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Engineering the Perfect Dress Shirt


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Eagle Falcon Shirtmakers offer expertly-crafted handmade shirts in Qatar and Turkey that exude power and confidence. Discover the power of a well-tailored shirt. Contact us at or visit

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Engineering the Perfect Dress Shirt

  2. 2. STITCHES PER INCH SPI directly affects seam strength, appearance and elasticity when bending and stretching. Eagle Falcon shirts are stitched at a rate up to 28 SPI for our highest quality handmade shirts. This requires a slow and steady hand and takes significantly more time and effort than the typical bespoke shirt quickly stitched at 8-10 SPI.
  3. 3. GUSSETS We use reinforcing side seam gussets to prevent the shirt from ripping at the seam. Our shirts are built to withstand aggressive tucking or an aggressive cleaner.
  4. 4. MOTHER OF PEARL We use thick Mother of Pearl buttons for their depth of color and shine, and also their resilience against degradation caused by cleaners and heat. This ensures a long lasting life for the buttons. Our buttons also feature curved edges to ensure greater comfort and ease of use.
  5. 5. CROSS STITCH Buttons are firmly attached to the shirt without feeling loose using a cross stitch. In addition, we carefully stitch each button to ensure a clean finish in the back.
  6. 6. BUTTONHOLE We first cut then sew the buttonhole with a high stitch count to deliver a clean and lasting stitch. This also allows the thick Mother of Pearl button to slip in and out easily. The lowest button of the front placket is cut horizontally to allow room for expansion in this area when bending or sitting. The same cut is used for sleeve plackets to allow expansion when flexing and bending the arm in our close fitting sleeves.
  7. 7. SPLIT YOKE The yoke is an area of the shirt receives a large amount of stress and friction from your blazer, jacket, or shoulder straps of your bag. For this reason, and also to give a more masculine shoulder line, two layers of fabric are used. The yoke is also stitched together at an angle, as this is the only direction that cotton can be easily stretched, and helps ensure comfort when bending and reaching.
  8. 8. FRONT PLACKET The wide front placket of the shirt delivers a bold and confident look that works together with the inner placket and collar stand to keep your shirt collar upright throughout the day. It also functions to keep the area between shirt buttons from opening and exposing the skin or undershirt. The wider placket also serves to keep the shirt tucked longer throughout the day.
  9. 9. INNER PLACKET The inside placket is wide and reinforced with canvas to to ensure that the right side of the collar does not collapse. It works in conjunction with the tall collar stand to ensure that the shirt collar remains upright throughout the day.
  10. 10. SLEEVE PLACKET The sleeve plackets are long, wide and contain two buttons. This gives greater comfort for close fitting sleeves but also gives a cleaner tuck when the sleeves are rolled up into a cuff. This cut accentuates the forearm and gives a more masculine and refined look.
  11. 11. TAPERED SLEEVES The sleeves on our shirts are tapered with a single break at the back to allow the shirt to be worn with the cuff buttons open. The close fitting sleeve also maintains the uniformity of the barrel cuff when cuffs are worn unbuttoned, and further minimizes the large bell bottom sleeve effect.
  12. 12. HIGH COLLAR Our signature spread collar features a curved collar stand. This combination resembles the wings of a diving Falcon. The tall collar is tapered towards the back and reinforced with canvas throughout to give a strong and confident look that works well with a tie or without. The collar is made from 6 pieces of fabric and stitched with a high count to deliver a clean and refined look that is also durable.
  13. 13. COLLAR STAND The tall collar stand frames the face and ensures that the shirt maintains its structure throughout the day and into the night. Lined with thick moisture-wicking sateen or silk-blend Egyptian cotton material, our multi-layer collar stand is a signature element of every shirt we make. A single top button gives a clean and refined look that is both elegant and functional.
  14. 14. YARN COUNT We use only the highest quality cotton sourced from international suppliers. Our most prestigious line of shirts use 2-ply Egyptian cotton with a yarn count of 300, the finest thread in the world. This is an achievement made possible by the culmination of the best quality luxury cotton and the finest modern technology.
  15. 15. HIGH ARMHOLE Our shirts are cut with a high armhole to ensure maximum comfort and easy arm rotation. The high cut also eliminates excess fabric that can store heat and moisture when worn under a suit jacket. Additionally, the cut also minimizes distance the sleeve travels when reaching, particularly when wearing under a suit jacket.
  16. 16. WING TAIL The shirt tail is cut in the shape of the raised wings of an Eagle. This flattened “S” curve bottom for our shirts ensures that the shirt tail remains tucked when worn inside, but also allows the shirt to maintain a clean drape and nice casual look when worn untucked.
  17. 17. SIDE SEAMS Side seams on all our shirts use twin stitching with a high stitch count to deliver a clean and durable seam. Flipping the shirt inside out reveals the quality and attention to detail both inside and out.
  18. 18. NAMEPLATE A personalized nameplate appears in the back panel of every shirt and includes the country in which the shirt was hand made and the name of the person. Every shirt is made especially for you.
  19. 19. WARRANTY Each purchase comes with a 90 day warranty that includes a follow-up fitting after the first 3 washes. We encourage customers to wear the shirt 3 times and then bring it back to one of our shops.
  20. 20. ACCESSORIES We also include a pocket square and tie-stay that are both cut and handmade from the same cloth as the original shirt. Shirts are protected from moths and dust with a special Eagle Falcon soft shirt case.
  21. 21. DRESS WELL. FEEL GOOD. Discover the power of a well-made shirt. For appointments or to view samples, email or use the contact form at