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Descriptive Text


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Descriptive Text

  1. 1. Let’s Study about Descriptive Text Fun English Learning for SMP Grade VII Semester II“Motivation is the Greatest Power of Life” (Material, Exercises, and Video) (Ranita Wahyu Pradana 2201409006) Language Teaching Technology (105-106)
  2. 2. INFORMATION• School : SMP….• Grade : VII• Semester : II• Subject : English• Skill : READING• Time Allotment : 2 x 40’
  3. 3. Standar Kompetensi:11. Memahami makna teks tulis fungsional dan eseipendek sangat sederhana berbentuk descriptive danprocedure yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan terdekat.
  4. 4. • Kompetensi Dasar:11.2 Merespon makna dan langkah retorika secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam esei sangat sederhana yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan terdekat dalam teks berbentuk descriptive dan procedure.
  5. 5. Objectives• Students are able to understand the purpose of descriptive text.• Students are able to understand the grammatical function of descriptive text.• Students are able to identify the language features of descriptive text.• Students are able to answer some questions asked by the teacher.
  6. 6. • GENERIC STRUCTURE1. IDENTIFICATION (identifies phenomenon to be described)2. DESCRIPTION (describes parts, qualities, characteristics)
  8. 8. EXAMPLE Motivation is a kind of stimulus to build up some one’s enthusiasm. Many people look for motivation to do everything they want and have to do. IDENTIFICATION
  9. 9. Motivation comes from ourselves, others,and also from our surroundings. When we getbored and have no spirit or even give up, wecan get motivation from others to reach ourvictory. Maybe others can judge that we arelooser but we have to prove that they arewrong by recall our motivation and beoptimist. Do not ever feel alone and think thatwe fail because the biggest motivation comesfrom ourselves, so we must keep it grows andbe the winner. DESCRIPTION
  10. 10. LET’S IDENTIFY THE TEXT!1. What’s the specific participant in that text? The specific participant in that text is MOTIVATION.2. Mention the use of simple present tense in that text!
  11. 11. • Many people look for motivation• Motivation comes from ourselves
  12. 12. The use of active verbs