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Regional Training/Workshop on \'Diversification of knowledge sharing methods (using Multimedia)\', ICIMOD, Kathmandu 2007

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Movie Maker movie clip editor Deependra Tandukar, ICIMOD
  2. 2. Start>All Programs>Accessories>Windows Movie Maker Interface task pane collection pane monitor/preview pane story board/time line
  3. 3. Importing clips/pictures
  4. 4. Collection pane Imported clips and pictures appear in the collection pane
  5. 5. Storyboard/Timeline Drag and drop clips from collection pane to storyboard/timeline
  6. 6. Preview/Monitor Double click any clip to play on Preview pane
  7. 7. Edit in timeline mode Trim your video with 'set start trim point' and 'set end trim point'
  8. 8. Save Save, save and save Save your project each time you make some changes
  9. 9. Transitions Switch to storyboard by clicking on 'show storyboard' View video transitions Drag and drop onto semaphore flag between two clips
  10. 10. Soundtracks Import audio or music
  11. 11. Soundtracks To add narration
  12. 12. Soundtracks Audio levels: Tools>Audio levels Audio effects
  13. 13. Title and credits 'Make titles or credits' from task pane, or from Tools>Titles and Credits...