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Will Bigger Data Mean Bigger Problems or Opportunities?


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Matt Keylock, SVP, Media Partnerships, dunnhumby led a panel at Boston's Future M Conference on October 26, 2012. Big data is growing bigger, daily. At the dawn of civilization through 2003, we created 5 exabytes of data. We now create that in 48 hours. And we’ll create 50 times that by 2020. As we multiply data, we also multiply its complexity and the need for people to make sense of it. As new channels and platforms emerge in real-time, how can we keep pace, navigate from customer data to customer knowledge and to an overarching marketing strategy? Will new data sources enable us to add more value for the consumer and in return, more value for the business?

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Will Bigger Data Mean Bigger Problems or Opportunities?

  1. 1. Will Bigger Data MeanBigger Problems orOpportunities? TALK ABOUT US USING THE EVENT #FUTUREM #BigDataBoston
  2. 2. Big Data tidal wave is upon us. But what isBig Data?#BigDataBoston 2
  3. 3. Digital technologies flood us with data#XXXXXXXXXX 3
  4. 4. The amount of data we create is multiplying From dawn of 48 hours 48 hours incivilization until in 2011 2020 2003 #BigDataBoston 4
  5. 5. As data multiplies, so does its complexity#BigDataBoston 5
  6. 6. But, it can also be a problem#BigDataBoston 6
  7. 7. We know how to use data to keep score 7
  8. 8. But not very good at knowing customers
  9. 9. How can marketers keep pace and plan forthe future? We’ll discuss: • Big Data Today and Tomorrow • Competition for Data • Consumer Power • Impact on Advertising & Media • Online Meets Offline • The Future of Commerce and Currency • The Future of Personalization • Common Truths & Principles#XXXXXXXXXX 9
  10. 10. Discussion leaders Matthew Keylock - Senior Vice Paul Hunter - COO President, Media Partnerships, David Spitz - EVP, Business & Rob Holland - General Manager, DLX Platform Development Consumer Products Dan Salmon - Equity Research Analyst, Advertising & Marketing Services#BigDataBoston 10
  11. 11. Tweet your questions to @dunnhumby Paul Hunter#Data2Knowledge#BigDataBoston @mattkeylock#FutureM @hollandrvh @pdsalmon @David_Spitz#BigDataBoston 11