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Communication Ethics and Strategy


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A four-day regional consultation starts today, in which partners of the Brahmaputra-Salween Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative from China, India, and Myanmar and representatives from ICIMOD will start work on concretizing a programme design and five-year plan for implementing activities in the landscape – home to multiple biodiversity hotspots and unique social and cultural diversity. This presentation talks about the importance of knowledge management and communication.

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Communication Ethics and Strategy

  1. 1. International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development Kathmandu, Nepal Fifth Regional Consultation Landscape Initiative for Far Eastern Himalayas (Hi-LIFE) Communication ethics and strategy Deependra Tandukar 18 Dec 2014
  2. 2. • To increase efficiency of information flow among the partners and stakeholders at different levels • To support effective coordination among three participating countries and ICIMOD • To avoid duplication of efforts among different organizations and teams within the programme • To foster shared ownership for HiLIFE by the partners • To promote the initiative and its objectives Communication strategy Objectives
  3. 3. Common understanding • Share information actively that are important for the team • Keep your promises and commitments, if not possible at certain circumstances, communicate immediately • Mode of day-to-day communication: email
  4. 4. Email communication While corresponding among ourselves through email, let’s have some rules so that communication happens in time: • Answer your mails in a reasonable time • Always acknowledge an email within 24 hours Use codes for email priorities: • FYI: for your information Just for the information, no action is needed • FYA: for your action Response is expected within 24 hours • URGENT/IMPORTANT Response is expected within 12 hours
  5. 5. KMC schematic diagram Hi-LIFE web Donors Policy makers Media Researchers ICIMOD Focal partners Local communities Global audience Programme generated information and knowledge sharing Local partners Collaborative workspace Workshops/ meetings Peer reviewed scientific articles, journals, other publications Global, regional, national events conferences, seminars, workshops Programme generated information and knowledge sharing Posters Interactive maps Databases Videos Multimedia Events Programme activities Reports Peer reviewed journals, articles • Project information and plans • Awareness raising materials and findings in local language in appropriate format • Issues • Good practices Internalcommunication Partners website
  6. 6. Internal communication ICIMOD Focal partner (C) Local partners Focal partner (I) Local partners Focal partner (M) Local partners Hi-LIFE Community of practice ( Hi-LIFE Collaborative workspace Communicate through Document Sharing Workshops/ meetings Webinars/ Videoconference
  7. 7. Hi-LIFE web (  (
  8. 8. News from the Landscape
  9. 9. Thank you The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw