Cognitive systems institute group speaker series nov13 v1


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IBM working with universities on Cognitive Systems

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Cognitive systems institute group speaker series nov13 v1

  1. 1. Jim Spohrer Dianne Fodell November 13, 2014 Cognitive Systems Institute Group Speaker Series
  2. 2. Upcoming Presentations -Schedule © 2014 International Business Machines Corporation November 6 Jim Spohrer, Sridhar Iyengar IBM November 13 Jim Spohrer, Dianne Fodell, Wendy Murphy IBM November 20 Amar Viswanathan IBM and RPI December 4 Bruce Porter UT Austin December 11 Ashok Goel Georgia Tech December 18 Jim Hendler RPI January 15 Chris Biemann TU Darmstadt January 22 AyseBasarBener Ryerson University January 29 Mona Diab George Washington Univ February 5 Wayne Gray RPI Please sign up with
  3. 3. IBM Watson Academic Engagement What Watson related skills do students need in the 21st century? How can individuals get involved with Watson? What role can universities play in Watson’s development? How will Watson technology redefine the future of computing? Supporting an educational strategy that promotes: •Research:Collaborate on research with select institutions •Readiness:Build a strong pipeline of skills •Recruiting:Provide opportunities for graduates to secure and fill critical roles •Results:Discover and drive opportunities today and tomorrow SKILLS DEVELOPMENT STUDENT ENGAGEMENT RESEARCH
  4. 4. 4 IBM Watson Academic Engagement Programs •Curriculum Cognitive Computing courses focused on Watson On-Line Content White Papers Case Studies •Case Competitions / Use Case projects •The Great Mind Challenge –Watson Edition •Hackathons / Showcases •IBM Speakers •University Days •Summer Internships •CCAMSS Cognitive Cloud Analytics Mobile Social Secure •Faculty Awards Cognitive Assistants NLP Machine Learning Other •Cognitive Systems Institute Colloquia Community Challenges Speaker Series SKILLS DEVELOPMENT STUDENT ENGAGEMENT RESEARCH
  5. 5. OVERVIEW Course will empower university students with the technical knowledge to build apps infused with Watson's intelligence, while gaining the entrepreneurial vision to deliver their Innovations into the marketplace First wave of universities offering Cognitive Computing coursework and the next step in IBM's Strategy to fuel an ecosystem of innovatorsmaking Cognitive the new standard of computing. Syllabus includes a mix of technical and business areas Section 1: Content Theory -collection, curation, etc. Assignment: corpus development Section 2: Test Theory -test, training, evaluation, etc. Assignment: corpus training Section 3: Prototype App Development -Assignment: design, develop and deliver a prototype app Section 4: Business Planning –Assignment: Mini business plan Carnegie Mellon New York Univ Northwestern Ohio State Rensselaer (RPI) Stanford UC, Berkeley UT, Austin Univ of Michigan Univ of Toronto 10 PILOT UNIVERSITIES Bring Watson to your university! Expanding globally to add 70-100 universities in 2015 Singapore, Australia/NZ, UKI/Europe, Brazil, India, Africa & NA are target areas Formon website to indicate interest Plans underway to develop an entire curriculum focused on cognitive computing principles GROWTH PLAN SYLLABUS Fall 2014 Cognitive Computing Course leveraging Watson Gives students unprecedented access to Watson-via the Watson Developer Cloud IBM will provide: support on course development, technical mentors, guest speakers, and more to ensure success As a classroom, students will select an industry to focus on and then break into teams to develop prototype apps and a business plan · SECRET SAUCE SKILL BUILDING The explosion of data-driven content has sparked a new wave of career opptys High need for professionals with expertise in fields such asnatural language processing, machine learning and content lifecycle management Actively recruiting for Watson jobs
  6. 6. 2015 Academic Engagement Expansion Plans: “Bring Watson to your university!” Expanding globally to add 75-100 universities in 2015 6 of 7 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America 25+ countries Menu: choice of two semester-long courses, projects, modules, case competitions, The Great Mind Challenge, Hackathons. Goal is to offer flexibility to the university. BluemixWatson Services
  7. 7. Watson Academic Engagement: Around the world spotlight 2015 7 Europe: ~10-15 -Denmark -France -Germany -Greece -Italy -Netherlands -Spain UK and Ireland: ~7-10 Australia ~4 New Zealand: ~2 Africa: ~2 -Kenya -Egypt Brazil: ~2 Singapore: ~3 India: ~5 UAE: ~1 US and Canada: ~ 35-50 Peru: ~1
  8. 8. OVERVIEW A collaborative effort between universities, research institutes, and IBM clients to advance the state-of- the-art in cognitive computing. Launched in 2013 with just four universities, expanded in 2014 and beyond. Will grow to 300+ universities at varying levels of research collaboration. Create linkagesbetween faculty and IBM Researchers to define cognitive system grand challenges Help faculty and their top graduate students to prepare aligned collaborative research proposalsto submit to funding agencies, such as the just announced NSF Smart Service Systems program Explore academic interest in hosting an IBM-Researcher(s)-In-Residence at their universities Compile point of view (POV) documents on the potential impacts of cognitive systems on business and society. CALL TO ACTION RESOURCES GOALS Cognitive Systems Institute Go to website Cognitive Systems Institute Join LinkedIn Group and join in the conversation Take a short surveyto update the Institute about your thoughts and priorities Participate in weekly calls and present your research when ready Build Handbook of Cognitive Systems Research Platforms: Cognition as a Service BlueMix & SoftLayer & CCAMSS DEEPQA Semantic Technologies Watson Developer Cloud Watson Platform Next (IBM Research) Corelet Programming & TrueNorth Access to Cognitive Platforms, Simulators Researchers in Residence Research papers and other publications Point of View Documents Courses, Videos, Book Articles
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