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Slides from the eBusiness Champions Getting Started Session.

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Getting Started Presentation

  1. 1. Getting Started Session 9 th June 2010
  2. 2. Today :: Introduction and house keeping :: What help is on offer :: Key messages – what the point of a web site? Evaluating a site… :: Peer site evaluations :: Online vs. off line, integrating the site in your business :: eMaturity :: eBusiness plan
  3. 3. Help and support eBusiness Champions only :: WordTracker tools :: Video :: Drop-in sessions Thursdays, book you session :: One-to-one support :: Telephone support
  4. 4. What is the point of a website? :: Page views is vanity :: Clicks are sanity :: Transactions are king Charles Arthur from The Guardian
  5. 5. How to achieve this? In order to do so you need traffic and conversions, which you get via Good SEO and good linier paths!
  6. 6. Susan’s 5 Ss :: Stupid  :: Selfish  :: Sceptical  :: Stubborn  :: Stuck Susan Hallam, The Internet Conference
  7. 7. Increase conversions via :: Clear proposition :: Strong call to action :: Signals that build trust :: Great copy (an area where most fall short!) :: Customer journey through your site (we call this linear path!) :: Quick loading time (higher speed is directly linked with higher conversion) Susan Hallam, The Internet Conference
  8. 8. We typically evaluate a site by :: Search :: Content :: Social Media :: Web site goals
  9. 9. Peer site evaluations It all about your sites, and how the users perceive them. Site Title : _________________________________________________ Site Address : ________________________________________________ 1. What is the first element you notice on the homepage? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. From your initial glance at the homepage, what do you think this company does or sells? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Do you feel that this company’s website portrays a professional approach to business? Would you be confident in dealing with them? Why or why not? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Do you feel it is easy to use the website? Explain. (e.g. is the navigation what you expect, does the content explain itself fully etc.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. It is obvious what the goal of the site is/which actions the site wants you to take. (e.g buy some now online, request a quote, sign up for something) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Are there any features of the website that you feel are missing or that should be removed? What are they and why? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. If you do a quick search in Google can you easily find the web site? Try both the company name and another more generic phrase relevant to the business. (For example if it is a hairdressers in Beeston try “Hairdressers in Beeston”) Result of searching for the company name:____________________________________________________________________________________________ Which other phrase did you try: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. Online vs. off line, integrating the site in your business. :: Always remember the web site should be integrated to your business :: Web should match offline activities :: Staff should know the web site :: Work with purchasing, good deals to shift quickly? :: The website is only one part of the Marketing Mix. :: We only talk to you about the website, it’s up to you to integrate it with your overall business plan.
  11. 11. eMaturity Log in to your account
  12. 12. eBusiness Plan Starting it today, but you will build with the action point along the way after each event …
  13. 13. Questions? Don’t forget next event is on the 1st of July