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Descriptive text


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Descriptive text

  1. 1. ExplanationDescriptive textis text thatcontain ofIdentificationand description Eko Hadi Prasetiyono, S.Pd SMA Negeri 1 Pare
  2. 2. CommunicativePurpose o To describe a particular place, things, or person
  3. 3. Generic structure• Identification : Identifies the phenomenon to be described.• Description : Describes parts, qualities, and the characteristic of the person, place, or thing to be describe.
  4. 4. Grammatical Features Focus on specific participants Use identifying process Adjective Use of simple present tense
  5. 5. Descriptive text(describe a particular place)My lovely homeMy house is only five-minutes work from myschool.It is not very big, but verycozy and quiet. This is theplace where we can relaxand find our own space.In our home, we reallyenjoy our relaxing timefrom the pressure ofschool and work. It ishome sweet home.