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Marketing research in Russia


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Special presentation for Embassies, Trade Missions, Business Associations

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing research in Russia

  1. 1. ©2015 Direct INFO1 Company profile andCompany profile andCompany profile and methodology overviewmethodology overviewmethodology overview Special presentation for Embassies, Trade Missions, Business AssSpecial presentation for Embassies, Trade Missions, Business AssSpecial presentation for Embassies, Trade Missions, Business Associationsociationsociations
  2. 2. ©2015 Direct INFO2 Company BackgroundCompany Background Direct INFO þ Year of Foundation - 1997 þ Russian company with American founder þ Longtime member of SCIP (Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals), AmCham and AEB þ A leading provider of ad-hoc research to multinationals in Russia and the CIS þ Over 400 multinational clients with over 3000 unique reports þ Comprehensive product mix with the full-scale of strategic, corporate and market surveys
  3. 3. ©2015 Direct INFO3 “Your Information Department” It means that… þ We conduct exclusive ad-hoc research þ We provide information support to you before, during and after project implementation þ You decides how deep we should be involved at each stage of the project Corporate slogan and standards of workCorporate slogan and standards of work
  4. 4. ©2015 Direct INFO4 Market Segments ServedMarket Segments Served Diverse experience Outside-In Approach Ongoing experiences in key economic sectors … and many other segments and Clients
  5. 5. ©2015 Direct INFO5 Staff and abilitiesStaff and abilities þ 24 full-time employees þ All employees have a higher education þ Among our employees there are specialists both with technical (including Chemistry etc), and economical background þ 3 employees have a PhD degree (social, physical- mathematical, and technical sciences) þ Knowledge transfer system and databases accumulated during 15 years of work, network of experts and partners in various fields and industries allows us to carry out research projects of almost any complexity and scale þ Self developed software allows us to make reports within a short period and guarantee maximum accuracy of the results Trained, educated, and experienced staff
  6. 6. ©2015 Direct INFO6 Flexible methodologies for optimal resultsFlexible methodologies for optimal results Our general approach: combination of methodologies and in-depth cross-analysis þ For each research we develop unique customized methodology following Client’s needs þ Desk researches implemented exclusively by experienced project managers and analysts of Direct INFO þ Field researches are controlled by Direct INFO. Depending on the goal of field work, we assign it to both own staff and approved subcontractors in regions þ Through combination of desk and field research, quality and cost can always be optimized. Results may be further improved in close collaboration with Client.
  7. 7. ©2015 Direct INFO7 Two main research methodologiesTwo main research methodologies Desk Research þ Market & Industry surveys (including forecast development) þ Corporate investigation þ Monitoring þ Continuous analytical support Field Research (both B2C and B2B): þ Phone and face-to-face expert interviews þ Internet-polling þ Focus-groups þ POS/household surveys þ Retail-audit þ Mystery shopping
  8. 8. ©2015 Direct INFO8 Methodology: Desk researchMethodology: Desk research In-depth cross-analysis of secondary sources: þ Customs statistics’ detailed data (available information about quantity, value, weight, suppliers, importers, producers, brands, product descriptions); þ Official production statistics (product category, production volumes, producer); þ Financial statements of market players (Balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement according to Russian standards of accounting); þ Reports on relevant subjects; þ Industry databases & institutions; þ Specialized press monitoring; þ Company public reports; þ Direct INFO internal databases etc.
  9. 9. ©2015 Direct INFO9 þ Work on the basis “declaration-by- declaration” which implies access to detailed declaration description allows us to extract parameters that are not specified in custom code þ For example: “Medical device: magnetic- resonance tomograph for diagnostics of human internal organs, trade mark HITACHI, model APERTO, total – 1 set, partly knocked down”. It is possible to receive information about product and model to make a specific segmentation and identify target product / exclude non-target products þ Supplier-Receiver Matrix in diagram format þ Analysis of Producers, Brands, Suppliers, and Receiver, weight and value Methodology: Import/Export ResearchMethodology: Import/Export Research Official external trade statistics
  10. 10. ©2015 Direct INFO10 Methodology: Expert interviewsMethodology: Expert interviews Primarily source of in-depth information þ Expert interviews are phone or/and face-to-face dialogues for targeted information needs (with managerial and professional people). þ Direct INFO has an extensive experience both in interviewing, searching, getting in touch with companies and persons relevant to research parameters and goals of interviews þ Questionnaire is prepared and discussed jointly by Direct INFO and Client before initiation, and obligatory confirmed by Client. þ Database of experts (target companies and persons) is prepared in frames of desk research according to goals of research and topics under discussion þ Generally, there is capability to attune number of questions and topics in questionnaire depending on target company/person (for example, for end-users and distributors different questionnaires can be used, or for head doctor and head of procurement department etc.)
  11. 11. ©2015 Direct INFO11 Experience: Clients amongst Embassies,Experience: Clients amongst Embassies, Trade Missions, Business AssociationsTrade Missions, Business Associations Experience with different countries and markets þ Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow þ Swiss Business Hub Russia þ Embassy of Canada in Russia þ Commercial Section (KOTRA) Consulate General of the Republic of Korea þ Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) þ Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Moscow þ Finpro Russia (Finland Trade Center) þ Embassy of Italy in Russia, The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency þ Embassy of Brazil in Moscow þ Russo-British Chamber of Commerce þ United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) þ Embassy of Australia in Moscow þ The Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow þ Embassy of France in Moscow þ Embassy of India in Moscow þ Embassy of Sweden in Russia Also some details see on link (
  12. 12. ©2015 Direct INFO12 Experience: Main types of information servicesExperience: Main types of information services Wide range of customized products þ In-depth analysis of custom statistics including information on value, price, weight, quantity, trade marks, models, producers, suppliers and importers. Data are available for the period starting from 1993 till nowadays (delay 40 days after end of the reporting period). Monthly, quarterly, half-year, and yearly updates are available for Clients. þ Operative (current active) and retrospective (bidding finished at 2010-2012) tenders monitoring on state (federal), regional, municipal, and corporate levels. Information on types and quantity of products, amount of contract, organizations, winners, statistics by region and tender types, other information both from initial documentation and protocols (or registries). þ Specialized industrial databases, including information on end-customers (both state and commercial), distributors and wholesalers, retail sale companies. Criteria for base development: type of activity, region, size etc. Verification of contacts is possible. Search of potential partners (long & short list development), business appointments. þ Strategic ad-hoc researches of markets and competitive analysis applying complex methodology that can combine elements of all the above mentioned standard solutions, expert interviews, in-depth analysis of other statistical and open sources. Flexible approach for maximal Client’s satisfaction and full achievement of research goals. þ Detailed Business-Guides like “How to export to Russia”, “How to make business in Russia” describing formal procedures, legislative and regulatory particularities of business operations in Russia. Other information about Russia and Russian specific issues. Information support and outsourcing tasks solution for any size foreign business entering on Russian markets.
  13. 13. ©2015 Direct INFO13 Thank you for your attention ! Direct INFO Inc +7 (495) 745-40-20, +7 (499) 502-99-98