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  1. 1. Seminar One: Professor DavisNovember 29, 2011 Amanda Favia ITF, Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College
  2. 2.  Import Video Start New Project iMovie Tools Basic Editing
  3. 3.  File>Import>Movie Import formats that directly import into iMovie—3gp, m4v, avchd, mp4, mov, h.264, dv
  4. 4.  Connect camera to computer Turn camera on & set to “PC Connect mode” Select video clips to import:  For all clips: “Automatic” & Click “Import All”  For specific clips: “Manual”, Deselect the clips you don’t want to import & Click “Import Checked”
  5. 5.  Event Library—iMovie generates Events in the same way as iPhoto does—this is the footage you use to create movie projects Allows you to group video into useful named categories
  6. 6.  Choose File > New Project Project Themes>Select Theme (or No Theme)  Themes automatically insert titles & transitions
  7. 7.  Name your project Aspect Ratio (width & height of your movie)  Widescreen (16:9)  Standard (4:3) Frame Rate>same used to shoot video (30fps) Click Create
  8. 8. Project Library View VideoBuild your ProjectiMovie ToolbarEvent Library Browse your Source Video/Music
  9. 9.  Import Video Project Window Zoom: increases thumbnail size & decreases length of the time increments to edit more precisely, frame by frame
  10. 10.  Music Video & Photos Titles Transitions Backgrounds
  11. 11.  Voiceover Crop Video Inspector: Edit Clips, Video & Audio*
  12. 12.  Select portion of clip: click once on clip to display yellow selection area Expand or contract selection: click on edge of the selection area>cursor changes to a bar with a double arrow>drag & drop into project area
  13. 13.  Allows you to change the duration of a clip by removing unwanted frames Adjust by dragging on the edges of the selection Click on Done
  14. 14.  Video Effect Speed & Direction of Footage Stabilize Footage
  15. 15.  Smooth the shaky portions of your video Marks the footage that contains people For best results, use when project is complete
  16. 16.  iMovie & iLife Sound Effects GarageBand iTunes Drag & drop audio file into Project Area Trim sound>drag on edges of the green icon to resize
  17. 17.  Adjust Volume Ducking: gives the selected audio priority over other audio tracks Fade Normalize: brings loudest part of audio clip to 100% w/o distortion
  18. 18.  Choose Clip>Edit>Detach Audio Audio track (purple bar)  Select & Move  Select & Delete  Audio Adjustment & Duck
  19. 19.  Adjust image quality Levels: B&W levels Exposure: shadows & highlights Brightness: overall light level Contrast: relative contrast of light & dark tones Saturation: color intensity
  20. 20.  Choose Title style> Drag & drop into video clip Edit Title>Select blue bar above clip Viewer>Click on placeholder text>Enter your own text Click on Done
  21. 21.  Choose Transition>Drag & drop between two clips Transition will display as a gray box between the two clips Change duration> Transition Adjustments>Enter the desired duration>Click OK
  22. 22.  iMovie Tutorials: Contact me!
  23. 23. Amanda Favia amanda.favia@macaulay.cuny.eduITF, Macaulay Honors College at Baruch College