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Cover story-change your life-life positive june09


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An article which appeared in Life Positive Magazine on How to Change you Life & achieve Success in every sphere of Life. The Power & application of the Law of Attraction. History of Success Principles. By Dilpreet Singh, New Delhi,

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Cover story-change your life-life positive june09

  1. 1. lead ~ story Change life yourModel: Sharukh Vazifdar ;Photo: Me��� �a�ier 24 life positive june 2009
  2. 2. lead ~ story the secret h a s p o p u l a r i z e d t h e c o n c e p t o f p o s i t i v e t h i n k i n g all over th e w o r l d , i n c l u d i n g i n d i a . w h e r e d i d i t o r i g i n a t e from and w h a t a r e t h e g u i d i n g p r i n c i p l e s t h a t w i l l e n a b l e u s t o d e t e r m i n e o u r ow n d e s t i n y ? by Dilpreet SinghF rom the start of this century, there have been two topics that have attract-ed attention in the media as well as in help of sensitive instruments such as EEG and MRI, that have traced the impact of thoughts on our mental and physical beingbooks. They are terrorism, and positive revalues around.thinking and living. Positive thinking in its modern avatar Although both are 180 degrees from (i.e. freed from religious beliefs or practices)each other, there is an inherent correlation got its start in America during the Greatbetween both, which I will point out later. Depression. The stock market crash ofPresently my focus is on positive thinking, 1929 led to the worst financial crisis of thewhich leads to positive living. twentieth century. People lost their life sav- Positive thinking entered the mainstream ings, businesses closed, and unemploymentin India from 2003 onwards on account of rose to 25 per cent. In the middle of theone book, which has gained massive popu- Depression, two classic books on positivelarity and created a shift in anyone who has thinking promised to change everything:had the opportunity to read it. The book How to Win Friends and Influence Peopleis The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne. A (1936) by Dale Carnegie, and Napoleonphenomenal best-seller everywhere in the Hill’s all-time classic, Think and Grow, it brought even those not acquainted Dale Carnegie’s book focused on humani-with spiritual truth to the notice of the fun- tarian ways of dealing with people indamental laws that govern the universe, and the industrial age, but it was Hill’s book,that determine our health, happiness and Think and Grow Rich which truly focusedsuccess. Indeed, even before the book was on the concept of positive thinking and themade, came the video, a powerful and effec- power of thought.tive piece of communication that made its It can easily be said that the initial footingmessage accessible even to those not given or base that popularised the concept of pos- to reading books. In addition, the video itive thinking and the power of thought, was was recently translated into Hindi, and provided by Napoleon Hill. It is said that in is readily available at leading music stores the days of the Depression, every business-and bookshops, enabling it to penetrate man, especially the leaders of corporations,deep into the minds of Everyman. carried Hill’s book, and distributed copies The basic premise of positive thinking to his employees to boost their morale.revolves around thought. It arises from the Though Napoleon Hill was one of the keyunderstanding that ‘thoughts are made of influences, positive thinking as a conceptenergy (matter).’ This revolutionary insight goes even further back, promoted by severalhas also been scientifically proved with the authors, previously obscure, but enjoying a life positive june 2009 25
  3. 3. lead ~ story erature. Written in the early 1900s, it dwarfs the other books he has written. Its popularity may have something to do with the motivation with which he wrote it. The book, he said, was “intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money; who wish to get rich first, and philosophise afterward. It is pragmatical, not philosophical; a practical manual, not a lot of theory. It is for those who have, so far, found neither the time or the means, nor the opportunity to go deeply into the study of metaphysics, but who want prosperous results and who are willing to take the con- clusions of science as a basis for action.” Wallace asserts, “The science herein applied is an exact science, and failure is impossible” and I thoroughly agree with it. If there is one book you want to read Illustration: Doll�� Dasil�a or start with, I highly recommend thisWater ��our thoughts and gather a bouquet! one. In fact, if you Google on the net, revival of interest currently in the wake of there are a few sites that are offering it free The Secret’s overwhelming popularity. of cost, in the form of an e-book, as long as you register with them or subscribe Early exponents to their newsletter. James Allen was one of the early authors of The French pharmacist Emile Coue the 19th century whose famous contribu- (1857-1926) is another pillar of positive tion to the world of Thought and Success thinking who introduced the concept of was his book, As a Man Thinketh, which was autosuggestion as a method for applying published in the early 1900s. The essence of positive thinking in life. Coue is known the book was that ‘a man is literally what as the forefather of all inspirational writ- he thinks, his character being the complete ers and self-help authors, and the inventor sum of all his thoughts. As the plant springs of autosuggestion. A hypnotist, he had his from, and could not be without, the seed, patients repeat the affirmation, “Every day so every act of a man springs from the hid- in every way I am getting better and better,” den seeds of thought, and could not have 20 times, using a string with 20 knots to appeared without them.’ tick off the repetitions. He called the mind As a Man Thinketh, is written in old style a sublime instrument to decide a person’s English, and it may take some time to absorb destiny. It is said with just these words, he its message, but patience will pay. was able to cure those patients, who had lost The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace all hope from medical science. Delois Wattles, is a classic that remains in In the 1950s, several authors provided the forefront of motivation and success lit- a Christian version of positive thinking.26 life positive june 2009
  4. 4. lead ~ storyForemost in this field was the Rev. NormanVincent Peale (1898-1993), founder ofGuideposts magazine. Peale called his best-sell-ing 1952 book, The Power of Positive Thinking.Although positive thinking is usually secular innature, Peale created a Christian version of thenew thought philosophy. Though of a religious bent, overall it is anexcellent book, highlighting the basic conceptand methodology of changing your life for thebetter. In addition to this, there are a series ofother books, which too are correlated with thesame concept. Some of his other books haveelaborated on the various techniques to cultivatepositive thought, such as imaging for instance. the write work T he book and movie, The Se- cret, sparked off my journey into positive thinking. On reading how peoples’ lives had changed by changing their thought patterns, I too was inspired to try it out. It worked! I will be taking up the job of my dreams in a month’s time. I had a very strong de- sire to do something spiritual, and I discovered that I was good at writing. During the last two months I kept visualising myself doing spiritual writing. I even wrote a resignation letter to my boss and colleagues in my present job as engineer (although I didn’t send it to them!). I went for all the workshops I could get my hands on, energy workshops, meditations, even Vipassana. Then I started writing short articles, so that I could get a job if someone liked them. The path unfolded itself slowly. One thing led to another, and just yester- day I got a confirmation, and will be joining Life Positive as a journalist. Two very important requirements are intensity of desire and trust in the Divine. Don’t expect things to happen on their own. Opportunities will come up but you will need to catch and then pursue them. Sharukh Vazifdar life positive june 2009 27
  5. 5. lead ~ story A good amount of positive literature, he founded the Self-Realisation Fellowship which came to the forefront between the (SRF) in Los Angeles in 1920. SRF pub- later 1800s and early 1950s, had its roots in lished a series of booklets on positive think- Indian philosophy. In fact, even the modern ing and related new thought topics drawn positive thinking gurus of today, have freely from Yogananda’s lectures. His famous, borrowed it and some of them have even all-time favourite book, The Autobiography accepted it, in their acknowledgements. of a Yogi, has various examples that Hinduism and other Indian religions highlight the power of thought and positive have always given importance to the power mental attitude. of thought in defining your life and des- The Vedas have also acknowledged the tiny. Here is what the Bhagavad Gita has to power of mind and thought. Thought has say on the subject: “The last thought of a the potency of creating or undoing the man governs his future destiny. It is the last world in the twinkling of an eye. Mind cre- thought of a man that determines his future ates the world according to its own ‘sank- birth.” And again, “Whosoever at the end alpa’ or thought. It is the mind that creates abandoneth the body, thinking upon any this universe, say the Vedas. ‘Manomatram being, to that being only he goeth.” jagat; manahkalpitam jagat’ and also Paramahansa Yogananda carried forward ‘yad bhavam tad bhavathi’, you become Indian philosophy in a new avatar when what you think. The thought manifests as the word. dreaming up a job The word manifests as the deed. The deed I got married a year ago and shifted into an area where I knew no develops into habit. And the habit hardens one. Always interested in working with children, I gave my resume into character. So watch the thought and its to several neighbouring schools and nurseries. However, nothing ways with care. worked out. Yet, I kept the faith. I even set a target that in one year’s Swami Vivekananda articulated that seed time I would reach out to hundred children, directly or indirectly. I thought when he declared: “Whatever you didn’t ‘hope’ for it to happen, I ‘knew’ it would happen. think, that you will be, if you think your- I had stopped over at a workshop in Lonavla for a couple of hours. selves strong, strong you will be. If you think While walking in the rain with other participants towards lunch, a yourselves weak, weak you will be.” woman holding an umbrella in her hands, urged me to share it with her. The walk to the dining room was just two minutes but the right Towards positive thinking conversation unfolded. I asked her what she did. She replied, “I am The momentum to bring positive think- the principal of a school.” Enthused, I told her I loved working with ing out of the religious world and into the children. She asked where I stayed. She looked surprised, her school secular started right around 1900. The man was in the same area – in fact, it was the only international school who is known as the bridge between new in the area and just 10 minutes away from my house. I asked her if thought and positive thinking is Orison there was an opening. She too seemed surprised at the coincidence Swett Marden (1850-1924), founder of of it all and responded, “As a matter of fact there is. One of my teach- Success magazine. Success, first published ers handed in her resignation only last week.” The rest, as always, is in 1891, offered a lightly religious version history. I went in for my interview and conducted a demonstration of new thought for an audience of main- class and I got chosen. The biggest surprise came to me when I found stream businessmen. The magazine had out that the number of children in the school was about hundred! a unique stable of writers, including Napoleon Megha Bajaj Hill and others who had best-selling books.28 life positive june 2009
  6. 6. lead ~ story been there in mind , and hence , in life I t all started in July 2008, when I had this epiphany on how rotten my life really was. I was broke, in debt, trapped in a hellish job that made me feel like a worker and not a human being; my partner and I were at each other’s throat all the time... in short, it was where I never wanted to be. Just then, like a prayer answered, a friend intro- duced me to audio books. I begged, borrowed and stole and got my hands on The Secret and Anthony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within. It was like being woken up by a bucket of ice-cold water! For two whole days I devoured The Secret. I listened to it over and over and over, and I just knew I’d struck gold! I decided I was going to go on a challenge of the mind – two weeks of manifesting a big, fat juicy order for my partner, one that was going to make us enough money to cover our debts, and then some. I daydreamed all the time. Sure, it didn’t take two weeks, it took a month... but not only did we get that order, we also received a payment of Rs. 30,000 that we’d painfully written off as bad debt!! For the first time in two years, we were debt-free... and, we could afford a weekend out of town. Shriyansi JainSuccess is still published and the editors publisheda book about Orison Swett Marden in 1999. The first positive thinking audio recordingcame along in 1956, when Columbia Recordsreleased, The Strangest Secret. Earl Nightingale(1921-1989), which is in demand even today.The strangest secret is, “We become what wethink about.” Through word of mouth, therecording sold a million copies and won a GoldRecord for the first recording of its kind. It madeNightingale the most recognised voice inAmerica for his daily radio programme. In the second half of the 20th century, JaneRoberts is believed to be the person who broughtthe concept of ‘thought power’, again in theopen. Though she is relatively less known this life positive june 2009 29
  7. 7. lead ~ story beyond the half - full glass there are limits to positive thinking S o you are manifesting ob- jects of desire to the right of you and to the left of you. on – become aware of them and accept them. Not only will we then know ourselves intimately, but we will have come to terms with who we are. We will befriend our shadow side, Magic seems to be spraying embrace our pain. Thus the dichotomy within us will heal from your mind wherever you and our positivity will be solid, unshakeable. turn. Your life is finally coming Secondly, not all dreams manifest. There is such a thing under your control and you are as karmic entitlement. Only that which is meant to come racing along the fast lane of success and happiness. That’s our way will; what is not meant to will not. So if despite wonderful, but look out for these speed breakers. your best efforts something does not manifest, console It’s not that the Law of Attraction does not work. Of course yourself with the thought that it was never meant to be. it does. But the fact is that positive thinking can sometimes And who knows, perhaps it is in your best interests that be a trap. None of us (save the sages) are going to think you didn’t get your way. positive all the time. There will be times when despair takes Which brings us to the zone beyond manifesting your de- over. Or anger, pain, sadness and fear. If we have bought too sires. There comes a time on the path when you no longer deeply into the positive thinking mindset, we will actively re- want your ego to drive you. You recognise more and more sist these feelings. The more we resist them the greater their clearly that the Supreme Power has your interests at heart power, and very soon our positivity will be in shambles. In much more than you ever could and you actively start to pre- one of his books, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar narrated the case of a fer what He has in mind for you rather than what you want. woman whose son had just died, and yet she kept repeating “Thy will be done” becomes your mantra. You joyously re- how positive she felt. Her need to be upbeat prevented her ceive all that comes your way, using it as an instrument of from getting in touch with her pain. your growth. Instead of attracting things to you, you simply What is the way out? Nothing except solid hard inner surrender and allow life to bring you what you are meant to work. Positive thinking needs to be made a state of mind – a receive. The paradox is that with all resistance gone, your natural extension of ourselves and not something we think path will be strewn even thicker with magic but none of it is ourselves into. For this we need to go deep into our mindstuff of your making. You are simply one with the Universe. – thoughts, feelings, belief systems, fantasies, fears and so Suma Varughese side of the world, her books are famous in thought teaching, he is still comparatively the west, especially The Seth Material, and little known or read, chiefly on account Thus Spoke Seth. Jane Roberts was a natural of the high price of the six volumes known psychic and an excellent medium. She was as The White Cross Library, a compilation able to translate and speak the thoughts of of his essays. a spiritual entity called Seth, who transmit- Stephen R. Covey’s The Seven Habits of ted loads of information especially on the Highly Effective People (1990) is a brilliant power of thought. The essence of the mes- example of a modern positive thinking sage was, we create our own reality, and our book. Covey was a business counsellor and point of power is the present. teacher who conducted effectiveness semi- One more noted personality was Prentice nars for large corporations. Other stars on Mulford and his famous book, Thoughts the positive thinking constellation include are Things. Although Prentice Mulford Bob Procter, Oprah, from the Oprah Winfrey was one of the earliest pioneers of the new Show, Brain Tracy, Famous for books like30 life positive june 2009
  8. 8. lead ~ storyMaximum Achievement, Eat That Frog, and manifesting negativityGoal, Abraham Hicks’ publications, famousfor a plethora of seminars and books, mostpopular Ask and it is given etc. O ur house construction had started. Based on some ear- ly experiences with the builder, I Let us end as we have begun, with Australian came to believe that he was notRhonda Byrne’s The Secret. She happened to be trusted to deliver a goodupon the ‘secret’ of positive thinking or product and it was upto me to‘law of attraction’ as she puts it when going supervise and crosscheck. I wasthrough a low phase and business trouble. constantly looking out for errors,Amazed to find that it was indeed possible to and as one can imagine, there were plenty. It even extended to thecontrol one’s destiny, and fired with a mis- other vendors I interacted with for the house construction. For exam-sionary zeal to spread the word, she brought ple, while the marble slabs were being delivered to our house, twotogether a team of film-makers, taught them slabs got broken! After the staircase steps were laid the third time,the philosophy, waited until they had ingested (for some reason, the experienced workers could not get it right init and then set out to make the path-breaking my house alone…), there was a mishap and two steps were brokenvideo. She used it herself to lose excess weight by the workers! I seemed to be exuding an aura of negative energy.and to get her eyesight back to normal. And I had a veritable war of words with everyone I dealt with for twowith the shekels pouring in through the phe- years. Finally, I had to go abroad on a business visit for five months.nomenal success of the book and the video, And during my absence, things went smoothly! Everyone seemedher business troubles, one imagines, are to be doing their part very well, without any supervision. The housewell behind her. was ready for me! I realised that what I had constantly thought about was what hap- pened in reality for me. Now I know better. Murphy’s Law manifestsThinking positive now and then, but so what? I look for the silver lining in the cloud.So how can one use the principles of posi- Believe it or not, the builder and I are good friends today. And Itive thinking in one’s life? have not replaced the broken steps since they symbolise a great The philosophy behind this concept is learning for me. ..that everything in this universe is made up Akila Jaikumarof energy or vibrations. Every part of theuniverse, even the rocks and minerals, is like-minded people (similar vibrations). Webasically energy that has been transformed. are basically living magnets who are trans-Similarly, our thoughts and words are also mitting our ‘thoughts (thought vibrations)’subtle energies or vibrations. into the universe and also attracting ‘similar Quantum Physics confirms that anything vibrations’ to us, constantly. It is becauseand everything in the physical universe is of vibrations, that for no logical reason, wethe result of varying degrees of vibration. are sometimes immediately attracted to Secondly, similar vibrations and energy some persons and also repelled to someare attracted to each other. This is a univer- people, though we are meeting them forsal law that is applicable to all things, called the first time.the ‘Law of Attraction’. Whatever we think about, good or bad, The simplest definition of this law is ‘like is transmitted into the universe, in theattracts like.’ All forms of matter and ener- form of thought energy or vibrations. Thegy are attracted to that which is of a like stronger our thought or the more oftenvibration. For instance, you are drawn to we think about a particular thought, the life positive june 2009 31
  9. 9. lead ~ story a streetcar named desire vibration. The universe returns what you have given freely a thousand times over. A fter I learnt driving and was confident on the roads, I developed a fancy for a Honda City. And when one of my friends said that ladies could not drive the Honda, I was What you sow is what you reap. In order to receive you must give. If you wish some- one to have more blessings and love, you sure I wanted to have it, but we could not afford it. Just then will receive blessings and love a thousand my husband Santosh joined an MNC and the package times more. If you wish someone illness and included a car. misfortune, you will receive bad luck and But when the actual package was worked out the allotment misfortunes a thousand times more. I am towards the car fell short of a Honda City. If we still wanted it, sure you have noticed that when you are we would have to shell out Rs 4,000 from our pockets every month. I could not get over it. I wanted a Honda City and that was in a good mood, everything seems to fall that. My resolve became even stronger. To my immense surprise the into place. However, when you are angry very next day there was an email from his office saying the car al- or depressed a string of bad luck seems to lowance has been increased as the taxes are higher in Mumbai. And follow you all the more. there came our Honda City without anything extra from our pocket. When you think about anything very Aruna Joshi strongly with emotions, it becomes your dominant vibration, which is being sent to stronger become its vibrations. We are the universe. Based on the Law of Attraction, all radiating that which we are; we are all the universe then creates such circumstanc- giving and receiving vibration signals on es, which will bring that particular thing or many different levels. What you are seeking event in your life. There could be a delay in to be or do in this life has a vibrational pat- manifestation of that thing, but if you are tern to match. consistent in your thought, it will come. It Everything you have ever dreamt, wheth- is said that our work is to throw our desires er spoken or unspoken has been transmit- and goals to the universe. How it manifests ted by you on one level or another. Your in your life, is the work of the universe. The consistent thoughts and feelings about any more clear and consistent you are in your particular subject are being brought into desire, the quicker that particular thing will your experience whether you intend them manifest in your life. It could be a material- or not. istic thing, a relationship, a particular self- Thoughts, feelings, and mental images improvement, anything for that matter. In are made of matter, just a very subtle kind addition, for the universe there is no differ- of matter. This subtle kind of matter, is ence in manifesting Rs 100 or Rs 1 crore. the soil of the universe. When you focus The difference is in the extent of our faith your thoughts, feeling and mental images or, in our own self-worth. (some also call this a mental hologram), This universal law is working in your life you launch your creations into this soil right now, whether you are aware of it or of the universe. not. You are attracting the people, situa- NapoleoN Hill If you know how the law of attraction tions, jobs and every other circumstance of A pioneer in the field of works, you know that you get what you your life. Once you are aware of this law and positi�e thinking and the vibrate. Your vibration is based on your how it works, you can use it to attract what power of thought thoughts, since thoughts drive feelings, you want into your life.  and feelings are what comprise your How do you create your desires using the32 life positive june 2009
  10. 10. lead ~ storypowerful law?• Be very clear about what you want• Visualise and raise your vibration• Start feeling good about it, just as you would feel if it is already with you. You must be very clear on exactly what yourdesire is. Focus on it. Give it all your positiveenergy. Feel good! A major factor behind this universal law is theenergy and vibrations of our emotions and feel-ings. Any thought you might have, when com-bined with emotion, vibrates out from you to theuniverse, and will attract back what you want. It’s also important to take the necessary actionto make your dreams come true. Now all you have to do is allow it. Sounds easy,right? This can be the most difficult part to do.Be doubt-free. All you need to do is expect it. Actlike you already have it. Be grateful. To get it right be very careful about some factors.First is ‘right speech’. Avoid negative language, fornegativity will attract negativity in your life. Be care-ful about what you say, either about yourself or oth-ers. At the same time do not get paranoid. We willalmost never be able to be positive all the time, formany of our thinking patterns are unconscious. Stopworrying if you have been running yourself down orsomeone else. It’s okay. Simply use the opportunityto recommit yourself to the goal of self-awareness. Secondly, use the power of affirmations andvisualise your object of desire vividly, as if youalready have it. Visualise or imaging it in detailwith colour and feelings, as much as you can.Never forget your focus. Even if it takes time, youwill finally get it. Oh yes, terrorism. If we focus on insecurity,fear, terrorism, and recession, we indirectlyattract terrorism in the world. So use the law ofattraction to draw a happy, peaceful and lovingworld around us. Voila! Problem solved. [ Dilpreet Singh is a trainer, with a leading life insurance company, in New Delhi. Contact:, Mobile: 9873552617 We welcome your comments and suggestions on this article. Mail us at life positive june 2009 33