Blount B2B Project European Results

  1. W.W. Locations MANUFACTURING Plants Portland, Oregon, USA Kansas City, Missouri , USA Guelph, Ontario, Canada Curitiba, Brazil Fuzhou, China DISTRIBUTION Centers Mont-Saint-Guibert & Courcelles, Belgium (EU HQ) Vaulx-en-Velin, France Tewkesbury, UK Tübingen, Germany Moscow, Russia Varberg, Sweden Yokohama, Japan 2,000 Employees W.W., 180 in Europe
  2. OCS Products What we make... Saw Chains Guide Bars Accessories Outdoor
  3. OCS Products What we make... And more (Filters, Carburattors, Wheels, Belts, …) Blades Replacement Parts
  4. ICS Products What we make... Unique Concrete Cutting Tools
  5. BESA/Info.Systems Role « Our European Information System department, based in Blount Europe SA (EU HQ in Belgium), is responsible for deployment & support of Information Technologies and Business Applications in all European Locations. As IS Manager, I was the project leader for Europe on this B2B Web Shop project. » Jean-Marie Genicot. Role : set up team, define project scope, Plan roll out and project activities, build documentation, organize testing, get translations, coordinate with B2B2DOT0. Responsibilities : Get Web shop deployed according to project scope (expectations) and roll out plan.
  6. European Roll Out Project Status May 7, 2009: European Project Kickoff. Workshop in BE with B2B (Fit/Gap analysis) Jul. 13, 2009: Go Live – France Aug.17, 2009: Go Live – BE Oct.5, 2009: Go Live – UK Go Live – Germany Nov.16, 2009: Go Live – Sweden Go Live – BESA/ICS Nov.30, 2009: Go Live - Russia In 7 months, we rolled out 7 Micro Sites (Sales Org.) .
  7. Customer Feedback This is the Customer feedback we are getting from B2B Surveys, also confirmed by our contacts with Customers (Calls, Visits, …) -> Our Customers are very happy with the B2B Web Shop solution. Complete solution Saved Cart On Line ordering Ease of use Prices on line Availability Check Things users like the best Info on Back Orders (New ‘Order Search’ feature – Rel.Dec.2009) Improved material search (B2B product enhancement in Q1/2010) E-Catalog Integration (2010 project) Things to improve
  8. Blount – Web Shop Project Questions ? Thank You !