Presentatie peter vink back to the future, TASS technology solutions


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Presentatie peter vink back to the future, TASS technology solutions

  1. 1. Back to the future #devdate 1 maart 2012
  2. 2. Welkom Ik ben PeterDeze presentatie gaat over twee ‘domotica gerelateerde projecten’ waar ik aan heb gewerkt: 2004-2008: Amigo project: Aspecten 2008-2012: Embedded Services : ideeen
  3. 3. Bij mij thuis
  4. 4. Bij mij op het werk
  5. 5. Back in time…..
  6. 6. 2004-2008Philips (NL) Knowledge (G)Fagor Electrodomesticos Microsoft (D)(ES) Telematica Instituut (NL)France telecom (F) Inst. of Communication andFhG IMS (D) Computer Systems –NTUA (G)FhG IPSI – SIT (D) Telefonica (ES)Ikerlan (ES) Univ. Paderborn (D)INRIA (F) VTT (Fin)Italdesign – Giugiaro (I)
  7. 7. Future Home Network Internet Access Control Firewall Wired backbone For example Ethernet Wireless infrastructureHome Gateway For example WLAN Home ControlHome control network Personal networkFor example Power line For example Blue tooth
  8. 8. Amigo ArchitectureFollows Service Orientation paradigm Software is developed as services that are used on demand Loose couplingSupports some of the (important) related protocols UPNP, WS-Discovery, SLP, SOAP, RMIProposes some common concepts (vocabulary) related to in-home networks
  9. 9. Amigo ArchitectureBase Middleware Functionality for networked environmentIntelligent User Service Functionality for ambient environmentDeployment framework(s) Functionality for developing a service Functionality for running and maintaining a service
  10. 10. Legacy Services Legacy applications Mobility management Communities Accounting & QoS support billing Privacy Security & privacy User interface services Content Network storage & Service discovery User modeling distribution & profiling Content interoperability Amigo-aware applications Awareness & notification Service Interoperable Middleware Core composition System Context Service interaction Management ServiceApplications and services interoperability Intelligent User Base Middleware Amigo- Services aware Middleware service discovery Platform
  11. 11. Discovery
  12. 12. Interoperability
  13. 13. Security
  14. 14. Content
  15. 15. Context
  16. 16. Eventing
  17. 17. User profiling
  18. 18. User Interfaces
  19. 19. Privacy
  20. 20. … and there are more
  21. 21. A few years later….
  22. 22. 2008-2012“ Embedded Services “
  23. 23. Services Lights, camera, actionpublisher,database,configuration,registry,interoperability (xmpp)and so on
  24. 24. ThemesGamingHealthCuisine
  25. 25. Going embeddedPlugtop6LowPanNERD
  26. 26. Screens and phones
  27. 27. Security1. Resources Strict Specification of the TOE Performance Security2. Develop and Test according to desired Evaluation Assurance Level
  28. 28. 1 second of fameFloris, Hans, Heleen, Iris, Ingmar, Maarten, LeeChin, Abdullah, Jaap, Erik, Ken, Roy, Kim, Frans, Antek, Tom, Ruud, Tim, Joey, Jim, Ward, Rik, Sander, Harmen, Wilbert, Maarten, Gerjan, Sander, Ralph GertJan, Bart, Ger, Peter, Marcel, Tom, Lolke, Ralph, Bastiaan, Timo, Stijn, Peter, Gerben, Berry, Josee ..bedankt
  29. 29. …that’s all