statements Costing - Production & Maintenance Cost Reports Production Wire Saw - Block Split and Dressing Gang Saw and Multi-Wire Saw Auto Generation of Slab Numbers Finishing Types by Work Order. Tracking Slabs with WIP Register End-Piece Register Scrap Register Sales Sales Quotation Sales Order Generation and Cancellation Proforma Invoice Customer Packing List Costing Monthly & Yearly : Production & Costing Report Wire Saw & Gang Saw : Production & Costing Report Cost/SQMT and Cost/SQFT for the Slabs Finishing Cost Reports Customs Exports and Domestic Invoices Container Tracking Sheet - Slab Wise Slab Stuffing Report Analytics Top 10 Moving & Grossing Colours Pending and Overdue Order Status Stock Status Engagement Model eStone On-Premise Model Can be hosted on premise or data center of choice. No dependence on Internet. Payment Plan: Also available in flexible subscription model with low Capital Expenditure. Unique payment plans offer flexibility. eStone Cloud - Hosting Model Easy Setup, ready to use. Eliminate cost of purchasing & maintaining Server. Low Capital Expenditure. Payment Plan: Flexible pay as you go model. eStone - Simplifies Your Business & Increases Profitability...